Grand Designs Live

Grand Designs Live London is based on the successful Channel 4 show hosted by Kevin McCloud.  It is one of the UK’s leading consumer events for home, build, interior designs and cutting edge technology and building advancements, making it the perfect place for sourcing information on any home build or renovation projects.

The show is set to take place over nine days from 1-9 May 2010 and will combine cutting-edge design products, interactivity and an eco-friendly message.

Grand Designs Live is perfect for anyone who has an interest in interiors, build, kitchens, bathrooms,gardens, shopping, food, village and technology. With yearly exhibitions taking place in London and Birmingham, visitors will be able to buy, build and furnish a house, all under one roof. If you’re looking to make the most of your home, the show will provide you with plenty of amazing ideas to unlock its potential and turn your dream home into a reality.

Pop Art in interior design

May '10 issue

In my latest article for Designer magazine I take a look back at the origins of the Pop Art movement and the effect that it has had on modern interior home design. I speak to a number of interior designers to get their views on the influence that the current resurgence of Pop Art is having on their work and I also interrogate the Post-Pop Prince, Karim Rashid, about his love of Pop Art.

You can read the article here or check out the selection of other articles I have written for Designer here

Funky frame wallpaper

Frames by Graham & Brown

When I get my own property and it comes to decorating you can be sure that this wallpaper will feature somewhere in my house. Designed by Taylor and Wood for Graham & Brown, Frames is an exciting and interactive paper that gives you complete control over the end result. Use it simply as it comes for a modern, minimalist look in any adult space or customise it by sticking photos inside the frames or get the kids to paint little pictures in the frames, making it ideal for a playroom or child’s bedroom.

Huddle by Graham & Brown

Along similar lines to Frames is another paper also by Graham & Brown called Huddle. Designed in collaboration with Canadian brand Umbra, Huddle is a slightly more sophisticated version of frames and is ideal for hallways, dinner rooms and feature walls in living rooms or bedrooms.

Vintage wallpaper

Florist shop garden theme

There is a wonderful selection of vintage wallpapers to be found at Rosie’s Vintage Wallpaper. The site has hundreds of different styles from floral, botanical and flocked-mylar to retro, geometric and scenic. Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms of living spaces in general, there will be something here to suit the needs of any vintage wallpaper lover.

BBQ Picnic

April 2010 issue of Designer magazine on sale now

The April 2010 issue of Designer magazine is now on sale. I’m very pleased to see that an item from my regular Notebook column made the front cover.

The Mons Lavabo is a child-friendly wash basin conceived by Spanish designer Romualdo Faura to promote safe and hygienic behaviour. The wash basin focuses not only on the basic functionality of the basin, but also on details like environmental credentials, visual appearance, ease of use and safety. The basin is at an ideal height for children and its shape and material reduces the risk of injury if a child were to knock into it. The water and soap is dispensed automatically making it impossible for a child to leave the tap running or waste hand wash. The appearance is also more attractive to children as it has a friendly face, can be produces in a variety of colours and engages the child in a more interactive way and appeals to their natural instincts.

Mons Lavabo by Romualdo Fuera

Furniture made from recycled road signs

Broadway Chair by Boris Bally

Working with scrap aluminium traffic signs Boris Bally repurposes an otherwise discarded material and transforms it into unusual, edgy and urban furniture. Bally has a background in jewellery making and grew up in an environment where recycling was somewhat of a family tradition. His so-called ‘aha moment’ came in 1991 whilst making the shell form for a fireplace from an old road sign. Whilst hammering two pieces of sign together with rivets Bally became aware of how urban, green and naughty it was to be beating up and repurposing such an authoritarian object. It was this that inspired him to blur the boundaries of art, craft and design in making his furniture collection, which he emphasizes is made from legally purchased signage. The furniture is completely hand-made or as Bally calls it ‘humanufactured’.

Transit Chairs

Decorative wall stickers

Sustainable habit reminder stickers from HU2

HU2 Design is a young London-based design company specialising in wall stickers. From the kitchen to the bathroom and the living room to kids bedrooms, these high-quality vinyl stickers come in all number of exclusive designs that can spruce up the dullest of spaces.
Birdcages, flying pigs, duke boxes, hamster treadmills and the skyline of London, New York or Paris, these stickers enable the customisation of a room on a smaller scale than complete redecoration.
Many of the stickers can be used close to light switches or power points raising awareness of how much energy we use.

HU2 Mickey Pack of stickers

Heating gone soft

Makura by MHS Radiators

Designed by Takahide Sano for Italian company Ad Hoc and distributed in the UK by MHS Radiators, Makura offers a completely new take on the traditional radiator. Combining the durability of hard steel with the soft furnishing of comfy cushions, this new heating concept not only looks good, but also allows for a more personal interaction with heating.

Makura features removable cushions that have interchangeable covers in a number of colours allowing for better customisation. Each cushion is filled with cherry stones that retain and radiate the heat, making them perfect to snuggle up with of a cold evening.

A light on the tiles

Billie Jean tiles inspired by Michael Jackson

Billie Jean is an innovative wall covering concept that incorporates a collection of translucent glass tiles designed to illuminate the bathroom. The design, by Finnish designer Henrik Amberla, was a submission for a competition run by home design company DNA+.

Amberla took his inspiration from a Michael Jackson music video in which the mere touch of Jackson’s feet is enough to trigger lights in the pavement tiles. When not in use the tiles appear to be made from one simple material, however, when illuminated the translucent glass bulb allows a soft, atmospheric lighting of the bathing environment.

With his design, Amberla wanted to highlight the demise of the traditional incandescent light bulb whilst at the same time offering a modern alternative.

Trend Forecasting

March 2010 issue

In my latest article for Designer magazine I talk to the ‘professional trend forecasters’ to find out how designers can look ahead to future developments in order to maximise the success and profitability of their products.

You can read the article here or check out the selection of other articles I have written for Designer here

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