Tiling Trends 2016

Bespoke Patchwork Encaustic Tiles from Alhambra Tiles used on the floor to zone the living area.

Bespoke patchwork encaustic tiles from Alhambra Home & Garden

It’s official, I am obsessed with tiles! Wall tiles and floor tiles have been on my mind for months now. Admittedly, I’ve always been pretty obsessed but since thinking about renovating my own kitchen and bathroom the situation has become far more serious. I am so indecisive when it comes to my own home and being an ardent researcher certainly does not help matters. But in my pursuit of the perfect tiles I have come across a couple of tiling trends that are sure to be big this year and I wanted to share them with you guys. So here goes… Read More…

Materials Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek for NLXL


NLXL is one of my favourite wallpaper suppliers and I’ve featured them a couple of times now. You can see those posts here. This has got to be one of my favourite wallpaper ranges yet though and I really am smitten. The Materials Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek is just to die for. It features 10 contemporary designs that create a magnificant trompe l’oeil effect. Together the Dutch designer and the premium wallpaper manufacturer have created an amazing collection that features everyday materials such as plywood, brick, stone and marble. The white marble is probably my favourite as I am a big fan of the marble trend at the moment but the metallic marble paper is also really stunning. These papers would look fantastic in a residential or a commercial interior and although I haven’t seen them up close, they look pretty realistic from the images, don’t you think? Read More…

Geometric II Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Cole & Son Geometric II Apex Grand Wallpaper

This time last month, we were getting ready to celebrate National Wallpaper Week, but for any of you who are regular readers of The Design Sheppard you will know that I do not need a national celebration to sing the praises of wallpaper. So when I came across this wonderful collection I just had to share it with you. Geometric II Wallpaper by Cole & Son offers a modern take on the decorative geometric style of the early 20th century. It is inspired by international Art Deco architecture and styling and the dazzling mosaic tiles found in many a Deco interior. I’m a big fan of geometrics so this collection really appeals to me. Most of the papers can definitely be described as statement papers and they are probably not for the faint hearted. But if you’re trying to step outside your comfort zone and make a big impact with your wallpaper, this collection could be the one for you! Read More…

National Wallpaper Week : Bringing the Outdoors in

Honolulu Palm Green Wallpaper by Graham & Brown

As I posted earlier in the week, 05-11th October 2015 is National Wallpaper Week. In celebration of this, I have teamed up with Graham & Brown for my own home decoration project using one of their beautiful paste-the-wall wallpapers. I think I’ve admitted to you guys before, quite sheepishly, that although wallpaper is a real passion of mine, I’ve never actually used it in my own home since we’ve always rented, until we bought our flat two years ago. Whilst I absolutely adore bold papers that exude character, I’ve never actually been very adventurous when it comes to my own home, although I am working on this and I’m getting much more confident with every project we take on. So when Graham & Brown offered to provide the wallpaper so that we could transform a room in our home, I was really excited but also a little apprehensive. I knew straight away that our lounge could do with a bit of a lift. It was the first room we decorated when we moved in and I do love it. We painted two walls in Dulux Moss Blanket green and left two magnolia, an odd choice considering I hate magnolia, but our lounge only gets the sun early in the morning so I didn’t want to make it too dark in there. The green is a gorgeous colour though and makes me feel really calm and tranquil. I’ve grown up in Devon surrounded by nature and the same for my husband who is from Mazury in the Lake District region of Northern Poland so we both feel much better when we’re close to nature and greenery. The green helps with this and I have also incorporated plenty of wood and a few really hardy plants into the living room. However, we don’t have a lot of space for too many plants and I tend to kill them anyway as I’m definitely not green fingered. So when I got to thinking about what the room lacked or needed, a statement wallpaper was the perfect solution to give it that something special that it so desperately needed. I’d already seen a wonderful paper from the Glitterati collection designed by Julien McDonald and I knew that it was the perfect paper to pull the living room together. Read More…

Celebrating the Inaugural National Wallpaper Week

National Wallpaper Week with Graham & Brown

So this week, 05-11th October 2015, sees the very first incarnation of National Wallpaper Week and I personally think this is long overdue. Wallpaper is one of my big passions and I think it deserves to be celebrated as often and as much as possible. The week-long celebration is the brain child of Graham & Brown, the international wall decoration group that specialises in British-made, design-led products. In their words, National Wallpaper Week was “born out of the burning ambition to get the world shouting about wallpaper, this week is a celebration of design, colour, pattern and passion, and how the humble roll can transform a space within a matter of hours.” I’ve featured Graham & Brown products on the blog a number of times as they really are at the forefront of wallpaper design, collaborating with many influential, big name designers to create a portfolio that really does have something for every taste. I will be celebrating National Wallpaper Week with my own home decoration project that I will be sharing with you later this week but in the meantime I thought it might be nice to link to 10 of my favourite wallpaper posts from my archive. Simply click on the link below each image to find out more about the papers. Enjoy! Read More…

