Introducing the Moda Collection by Cult Furniture

Cult Furniture Moda Collection

Today I wanted to share with you an exciting new collection of chairs produced by Cult Furniture, a modern and classic furniture design brand. The Moda Collection was designed by Cult Furniture’s in-house design team and is part of the Cult Design brand which is inspired by iconic mid-century designs but with a contemporary twist.  Read More…

AW16 Industrial Chic from Harley & Lola

Industrial Chic Urban Chic Large Dining Table from Harley & Lola

If I had to choose my favourite interior design style I would have to say it is Industrial Chic. This particular design style is one that I never tire of and that I have tried to bring into my own livingroom. What I really love about this style is the fact that it takes inspiration from industrial spaces such as old factories and warehouses and it therefore features materials and finishes that are normally found in commercial spaces and are therefore somewhat unexpected for residential interiors. Materials such as forged or welded metal, concrete, exposed plaster or brick, and weathered or reclaimed wood are often used alongside industrial lighting fixtures to create interior spaces that exude character and have numerous untold stories within their fabric. The Industrial Chic style has a utilitarian appeal and therefore it is designed to be functional, useful and durable as opposed to attractive. I suppose some people may find the style quite cold, hard and masculine for that reason and I guess in a way it probably is, but that is not to say that it can’t be made to feel homely, welcoming and even beautiful. By simply adding some soft colour pallettes and textured fabrics and textiles you can give the Industrial Chic style a more feminine appeal.  Read More…

Caring for your Garden Furniture over Winter

Caring for your garden furniture through the winter - Windsor couples bench from Garden Benches

Living in a flat we are so incredibly lucky to have our own, private garden and it’s a decent size too which is a real added bonus. I had big plans for our garden this year, but sadly, as we had renovation projects going on inside, we ran out of time to work on the garden and now it’s a bit late. So I’ll be shelving our plans until the spring time. What I’m looking at doing is leveling the garden out a bit so we can actually create a usable space for entertaining, relaxing and dining outside and also somewhere flat for the girls to play. It’s going to be quite a lot of work and I’m really hoping we can get started next year, but it all depends on budgets. The delayed plans have not stopped me from looking at garden furniture though and dreaming of how we will use the space when it’s finished. Matters have not been helped by all the garden furniture sales that have taken place since summer slowly ebbed away. I’ve been really tempted to take advantage and buy a load of furniture now while the good deals have been on offer. But then I have been put off by the thought of my new furniture sitting outside all winter in the cold, wet weather.  Read More…

Celebrating Colour with the Brabantia #LoveColour Campaign

brabantia white touch bin situated in a modern monochrome kitchen

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have appointed myself as a brand ambassador for Brabantia right? They haven’t asked me to be one, I just really like the company and all their products. I’m constantly impressed with the quality of their products and I’ve enjoyed learning about their recent focus on corporate social responsibility with their #LoveNature campaign. But I also really like how, as a company, they are very aware of designing products that are not only high quality and extremely functional, but that also look really great. This is nothing new obviously, but I’m not sure that other companies who make the same kind of products – waste management, laundry solutions, food storage and preparation items – take the same approach. Brabantia pays a lot of attention to how these products can fit in to our homes, look stylish and make our chores more pleasurable.  Read More…

Ding : A Beautifully Simple Smart Doorbell

Ding smart doorbell in blue

I get hundreds of emails every day, and I mean hundreds. Most of them are pretty interesting but only a few will catch my attention enough to be considered to feature here on the blog. And then, just occasionally, there will be an email that gets me really excited and I know straight away that I have to share it with you guys because I know that you will appreciate it just as much. That was certainly case when I first heard about Ding. Read More…

Giveaway : £50 to spend on Wall Art at Posterlounge


I have recently become much more confident when it comes to choosing artwork for my home. I’ve always found it a real challenge to find artwork that I love and that I won’t get bored of easily. The fear that I will go off it quickly has, for years, prevented me from even buying any…how ridiculous!. Even when we lived in rented accommodation and artwork was the obvious way to personalise our home a bit, I still couldn’t make the leap and actually buy anything. I’ve got a lot better since we bought our flat though and now if I see artwork that I like, I try not to overthink it and just go for it. So what if I go off it in a year or two? As long as it’s not too expensive and it makes me happy, does it really matter? Earlier this year, I created a lovely gallery wall in our master bedroom, which I am so pleased with and now I’m planning to make another one for our livingroom and I was really excited while choosing the artwork.

