Sian Zeng Launches Seasons Wallpaper Collection

Sian Zeng Summer Tropical Bloom Wallpaper

I have been a big fan of designer Sian Zeng for some time now and I wrote about her fabulous magnetic wallpaper here on the blog last year. Well she has just launched a new wallpaper collection for 2015 called Seasons and it certainly does not disappoint. As the name of the collection would suggest, the wallpaper is inspired by the ethereal beauty of the changing seasons. The bold, dramatic designs are beautifully detailed and really bring the seasons to life with an artistic mural like feel. My personal favourite of the designs is Tropical Bloom as I love the jungle feel and the bright pops of colour added by the flowers and the beetles. But then I also like Wild Rain as it has a more delicate painterly touch to it and I really like the way the paint drips down the paper as if the rain has made it run. However, out of all the papers, I would probably be more inclined to use Snow Drift in my own home as this is the one that I find most calming and it’s important to me that my home is a serene and relaxing environment. But what about you guys? Do you have a favourite? Read More…

Giveaway : Win £500 worth of Wallpaper from Mr Perswall

Cast Concrete Wallpaper by Mr Perswall

Today my lovlies I have a fantastic giveaway for you as I have teamed up with the Swedish wallpaper manufacturer Mr Perswall who has kindly offered to give one lucky Design Sheppard reader £500 worth of wallpaper. How fantastic! And what a wonderful way to start 2015 that would be. Although it would be a very hard decision to make as the Mr Perswall collection is rather extensive and features some really standout papers. Whether you are looking for wallpaper that features photographs of Paris (one of my favourite cities), action shots of extreme sports, fashion-inspired imagery or wallpaper that imitates the texture and appearance of other materials, Mr Perswall has it all. My personal favourites are the Captured Reality and Daily Details collections as both of these explore the beauty that can be found in the most mundane of details. I am particularly fond of the papers that depict some of my favourite materials such as concrete and marble. Thanks to the latest photographic technology these papers can be printed in extraordinarily high resolution meaning that even from a short distance it is almost impossible to tell that this is in fact wallpaper and not a wall of tin tiles for example. However, if none of these float your boat you always have the option of creating your own personal wall mural by uploading your own digital image. If I had even the slightest bit of talent when it comes to graphic design, I would have without doubt designed my own wallpaper by now. Read More…

New Wallpapers from NLXL Lab

Mr & Mrs Vintage Big Pattern Bogor Wallpaper from NLXL

I’ve written about the beautiful and unique designs by the Dutch wallpaper brand NLXL twice before on the blog. The designs are just so eye catching and unlike any other wallpapers on the market that they really do deserve every post I write about them. The latest initiative to come from NLXL is the NLXL Lab. The idea behind this is the fact that not all good wallpaper designs lead to a collection but that does not mean that they shouldn’t see the light of day. So NLXL works with both established and new design talents to create new wallpaper designs that will be added to the collection on a bi-monthly basis. Some of these designs will be produced as a limited edition and others will be distributed worldwide. Read More…

Introducing Valspar Paint

Valspar Paint

You are all well aware by now that I have a slight obsession with wallcoverings and that includes wallpaper, tiles and paint. Now that we own our flat I can actually consider using wallcoverings rather than just pinning them on my ‘Wonderful Wallcoverings‘ pinterest board. Surprisingly though, despite my love of wallcoverings, I don’t really know that much about paint, or is that so surprising considering I’ve never been able to paint my home before? I’ve used Dulux paint in the past when we decorated Matylda’s nursery and I’ve painted some furniture using Farrow & Ball but that’s about the extent of my painting experience. So when I was contacted a few months ago by Valspar Paint, I had to admit that I had never heard of the company. But I was definitely interested to learn more about it and I was super excited to be invited to my local B&Q store in Torquay to meet with a Valspar representative who could tell me all about it.

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Feathers Wallpaper by Mini Moderns

feathers wallpaper in chalkhill by Mini Moderns

I am a huge fan of Mini Moderns and I really admire the approach that Keith and Mark take towards their work. I had the opportunity to interview Keith a while back and finding out more about the brand and how the guys work really did just cement Mini Moderns’ position in my list of favourite interior brands. I particularly like the way that they produce wallpaper, paint and soft furnishings in colourways that co-ordinate with one another making it particularly easy to create a look that works without having to spend hours colour matching. So I was really happy to see a new collection of wallpaper joining the Mini Moderns arsenal in all the great colours that we have become accustomed to from previous designs. ‘Feathers‘ is the third wallpaper design in the Mini Moderns ‘Hinterland’ collection, which takes inspiration from the nature reserve of Dungeness, on the South Kent coast.  Read More…