Updating Ruth’s Kitchen with New Tiles


Ruths Kitchen Before Renovations

Ruth moved into her new home as a first time buyer a little under a year ago. And as many of you will no doubt realise this is a big deal in today’s housing market where young people are increasingly being priced out of the market altogether. However, being able to get on the ladder is just the first step and doesn’t necessarily mean that you can afford a place you are totally happy with. In most cases you have to make a lot of compromises. Under normal circumstances, Ruth’s flat would be a perfect starter home for young professionals. It’s a relative new build (only about 8 years old) and was a decorated neutrally throughout in magnolia, so it was a pretty blank canvas that many people would be happy with. But being the design conscious homeowner that Ruth is she immediately wanted to make changes to bring the place up to her exacting standards and make it her own. Out with the magnolia for starters!! And once all the decorating was done Ruth decided to embark on some more adventurous projects. New flooring was laid throughout and extra storage was built in to the second bedroom to make use of an awkward space (we may do a post on this later!). But Ruth being Ruth, (she’s very spontaneous, loves a challenge and won’t take no for an answer) wasn’t satisfied and turned her attention to the kitchen which you can see above. Read More…

Pinspiration : Wonderful Wallcoverings

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while now will know about my love of wallcoverings. Whether it’s wallpaper, decals, murals, tiles or artistic paint techniques of some kind, I’m always on the lookout for unique and interesting ways to decorate walls. One of the very first boards I created when I joined Pinterest was my Wonderful Wallcoverings board and it is one of my most popular to date. If you’re on the look out for some inspiration when it comes to jazzing up your walls then you might want to take a peek at my board. Enjoy!


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Marble 2.0 Wallpaper by Lilesadi for Photowall

Marble 2.0 wallpaper designed by Lilesadi for Photowall

The trend for marble in interiors is one of my favourites right now and I love the fact that all these traditional, timeless, utilitarian materials are coming back into fashion in a big way. I’ve been frantically pinning the array of great marble products for the home and I will share them with you in a post soon as there are so many gorgeous pieces around at the moment. One of my latest finds is not actually marble but is clearly inspired it. Marble 2.0 is the latest wallpaper from Dutch design studio Lilesadi and it made my heart skip a beat when I first saw it. Not only is it inspired by marble but it also incorporates another of my current interior trend obsessions which is concrete. The wallpaper is a real stunner and combines marble and concrete in a beautiful pattern that incorporates soft pastels which really adds a feminine touch to the rather masculine and industrial materials.  Read More…

Edgy Tiles by Patrycja Domanska & Tanja Lightfoot

Edgy Tiles from Kaza Concrete

I absolutely love a good wall tile and the crazier the better as far as I’m concerned. Tiles don’t need to be simply functional they can also make a bold design statement. And that is exactly what these gorgeous tiles that I’m featuring today do.Edgy tiles are designed by Austrian-based designers Patrycja Domanska and Tanja Lightfoot for KAZA concrete. The collection features two types of tile: one is three dimensional, the other is two and half dimensional.  I really like the asymmetry of the tiles and it is easy to see how their shape enables the designer to create a multitude of patterns, allowing flexibility and individuality. The tiles can be used for all manner of purposes from decorative surfaces to guidance systems or even the integration into corporate identities. They can help to give structure to smooth walls in both the public and private sectors. They can also be applied to interior or exterior surfaces, covering walls partially or entirely. I’m going to stop there as I think you’ll agree that the pictures speak for themselves. Stunning work! Read More…

Sian Zeng Launches Seasons Wallpaper Collection

Sian Zeng Summer Tropical Bloom Wallpaper

I have been a big fan of designer Sian Zeng for some time now and I wrote about her fabulous magnetic wallpaper here on the blog last year. Well she has just launched a new wallpaper collection for 2015 called Seasons and it certainly does not disappoint. As the name of the collection would suggest, the wallpaper is inspired by the ethereal beauty of the changing seasons. The bold, dramatic designs are beautifully detailed and really bring the seasons to life with an artistic mural like feel. My personal favourite of the designs is Tropical Bloom as I love the jungle feel and the bright pops of colour added by the flowers and the beetles. But then I also like Wild Rain as it has a more delicate painterly touch to it and I really like the way the paint drips down the paper as if the rain has made it run. However, out of all the papers, I would probably be more inclined to use Snow Drift in my own home as this is the one that I find most calming and it’s important to me that my home is a serene and relaxing environment. But what about you guys? Do you have a favourite? Read More…

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