The Amazing Sculptures of Frank Plant

Frank Plant Sculpture

Hi folks, today I’m just popping in quickly to introduce you to the stunning work of artist Frank Plant. An American sculptor based in Barcelona in Spain, Frank creates some really amazing pieces using welded steel. Frank studied sculpture at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1993, after finishing his B.A. in fine arts he moved to Amsterdam where he began to develop his drawings in steel. His work at this time constituted simple and direct studies of the forms and compositions of everyday objects and situations. Then in 1999 Plant moved again, this time to Barcelona and he began to diversify the materials he uses in his sculpture. However, welded steel has always been the principal medium for Frank’s work, whether in his two dimensional pieces or his earlier three dimensional kinetic metal sculptures that incorporate found objects. Below you can see some images of Frank’s work along with some comments about his approach. Enjoy! Read More…

Unique Wall Decals from Vinyl Impression

Vinyl Impression Wall Decal -Dont-Worry3 Today’s post is all about vinyl wall decals. Now this is a slightly controversial issue for me because I really like the idea of wall decals but I rarely find any that I would be happy to use in my own home. The reason I like the idea is that they are very versatile and allow you to add a bit of character to your home in a temporary way. They can be used by renters and people who are not able to decorate in a more permanent way as well as by homeowners and some of them can be repositioned. The issue I have though is that I rarely like the designs that they come in. So when I received a press release from Vinyl Impression I wasn’t expecting to see anything particularly original and I almost hit delete. But I’m very glad that I didn’t or I would never have discovered their uniquely designed products from The Joy Press. Read More…

Rebel Walls Wallpaper & Murals

Rebelwalls wallpaper

It’s been a while since I posted about wallpaper but I’ve been rather distracted by all the new AW14 Home collections that have been coming out recently. Then as I was browsing my rather hefty drafts folder I remembered this great company that I had bookmarked for a post. Rebel Walls is a Swedish wallpaper company with its own design studio and production headquarters in Borås. It offers a wide range of designer wallpaper but also offers the opportunity for customers to create their own patterns tailored to their requirements, both in terms of dimensions and design. Irene and Christofer Gimmersta, the founders behind Rebel Walls, are no beginners in terms of wallpaper. Part of the Gimmersta group, they have extensive experience in the wallpaper industry and are behind a number of wallpaper brands available in the market today. Their vision for Rebel Walls, which launched in Spring 2013, was to revolutionise the wallpaper industry by taking a step away from the idea of traditional collections linked to long-running collection books. I think it is safe to say that they have achieved their goal!
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Introducing Paint by Conran

Paint By Conran

Paint by ConranToday, I would like to share with you the delightful new range of interior paints from Conran. Inspired by British plants and landscapes, Paint by Conran is a 96 colour luxury paint range launched by Sir Terence Conran and his renowned design company Conran and Partners. It is carefully hand-crafted here in the UK by paint making experts with over 120 years of experience. The range features five collections of complementary colours that reflect the glorious British countryside.

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Updating Tiles with Coloured Grout

British Ceramic Tile Metro Tiles and Coloured Grout I dream of the day when I can afford to redo my bathroom and my kitchen. The guy who owned our flat before us clearly believed that he was qualified to renovate the place…oh how wrong he was. I’ve never seen such poor quality workmanship and being the design addict that I am makes this a pretty bitter pill to swallow. The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in the house, and unfortunately these are also the worst rooms in our house. And being the most expensive to change, I’m afraid we’re stuck with ours for a while to come. But when that day does come, I intend to make sure that we make a statement. Our bathroom is really tiny so we’ll probably have to go with white tiles to maximise the feeling of space and light but I want to avoid it looking too clinical. Then yesterday I received an email from British Ceramic Tile all about using coloured grout.

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New Wave Wallpaper Collection from Graham & Brown

New Wave Wallpaper from Graham & Brown

I don’t think I have ever been so excited when writing a wallpaper post…ever! Now that is saying something considering the fact that there are 98 posts about wallcoverings here on the blog. But this particular wallpaper collection really is something special and I’ll tell you why. The New Wave Collection from Graham & Brown features 16 wonderful new wallpaper designs from some of Britain’s most talented up-and-coming surface pattern designers. The collection was curated by esteemed design journalist Barbara Chandler, who is known for passionately supporting emerging talent. She has worked with Graham & Brown to select designers from a variety of fields including textiles, illustration, street art and fashion. And what is really great about New Wave is the fact that it offers high-end design at high-street prices. Read More…

Graphic Ink Wallpaper by Maria Bergström

Graphic Ink Wallpaper from PhotowallYou may remember last month I featured a fantastic wallpaper collection called High Above designed by Dutch design studio Lilesadi for Photowall. Well this week I wanted to showcase Photowall’s latest design collaboration, which is with Swedish designer Maria Bergström. Graphic Ink wallpaper is a collection of five playful graphical designs in beautiful pastel shades. It features light hovering feathers, mountain landscapes formed by graphic triangles and ink confetti drops. The motifs used in the collection have been inspired by the meeting between chance and total control.

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Chateaux Collection by The Winchester Tile Company

The Winchester Tile Company - Residence - Chateaux Mix on Papyrus

Blue seems to be very popular in interiors right now and I am a big fan as I love the rich and deep hues that are being incorporated into homes around the world. I’ve recently featured a post all about Delft-inspired homewares and I love the new Richard Brendon meets Patternity bone china collection. It’s no surprise though that blue is proving to be a hit this year, as Indigo was selected by Dulux as colour of the year for 2013 and as we all know it takes a while for these trend predictions to filter down to the highstreet. But I was particularly happy to see the Chateaux Collection of ceramic tiles from the Winchester Tile Company. Located right here in the heart of Devon, the Exeter-based company is renowned for producing hand-crafted designer tiles and being only an hour from my home I just had to feature them here on the blog. Read More…

Graphic Mural Collection by Lilesadi

Rainy Days Wallpaper by Lilesadi from Photowall

Another week is already half over and before we know it the weekend will be here again so before it is I wanted to share another great wallpaper collection with you guys. This one is from Photowall and is an imaginative graphic mural collection by Lilesadi, a Dutch design studio established in 2011 by sisters Dinah and Sarah Smutny. The collection is called High Above and is inspired by graphic structures, nature and wild animals in barren mountainous landscapes.The papers feature triangles that form hills, bears on the move, torrential rain over rolling valleys and a lone wolf scouting rocky mountains. I love the playful minimalism that this collection offers and I think it would be absolutely great for a child’s room. What about you guys? Where would you use this paper?

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2014 Tiling Trends from Topps Tiles

Cream metro brick tiles from Topps Tiles

Since we moved into our new home, all I can think about is re-doing our kitchen and bathroom. These are two of the most important rooms in a house in my opinion. But they are also two of the most expensive to do up and unfortunately we can’t afford any redecorating at the moment. To make things worse the person who previously owned our home “renovated” it to the most appalling standard, which is a bitter pill to swallow for someone as passionate about interior design as myself.

Until I can afford to do these two rooms up all I can do is dream and for now I’m keeping an eye out for inspiration so that I know what I’d like to do when the time comes. Tiles can be a huge part of any kitchen or bathroom decor scheme and can have a huge effect on the overall look of the room. There are some absolutely great tiles out there right now which are not only creatively adventurous but also aesthetically very courageous. I approached tiling specialists Topps Tiles to find out what the major tiling trends are for 2014 and these are the trends to look out for. Read More…

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