Remixed Wallpaper by Arthur Slenk for NLXL

Remixed Wallpaper by Arthur Slenk for NLXL

I’ve been meaning to post this amazing wallpaper for months but sadly it has sat gathering dust in my drafts folder. It wasn’t until I saw my friend Ashley Sutcliffe of Live Like The Boy mention that he was now stocking it that I remembered that I had wanted to share it with you guys in a wallpaper Wednesday post. Hurrah! I’ve finally got round to it! Don’t all pat me on the back at once okay? The Remixed wallpaper collection is the result of the unique collaboration between Arthur Slenk and the Dutch Wallpaper company NLXL. Read More…

Magnetic Wallpaper from Nubie

Sian Zeng Dino Pink Green Wallpaper2

It’s been a while since my last wallpaper post and I have a real treat for you today in the form of this whimsical magnetic wallpaper from Nubie. The collection has been designed by Sian Zeng, an award winning London-based designer specialising in wallpapers, interior accessories and gifts. Sian graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and won Elle Decoration’s Young Talent of the Year Awards 2010/11. Her charming illustrated prints are designed to encourage playfulness and ignite imaginations and that is exactly what this magnetic children’s wallpaper collection does. It comes in two delightful narratives called Dino and Woodland and is available in a range of contemporary colourways. The best bit though is that because it is magnetic children can act out their own stories by moving a cast of magnetic creatures across the wallpaper. Kids can also personalise the story further by using the write-on speech bubbles to include quirky quotes. But how does magnetic wallpaper work exactly? It’s actually pretty simple. You just need to hang the supplied magnetic liner underneath the wallpaper design to create an interactive and magical surface. The downside? Well, magnetic wallpaper certainly doesn’t come cheap at £248 a roll. But if it’s the design you like, the paper is also available in a non-magnetic version for a fraction of the cost.

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The Amazing Sculptures of Frank Plant

Frank Plant Sculpture

Hi folks, today I’m just popping in quickly to introduce you to the stunning work of artist Frank Plant. An American sculptor based in Barcelona in Spain, Frank creates some really amazing pieces using welded steel. Frank studied sculpture at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1993, after finishing his B.A. in fine arts he moved to Amsterdam where he began to develop his drawings in steel. His work at this time constituted simple and direct studies of the forms and compositions of everyday objects and situations. Then in 1999 Plant moved again, this time to Barcelona and he began to diversify the materials he uses in his sculpture. However, welded steel has always been the principal medium for Frank’s work, whether in his two dimensional pieces or his earlier three dimensional kinetic metal sculptures that incorporate found objects. Below you can see some images of Frank’s work along with some comments about his approach. Enjoy! Read More…

Unique Wall Decals from Vinyl Impression

Vinyl Impression Wall Decal -Dont-Worry3 Today’s post is all about vinyl wall decals. Now this is a slightly controversial issue for me because I really like the idea of wall decals but I rarely find any that I would be happy to use in my own home. The reason I like the idea is that they are very versatile and allow you to add a bit of character to your home in a temporary way. They can be used by renters and people who are not able to decorate in a more permanent way as well as by homeowners and some of them can be repositioned. The issue I have though is that I rarely like the designs that they come in. So when I received a press release from Vinyl Impression I wasn’t expecting to see anything particularly original and I almost hit delete. But I’m very glad that I didn’t or I would never have discovered their uniquely designed products from The Joy Press. Read More…

Rebel Walls Wallpaper & Murals

Rebelwalls wallpaper

It’s been a while since I posted about wallpaper but I’ve been rather distracted by all the new AW14 Home collections that have been coming out recently. Then as I was browsing my rather hefty drafts folder I remembered this great company that I had bookmarked for a post. Rebel Walls is a Swedish wallpaper company with its own design studio and production headquarters in Borås. It offers a wide range of designer wallpaper but also offers the opportunity for customers to create their own patterns tailored to their requirements, both in terms of dimensions and design. Irene and Christofer Gimmersta, the founders behind Rebel Walls, are no beginners in terms of wallpaper. Part of the Gimmersta group, they have extensive experience in the wallpaper industry and are behind a number of wallpaper brands available in the market today. Their vision for Rebel Walls, which launched in Spring 2013, was to revolutionise the wallpaper industry by taking a step away from the idea of traditional collections linked to long-running collection books. I think it is safe to say that they have achieved their goal!
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