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Introducing Button & Sprung : Handmade Beds and Mattresses

Eliza handmade bed from Button and Sprung

Have you noticed the chill in the air over the past few days? I know we’ve had an unusually warm September here in the UK but now that October is here I feel like autumn is slowly creeping up on us. I’ve found myself sleeping in a T-shirt and leggings for a few nights now because my thin summer duvet just isn’t quite warm enough. I haven’t wanted to admit that summer is over just yet so I’ve refrained from getting the big fluffy winter duvet down from the loft, but I think I have to just face facts and start preparing my home for the colder winter months. I don’t know about you guys, but in winter I am much more conscious of my sleeping environment, and more so the older I get. In fact, since becoming a mum it’s safe to say that I’ve even become a little bit obsessed with beds and sleeping, probably because I get so little sleep these days and an uninterrupted night is something that I dream of!

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Book Review : 1000 Ideas for Colour Schemes

Book Review 1000 Ideas for Colour Schemes

The latest book to arrive at Design Sheppard HQ for review is a great little read called 1000 ideas for colour schemes by Jennifer Ott, an interior designer and architectural colour specialist based in San Francisco. Now I say it’s a great little read, but to be honest there isn’t really much reading to be done. It’s more of a picture book, jam packed full of beautiful and inspirational images. Imagine Pinterest in the form of a book and you’re getting close. The idea behind the book is to help you choose great colour schemes in all aspects of your life, from your interior decor and clothes, through to beauty, weddings and even cake decorating. It aims to inspire you to think beyond the typical colour combinations.

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Roald Dahl Curtains & Cushions from

roald dahl matilda curtains from

2016 marks 100 years since the birth of much-loved children’s author Roald Dahl and to mark the centenary of the occasion, online retailer has launched a collection of curtains and cushions that feature illustrations from the books that have been entertaining children the world over for decades now. Roald Dahl was born on September 13th, which has been designated as the official Roald Dahl day so it seems very fitting that should launch this new collection at this time of year. I have such fond memories of reading Roald Dahl’s books as a child and so many of my summer holidays were spent with my nose in his books. I think this was probably my first experience of reading a book that I could not put down until the final page had been turned. I would have loved to have been able to decorate my childhood bedroom with items inspired by the books, especially if they featured the beautiful illustrations of Quentin Blake. And now as an adult, with a family of my own, I can’t wait to start reading Roald Dahl books to my children. My daughter Matylda already has a box set and unsurprisingly her favourite book is Matilda. When she’s old enough to actually read the stories, I’m sure she’ll enjoy them just as much as I did. And maybe she’d like to decorate her room with Roald Dahl curtains and cushions. Read More…

Nature-Inspired Ironing Boards from Brabantia

Brabantia Raspberry, Barley and Botanical Ironing Boards

I’m sure you guys all know by now what a big fan I am of Brabantia. I have a number of their bins (this one, this one, and this one) dotted around my home and I also have quite a few pieces from their laundry collection (this and these) as well as a beautiful ironing board (this one). I think it’s safe to assume that I really rate their products. So today I wanted to share with you a really pretty collection of nature-inspired ironing boards that they brought out earlier this year. There are three versions: The Raspberry, Barley, and Botanical and they are all really lovely. Each board has a 100% cotton cover with a foam layer beneath. They also feature a cord-fastener and have a patented ‘no-buckling’ design which makes the cover easy to fix and keeps it nice and taut. They have an extra large surface (135 x 45cm), which is tapered and makes it easier to iron shirts and trousers. Having one of these ironing boards myself, I can safely say that they are great quality. They have a really sturdy frame, which is adjustable from 61 to 102 cm, so you can do your ironing sitting down or standing up. Amazingly, it remembers your favourite frame height too, which is a nice touch. It also has a transport and child safety lock so you know that your crawling child who seems to like playing underneath it, or your mischievious toddler won’t pull it down on top of themselves. And finally it has protective non-slip caps on the feet which help to keep it stable and prevent damage to your floor. Read More…

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