Designer Student Accommodation in Newcastle

Plummer House Student Accommodation in Newcastle - Bedroom

Earlier this year I received a message from one of my best friends that I met at University. He pointed out that we’ve known each other for 16 years now. 16? What the what now? I went to uni 16 years ago? It feels like yesterday, I’m a little in shock! Then I received an email about some new designer student accommodation in Newcastle and I was even more shocked. Students these days don’t even know they’re born!! (I’m really starting to feel old now). This is the most unstudenty student accommodation I think I have ever seen. When I was a student, I had a tiny prison cell-like room that contained nothing more than a single bed, a desk and a wardrobe with a pin board on the wall above the bed. I shared a kitchen with 12 other students and a toilet, bathroom and shower room with six others. It was anything but luxurious I assure you. It was worlds apart from this amazing development in Newcastle by the UK’s leading luxury student accommodation provider Collegiate AC.

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Review : Brizebox, the Secure Parcel Delivery Box

Brizebox Secure Parcel Delivery Box

I can’t believe we are already midway through November. Christmas will be here before we know it. I’m normally really starting to stress out by this point having not even started the Christmas shopping and having no clue what I’m even going to buy. But I’ve been more organised this year. I’ve already ordered all the kids’ presents online and have them safely stored away in our bedroom. So that’s a good start. Now it’s just the rest of the family and some friends that I need to buy for. I don’t have much time to go shopping on my own so I’ll probably be getting everything online because it’s so much easier and I can get it all delivered to my home. The only problem with that is the fact that my husband is at work all day and I’m out and about with the girls in the mornings and at work in the afternoons. So there is a very high chance that I won’t be home to accept all the deliveries. Some delivery drivers will leave parcels in our porch but not all are prepared to do that as it’s not secure. My heart sinks every time I come home and find one of those “Sorry we missed you” cards on the doormat and I realise that I have to then go and collect the parcel from the post office sorting office, or worse, some main depot in Exeter, which is an hour away. Luckily though I have found a brilliant solution. Let’s take a look at the Brizebox.

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Creating a Cosy Winter Home with Cox & Cox

Create a cosy winter home with the AW16 Sage Velvet & Linen Kingsized Quilt from Cox & Cox

Velvet & Linen Kingsize Quilt

So this past weekend was bonfire night and I have to say it really feels like winter now. There is such a chill in the air and our central heating has certainly been working overtime. A few weeks ago we changed the duvet on the bed for the big 15 tog one and we are slowly starting to prepare our home for the winter months ahead. So today I wanted to share some tips with you on how you can successfully transition your home for the colder season. At the same time, I wanted to introduce you to some wonderful new products from the AW16 Collection at Cox & Cox that will help you to create a cosy winter home that will keep you feeling all snug and comfy in the coming months.

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Hôtel du Ministère Apartment in Paris

Hotel Du Ministere Apartment in Paris

I have been meaning to start writing more about design hotels on the blog for so long now, mostly just as a way to document places I’d like to stay so I don’t forget about them. Of course, given the option when travelling I’d rather stay in a design hotel that speaks to the aesthete in me. A hotel experience should be something special in my eyes and for me that means staying somewhere I consider to be aspirational. Admittedly I don’t really get the opportunity to travel that much since the kids came along but as they become more independent I’m hoping that the husband and I will be able to jet off a few mini city breaks (and boy do I need a break!). So today, I want to introduce you to the beautiful new Hôtel du Ministère Apartment in Paris. Read More…

Sukhi Rugs Handmade by Skilled Artisans

Sukhi Beni Ourain rugI really love it when a company has a great story behind it, especially if that story entails empowering people and helping them to earn a living and care for their family. And that is exactly what Sukhi is all about. Working together with skilled artisans in India, Turkey, Nepal and Morocco, Sukhi produces beautiful handmade rugs that are made to order and are even customisable. As soon as I heard about Sukhi I wanted to find out more. Nasia Burnet is the founder of Sukhi and she kindly agreed to answer some questions for me.

