Thinking outside the Boxetti

Boxetti closed

Boxetti in the closed position

Designed and created by Latvian designer Rolands Landsbergs, the Boxetti Collection is comprised of five separate modules, each driven by three basic design principles – functionality, advanced technologies and the contemporary aesthetics of minimalism.

Each of the modules is designed to achieve maximum efficiency by meeting the demands of functionality and suitability. All modules have the capability of being transformed into compact, solid blocks at the touch of a remote control button and when not in use they take up less space and hide their true functionality. Only when the modules are in use is their true nature revealed as bright orange audio visual equipment for example appears as if from nowhere.

Boxetti is produced by EL Studija which is a company owned by Rolands that specialises in furniture and the design of showrooms and exhibition stands.

Boxetti open

Boxetti in the open position

Naughty wallpaper

Dupenny Callgirls

Call Girls by Dupenny

It may seem like my blog is becoming increasingly focused on wallpaper, but there are just so many fabulous papers out there right now that a day doesn’t go by without me spotting “my new favourite”. But this really is my new favourite.

Dupenny is a Brighton-based company that makes hand-printed wallpaper, mostly in striking black and white and focused on retro themes designed to make people smile.

And make me smile they did. Some are completely innocent of course and feature scenes like an English garden or spiders. But mostly they feature saucy characters in provocative poses.

The paper entitled Burlesque is bang on trend right now as the cheeky dance-based art form has been propelled back into the limelight in recent years by the likes of Dita von Teese. Burlesque can now be seen to inspire underwear and make-up and a whole host of strip-tease inspired dance classes have popped up around the country.

For those feeling even more provocative, Call Girls is a paper featuring ladies of the night offering all sorts of services. If you’re feeling really daring you could hang this paper in your guest loo and wait to hear people’s reactions. But fear not, if this is too risque for you, the paper also comes with little green stickers so you can cover up the rude bits.

Dupenny Burlesque

Burlesque wallpaper by Dupenny

Retro and vintage wallpapers

Wallpaperspace vintage Britpop

Britpop vintage wallpaper by Wallpaper Space

Taking its inspiration from the pop music and fashion that originated in the United Kingdom in the 1990’s and reminiscent of the rock and roll style of 1960’s bands such as The Beatles and The Who, this vintage Britpop wallpaper by Wallpaper Space is the perfect wallcovering for all the who are proud to be Bristish and want to plaster it all over their walls.

Wallpaper Space is a UK based design/print company specialised in the design and manufacture of wallpapers. All the designs available are based on original ideas or developed from Vintage & Antique documents.

Each individual roll of wallpaper is bespoke and printed to order. A range of designs are available, falling into categories such as ‘Grande Designs’, ‘Floral Passions’, ‘Ornamental Classics’ and ‘Contemporary Living’.

Wallpaperspace stars and stripes  vintage

Stars and Stripes Vintage by Wallpaper Space

Exclusive designer wallpapers


Studio Nommo Things on my desk

Things on my desk by Studio Nommo

Studio Nommo, an independent wallpaper studio based in Istanbul, offers exclusive designer wallpapers.

The four collections – Chichi, Supersonic, Cool and Baby – are created by local & international young and upcoming graphic designers, photographers and illustrators and each one offers a very individual approach to wallpaper.

From washing hanging on a line, to florals, to chandaliers and kids cartoon characters, these wallpapers are ideal for sprucing up your home and putting your own stamp on each room.


Studio Nommo Toilet

Toilet by Studio Nommo




Sleek wooden bathtubs


Unique Wood bathtub

Serena bathtub in American walnut

With showrooms in Germany and Poland, Unique Wood Design offers contemporary wooden bathtubs and basins that help bring nature into the bathroom.

With a history deeply rooted in boat building, the Polish company uses a combination of traditional carpentry and specialist modern boat-building techniques to create truly unique, handmade bathrooms.


Unique Wood bathtub 2

Nova bathtub in wenge




A shoe inspired bathtub

Sicis shoe bath

Shoe Bathtub by SICIS

Italian mosiac manufacturer SICIS Art Mosaic Factory have introduced a fashion inspired bathtub for all those shoe obsessed fashionistas out there.

The stiletto shoe  luxury bathtubs will be the talking point of any bathroom they feature in and are the perfect tribute to footwear for those with a shoe fetish.

The bathtubs are decorated in glitzy glass mosaics that will certainly add a touch of bling to the bathroom.

Human furniture anyone?

Samal Design human chair

Human Chair by Samal Design

Fusing a futuristic and retro vision of design, which he calls ‘New-Retro-Futurism’, Paris based Belarusian designer Dzmitry Samal has some interest designs in his portfolio.

Speaking about his approach to design he says: “I think that the future of design is in our past experience and heritage combined with modern technologies. I’m a keeper of traditional creative approaches but with the very contemporary way of thinking and using technology.”

His Human Furniture Collection is inspired by the beauty and sensuality of the human form. It features a human chair, two variations of tables, a mirror and a human closet.

Samal design human table

Human Table by Samal Design

Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid

Rashid for Gorenje

The new Gorenje collection designed by Karim Rashid

So if you are looking for a funky oven to sit alongside your daring Gorenje Retro Collection fridge, look no further. The undisputed king of colour, Karim Rashid, had put his stamp on the kitchen.

A minimal fusion of functionality, technology, interactivity, and purity, according to Gorenje, the new collection boasts a full length handle down the side of the appliance, which incorporates a vertical LED light stripe allowing several colour versions.

Commenting on his collection, Rashid said: “I have wanted to design appliances for ages. It was a great exercise in rethinking the banal. Too often we are relegated to tired archetypes. Design is about shaping contemporaneity. Design is critical to our environments, to our daily experiences, our products, our everything. Everything needs to be designed, from our airplane interiors to our shampoo bottles to our money. We need to beautify this planet in every aspect, in every corner of the earth.”

Gorenje goes retro

Gorenje Retro

Revamped Retro Collection by Gorenje

The Old Timer fridges and fridge freezers by Slovenian manufacturer Gorenje has been around for over a decade. But they have been given a new lease of life through a bright new palette of colours and a funky new name – the Retro Collection.

Aimed at consumers who demand a more individual, lively and daring approach to their appliances, the Retro Collection is available in fashionable colours and comes in three different versions – Chic, Vintage and Funky.

They may be called Retro, but fear not, theses modern new appliances are also brimming with state-of-the-art technology.

As nice as they are though, I think I still prefer SMEG.

Flock wallpapers by Barbara Hulanicki



Barbara Hulanicki has designed these wonderful flock wallpapers for Graham & Brown. The Skulls wallpaper above is a dark, yet mischievous wallpaper. Barbara says she particularly likes the shock effect that this wallpaper has, as people don’t necessarily see the skulls until they take a closer look.

Antoinette captures the image of a young Marie Antoinette in an ornate frame. The paper relects Barbara’s love of drawing and her experience as a fashion illustrator.

Featuring the ultimate fashion accessory and the vice of many fashion-concious women, Shoes will undoubtedly be a popular choice with the ladies. Again inspiration came from Barbara’s background in fashion.





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