Black Beauty : The Vipp Kitchen

Vipp Kitchen You may recognise the name Vipp for their historic line of metallic bins. Well this company are no one trick pony. Their ‘industrial design – since 1939’ slogan means that Vipp has specialised in the industrial aesthetic and has grown in size and speciality over the years, culminating in a really exciting line that I am in awe of – the Vipp Kitchen – a visually arresting modular kitchen design in line with all the latest trends. Which is ironic really as it states on their website that Vipp takes pride in being untrendy: “Trends and fashion is what eventually goes out of fashion. Therefore, we intentionally avoid all changing fashions and trends, legitimising all Vipp products as long-term investments. There will never be a spring or fall collection, instead we offer products with staying power.” Read More…

Interview : Textile Designer Jenny Evans

Textile Designer Jenny Evans Tropical Medley

I love coming across really talented individuals who are from or who are based here in Devon. From my time working on magazines I became accustomed to the design scene being very London-centric. That is, understandably, where everything seems to happen. But over the past few years I have noticed a lot more creative activity coming from these shores. I’m really proud of all of the talent that Devon seems to be producing at the moment and I always have the time to feature these individuals here on the blog. Today, I am extremely happy to welcome textile designer Jenny Evans who has agreed to take to the spotlight and answer my questions. So grab yourself a cup of tea and read on to find out more about this bright young talent.

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Luxury Bedroom Design Challenge

luxury bedroom featuring a contemporary Italian bed with large luxury leather headboard from Juliette's Interiors

Today’s post is part of a style challenge that I have agreed to take part in. I was approached by the luxury brand Juliette’s Interiors who were inviting a select few of their favourite luxury lifestyle bloggers to take part in a luxury bedroom design challenge. They were working in collaboration with Hypnos, a British family-run bed making company and winners of this year’s National Bed Federation Bed Manufacturer of the Year Award. The bedroom design challenge required me to come up with a luxury bedroom design centred around one of Juliette’s Interior’s luxury beds and a hypnos mattress. I was free to use these products as my inspiration to come up with a design for a beautifully luxurious bedroom that will help provide a good night’s sleep.  Read More…

Gift Guide : Luxury Homeware from Bridgman

Gift guide featuring luxury homeware pieces from Bridgman

Can you believe we are almost done with November? This year has gone so crazy fast, I’ve been hanging on by the skin of my teeth, just muddling through and doing my best impersonation of ‘adulting’. When it gets to this time of year I always think to myself that I probably should put together some Christmas content like every other organised blogger does. But then I run out of time and inevitably never do. I’m just so busy at this time of year as all our family birthdays fall between November and January so I struggle to get my own gift ideas together let alone find gifts to inspire you guys in your Christmas present hunting. But I’m going to make a concerted effort to at least put a few gift guides together this year as I’m sure they are helpful as December comes knocking and we’re all starting to panic. So the first guide I’ve worked on features a selection of luxury homeware pieces from Bridgman. Read More…

5 Key Ways to add Value to your Home

Goodrich Haze Oak flooring from Woodpecker Flooring. Wood flooring can help add value to your home

Image © Woodpecker Flooring

Getting on the property ladder is a real challenge these days. The economic situation in the UK has made it particularly difficult for first-time buyers to save enough money required for a deposit. Even those lucky enough to be on the rungs now find themselves in a situation where economic uncertainty is making it increasingly difficult for them to sell their homes and to find a suitable property should they be looking to move up the ladder. This has led to many homeowners now considering improving their existing property, rather than buying a new one. Read More…

Portapivot : Door Hardware for Pivoting Doors


I’ve been dying to write a post about this for months now, and today is the day. I am so happy to be able to feature the iF Award-winning Belgian design company, Portapivot, on the blog with their amazing pivot hinges. Portapivot is actually a spin off B2B company aimed specifically at interior professions. The mother company, ANYWAYdoors, has been around since 1995 providing great designs for interior doors to markets in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. The company has been awarded many international design awards which saw interest appear from an audience outside their established market. Portapivot has been designed as their answer to these international requests and makes their popular room divider products and its patented hinge system accessible to interior professionals across the globe. Read More…

Timber Strips Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek for NLXL

Timber Strips Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek for NLXL

You’ve probably heard the names Piet Hein Eek and NLXL on this blog many times before, and so you should have because I wrote about them here and here. I’m basically obsessed with their work, so imagine how happy I am to get to write about another of their collaborations that launched at Dutch Design Week last month (Oct 2017). After the success of their last collaboration, NLXL and Piet Hein Eek have joined creative forces once more with a new range called the Timber Strips Collection, a back-to-basics approach using faux wood designs for wallpaper.

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Giveaway : £200 to Spend at The Hairpin Leg Co

The Hairpin Leg Co A Frame Industrial Legs

You guys, the last giveaway I ran was hugely popular, the most popular ever in fact. I love doing giveaways for you as I feel like it’s a great way to reward you for being such loyal readers and coming back time and time again to check out what I’m writing about. If you were unsuccessful in the last giveaway and didn’t bag yourself a Paradise Bird Armchair from The Lounge Co. I’m happy to tell you that I have a special discount code for you so that you can get 10% off all Paradise Bird products – simply enter the code SHEPPARD10 at the checkout before 18 November 2017. Or alternatively you can enter today’s amazing giveaway that I’m running in collaboration with The Hairpin Leg Co.  Read More…

Stylish Cat Beds for Design Conscious Pet Owners

Covo cat bed from Tuft + Paw - stylish cat beds for design conscious cat owners

I’m not a big animal person as I’m actually allergic to animal fur so when it comes to pets I have to keep it simple. We have a Syrian hamster named Fritz and that is it. Until recently, I’ve been quite pleased that we don’t have cats or dogs as I’ve never really come across pet beds that I would be proud to have on display in my own home. They tend to be quite ugly and that is a real challenge for design conscious pet owners. But I started looking into it and I found that there are actually some great options out there now. (Remember this post and this one?) It seems that the market for designer pet accessories has finally matured. I even heard that IKEA is bringing out a range of pet beds soon so that means that design loving pet people will no longer have to take out a small mortgage to accommodate their furry friends stylishly.  Read More…

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