Take a Peek Inside Ruth’s Home

Ruth Adams The Design Sheppard Livingroom

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Direct Blinds who asked me to take part in their new blog feature ‘Inside my Home’ where their readers are able to take a peek inside the homes of various interiors experts. Well anyone with tiny kids will know that it is almost impossible to keep your home from looking like a toy bomb has exploded and covered it in playful debris. About the only time when my home looks presentable is after 9pm once Matylda is safely tucked up in bed and all the toys are once again neatly stored in the toy box. Add to that the insane amount of baby proofing that is needed once babies become mobile, and that fact that my bedroom is midway through a makeover and only half painted, then it is obvious that my home is not particularly ready to be photographed and published. Thankfully though Ruth’s home is the exact opposite. It is beautifully decorated in her signature style and makes me want to up sticks and move in with her! It’s impressive how much she has achieved in the three short months since she bought her flat and she has some really exciting projects in the pipeline which she might share with us if we’re lucky! But for now why not hop on over to the Direct Blinds blog to read all about how Ruth has decided to decorate her home and to find out what her favourite interior trends are. Read More…

Christmas Dining in Style


Can you believe that it’s just over a week until Christmas? Where on earth has December gone already? I’m not really ready for Christmas and still have a few last minute presents to buy and cards to hand out. But when it comes to the big day at least I don’t really have to worry about hosting the Christmas meal as we’ll be staying with my parents over the festive period. I see myself as quite lucky in the fact that I have managed to avoid ever playing host over Christmas and I’m hoping that I can avoid it for many years to come. All that pre-celebration preparation and cooking must be so stressful, even if it is just for the family.On the other hand, there is something so lovely about getting the table ready for that special meal. It’s the one time of year where you make that special effort to ensure that everything looks ready for a celebration. The best china comes out and the rarely used table linen is freshly ironed ready to bedeck the table. Candles and a bit of festive foliage decorate the centre of the table and the posh glasses are ready to be filled with bubbly so that the family can toast to happiness and good health. But as neither Ruth nor myself will be responsible for decorating the Christmas table this year, we thought it would be fun to do a little pre-Christmas dining styling project of our own. We’d both previously fallen for the indigo dining range by Sainsbury’s when I wrote about it back in August and we thought it would be so much fun if we were able to do our own Christmas preparations without all the stress and hassle of actually having to feed our families. So we contacted Sainsbury’s to ask if they would be interested in helping us with our project and thankfully they agreed to send us the indigo dining range so we could style up our own Christmas tablescape. Read More…

Christmas Gift Ideas for Under £250

This week on my Christmas series I’m featuring a fabulous selection of products that would make great Christmas gifts for the design lover in your life if your budget can stretch up to £250. There are only a few weeks left to get your gifts so you’d better hurry!

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Pinspiration : Kitchens


One of the things I find about being an interiors blogger is that most people tend to assume that I am an interior designer. I guess that is because most of the top interiors bloggers are interior designers or stylists. Well I’m neither. I am a writer who happens to write about interior design because that is my passion. And for a rather long time I had no idea what my own style was. Living in a rental property I was always quite limited when it came to what I could do with my home in terms of decoration so I had never really been able to create an interior scheme from scratch. So when we bought our flat and finally had free reign on the decoration I was a little shocked to find that I wasn’t really sure what my style actually was. Our kitchen is badly in need of a complete makeover, and by that I mean ripping out and starting over. But when it came to identifying what I would replace it with I just had no idea.

So obviously I turned to Pinterest for inspiration! I mean where else would you go right? And that was when something really amazing happened. I had a look at my Kitchen Inspiration board to see if there was a particular type of kitchen style or colour that I had been pinning and I was blown away. The vast majority of the kitchens I had pinned were contemporary and white, with wooden surfaces and white tiles. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I obviously have a very clear idea of how I want my future kitchen to look and I just didn’t know it. But that is the beauty of Pinterest. You simply pin images that you like over time and when you see them all together on one board you are able to see a pattern. And that is one of the main things that I love about Pinterest. It has really helped me to discover what my style actually is. You can browse my Kitchen Inspiration board below. Read More…