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Halloween Kokeshi Dolls from Lucie Kaas

Halloween Kokeshi Dolls by Lucie Kaas

Happy Halloween Guys! Hope you’ve all got something suitably spooky planned for this evening. I’ll probably be taking my little girls out Trick or Treatin’ for the first time. So just a quick post from me today about these seriously cute little Halloween Kokeshi dolls that are part of the for Lucie Kaas collection. I’ve written about the Kokeshi dolls before and you can read that post here for a bit of background.

Pumpkin and Skeleton are two beautifully quirky new characters that are just perfect for design lovers. They capture just the right Halloween vibe in my eyes (not too scary) and would make perfect decorations for a family home, especially one with small children that you don’t want to petrify at this time of year. Cute, huh?

Introducing the Moda Collection by Cult Furniture

Cult Furniture Moda Collection

Today I wanted to share with you an exciting new collection of chairs produced by Cult Furniture, a modern and classic furniture design brand. The Moda Collection was designed by Cult Furniture’s in-house design team and is part of the Cult Design brand which is inspired by iconic mid-century designs but with a contemporary twist.  Read More…

AW16 Industrial Chic from Harley & Lola

Industrial Chic Urban Chic Large Dining Table from Harley & Lola

If I had to choose my favourite interior design style I would have to say it is Industrial Chic. This particular design style is one that I never tire of and that I have tried to bring into my own livingroom. What I really love about this style is the fact that it takes inspiration from industrial spaces such as old factories and warehouses and it therefore features materials and finishes that are normally found in commercial spaces and are therefore somewhat unexpected for residential interiors. Materials such as forged or welded metal, concrete, exposed plaster or brick, and weathered or reclaimed wood are often used alongside industrial lighting fixtures to create interior spaces that exude character and have numerous untold stories within their fabric. The Industrial Chic style has a utilitarian appeal and therefore it is designed to be functional, useful and durable as opposed to attractive. I suppose some people may find the style quite cold, hard and masculine for that reason and I guess in a way it probably is, but that is not to say that it can’t be made to feel homely, welcoming and even beautiful. By simply adding some soft colour pallettes and textured fabrics and textiles you can give the Industrial Chic style a more feminine appeal.  Read More…

Caring for your Garden Furniture over Winter

Caring for your garden furniture through the winter - Windsor couples bench from Garden Benches

Living in a flat we are so incredibly lucky to have our own, private garden and it’s a decent size too which is a real added bonus. I had big plans for our garden this year, but sadly, as we had renovation projects going on inside, we ran out of time to work on the garden and now it’s a bit late. So I’ll be shelving our plans until the spring time. What I’m looking at doing is leveling the garden out a bit so we can actually create a usable space for entertaining, relaxing and dining outside and also somewhere flat for the girls to play. It’s going to be quite a lot of work and I’m really hoping we can get started next year, but it all depends on budgets. The delayed plans have not stopped me from looking at garden furniture though and dreaming of how we will use the space when it’s finished. Matters have not been helped by all the garden furniture sales that have taken place since summer slowly ebbed away. I’ve been really tempted to take advantage and buy a load of furniture now while the good deals have been on offer. But then I have been put off by the thought of my new furniture sitting outside all winter in the cold, wet weather.  Read More…

Celebrating Colour with the Brabantia #LoveColour Campaign

brabantia white touch bin situated in a modern monochrome kitchen

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have appointed myself as a brand ambassador for Brabantia right? They haven’t asked me to be one, I just really like the company and all their products. I’m constantly impressed with the quality of their products and I’ve enjoyed learning about their recent focus on corporate social responsibility with their #LoveNature campaign. But I also really like how, as a company, they are very aware of designing products that are not only high quality and extremely functional, but that also look really great. This is nothing new obviously, but I’m not sure that other companies who make the same kind of products – waste management, laundry solutions, food storage and preparation items – take the same approach. Brabantia pays a lot of attention to how these products can fit in to our homes, look stylish and make our chores more pleasurable.  Read More…

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