Lust List : Squishy Sofas for Snuggling Up

Gentry Sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

As December draws ever nearer the air has started to smell slightly different, don’t you think? I can’t quite put my finger on it but the smell of winter is definitely lingering in the air. The older I’ve gotten the more I have started to really appreciate the winter months. I love the cold, crisp weather and the way that you can see your warm breath as you exhale. I even don’t mind the rain too much and I love the odd storm. I suspect I enjoy winter more the older I get because I tend to stay in more and winter evenings are mostly spent at home all cosy and warm enjoying the comforts of snuggly blankets, squishy cushions and mugs of piping hot tea. The only thing missing these days is the log burner we had in our old rental house; the electric fire we have in our flat now just doesn’t compare. Nothing beats the atmosphere created by a roaring fire, that warmth is just incomparable and the crackling sound of a real fire is just so precious. But one thing you really need in order to make the most of cosy nights in is the perfect squishy sofa for snuggling up on. I am desperate for a new sofa as we’ve had ours for seven years now and the feather cushions are all starting to get a bit flat and misshapen and no amount of fluffing up seems to get them back to their former glory. For the past few weeks I’ve been sofa spotting as I dream of replacing my old sofa with one of these fabulous squishy sofas. Sadly, most of these probably don’t even come close to my budget, but a girl can dream right? Read More…

Trend : Dulux Colour of the Year 2015 – Copper Blush

ColourOfDulux Colour of The Year 2015 Copper Blush

You may remember my earlier post that featured a short video from AkzoNobel’s ColourFutures 2015 all about the colour trends we can expect to see in interiors in 2015. Well, you may or may not know that Dulux is actually the UK consumer paint brand from AkzoNobel and they recently announced their Colour of the Year for 2015. Drum roll please….’Copper Blush’! Described as a versatile, warm copper colour with an orange tone, doesn’t that just sound so divine and totally heart warming? Well, according to Dulux, the colour palette for 2015 will replace the cool blues and greens of recent years and will bring a warmer spectrum of pinks, reds and oranges, reflecting a more positive global outlook. Just what we need right? A good healthy dose of positivity! But forget waiting until 2015. I’m all over copper already and it is one of my biggest trend obsessions to date. Someone tell my husband to hide the bank card!  Read More…

Christmas Gift Ideas for Under £50

So Christmas is another week closer. Is the shopping panic starting to set in yet? I have finally bought a gift but there is still so much shopping to be done. If you need inspiration then this week’s Christmas gift list contains a range of items that you can purchase for the design lover in your life and the good news is they all come in at under £50. Happy shopping!

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Danish-Designed Leather Rugs from WovenGround

WovenGround Ambition round rug by Linie Design

Other than wallcoverings, artwork and textiles, I think rugs are a really great way to personalise your space in a non permanent way. They allow you to put your own stamp on your interior and can really make a bold statement with the right design. Sadly in my flat we have no need for rugs as we are carpeted throughout, but if we had floorboards I would really go to town choosing rugs for every room. These monochrome, geometric leather rugs by Danish design brand WovenGround would definitely be strong contenders. This new collection combines the beauty of modern Nordic design with traditional craftsmanship as every rug is individually hand crafted, using quality materials. All the leather pieces are cut by hand and then combined in perfect colour and balance. I was actually quite shocked to learn that the rugs are made of leather as this was not immediately apparent on first sight. But I really like the idea of leather rugs and I’m sure that they would feel great underfoot. This collection has been designed with the contemporary home in mind and gives leather flooring a well deserved update. I can totally see these rugs being used in any Scandi-inspired interiors, can’t you? Read More…

Book Review : Holiday at Home by Jason Grant


Holiday at Home by Jason Grant

It’s starting to feel really wintry outside now, don’t you think? Those dark evenings are drawing in earlier and earlier every night and it’s now dark before I even leave the office at night. Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite enjoy winter and the cosy dark evenings but it is only November and I don’t think I’ll be quite so keen come January. By then I’ll be longing for a holiday somewhere warm and sunny I’m sure. There is something so wonderful about holidays and the way they make us feel so relaxed and carefree. If only we could feel like that all year round, even when we’re just at home right? Well in his new book, interiors and lifestyle stylist Jason Grant shares his tips for creating interior spaces that capture that relaxed, holiday vibe. Holiday at Home, published by Hardie Grant, is Jason’s second book and aims to help us hold on to those precious memories of our perfect holiday by turning our living spaces into a retreat from the stresses of our everyday lives. Read More…

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