2010 consumer trends

One of the world’s leading trend firms, trendwatching.com sends out its free, monthly Trend Briefings to more than 160,000 subscribers worldwide. I of course subscribe and I have recently received a briefing detailing a number of consumer trends to watch out for next year.

  1. Business as unusual – For the first time, there’s a global understanding, if not a feeling of urgency that sustainability, in every possible meaning of the word, is the only way forward. Meanwhile, in mature consumer societies, companies will have to do more than just embrace the notion of being a good corporate citizen. To truly prosper, they will have to ‘move with the culture’. This may mean displaying greater transparency and honesty, or having conversations as opposed to one-way advertising, or championing collaboration instead of an us-them mentality.
  2. Urbany – A defining trend for 2010, 2011, 2012, and so on: urbanisation on steroids. A forever-growing number of more sophisticated, more demanding, but also more try-out-prone, super-wired urban consumers are snapping up more ‘daring’ goods, services, experiences, campaigns and conversations. And thanks to near-total online transparency of the latest and greatest, those consumers opting to remain in rural areas will be tempted to act (and shop) online like urban consumers, too.
  3. Real-time reviews – In short, with even more people sharing, in real time, everything they do, buy, listen to, watch, attend, wear and so on, and with even more search engines and tracking services making it easy to find and group these ‘live dispatches’ by theme, topic or brand, 2010 will see ready-to-buy consumers tapping into a live stream of (first-hand) experiences from fellow consumers. So, in 2010, expect numerous services to capitalise on this burgeoning ‘global brain’, and its endless real-time reviews and verdicts.

To read more on these trends and to find out what the other trends forecast for 2010 are, click here

Portable mini kitchen

Moving Kitchen by Joongho Choi

Moving Kitchen is a nifty little concept by South Korean designer Joongho Choi. The sleek looking portable mini-appliance can be moved anywhere around the house or even out to the garden – basically anywhere it is needed – by simply wheeling it around.

The product is full of hidden surprises all neatly compacted into the smallest footprint. It features an induction hob and pull out tables on both sides providing adequate preparation surfaces and dining areas. It also features two separate drawers and a small cupboard for the storage of crockery, cutlery and pans.

Moving Kitchen

Mini kitchen in a drawer

Kitchen in a drawer

Submitted by South Korean design student Nojae Park as part of the Electrolux Design Lab 2009 competition, this concept design is ideal for those who have hectic work days and often take lunch at their desks in front of their computers.

Drawer Kitchen combines an eating surface, fridge, hot plate and dish drawer in a space which is about the same  size as a filing cabinet. This small and compact appliance could easily slip under your desk in your office or in a small space in a studio apartment.

The design was one of nine finalist chosen from 600 entries. Park said: “I got the idea from looking at the small living spaces in Tokyo and at how much time people spend at their desks when they are at home. A lot of people live in one-room flats. They go out early in the morning and come back late at night and rarely eat a meal in the house. If they do, it’ll be a simple one.”

Drawer Kitchen looks like a simple filing cabinet when closed

Fashion Wallpaper

Fashion wallpaper from the Surreal collection

This fashion inspired black and white wallpaper is perfect for any avid fashionistas who want to express their love of all things fashion. Available from Wallpaper from the 70s, this wallpaper is part of the surreal collection.

There are a whole host of unique papers available from the floral, baroque, glamorous, romantic and abstract collections, many of which create stunning and sometimes mind-boggling visual effects.

London inspired wallpaper

Changing Guard

The Royal Guards wallpaper by Lizzie Allen

Lizzie Allen has her own printing studio in which she produces hand-printed wallpapers. Her unique style incorporates novelty and humour and she finds her inspiration from travelling and the different places she has lived in. She also draw her experiences of other cultures and traditions.

This wallpaper is ideal for feature walls or individual panels. The London collection features many whimsical designs in vibrant colours and depicts typical scenes from the streets of London. From the changing of the guard to scenes outside St Pauls Cathedral and red buses and black cabs.

Telephone box

Telephone Box super-wide wallpaper by Lizzie Allen

Shiny new bathtub


Tub T

Tub-T by Wild Terrain Designs

The Tub-T is an elegant bathtub made from diamond polished stainless steel and complimented with glass steps. There is a blasted swirl pattern on each step. Each step contains an LED light which illuminates the tread. The hand rail which is also made from diamond polished stainless steel is in the form of an elongated tear drop. Enjoy a glamorous bath every time in the Tub-T, yet another piece from the Exclusively Yours range by Wild Terrain Designs.


Concept cook


Concept Cook

Concept Cook by Hardy Inside

Conceived and designed by Jean-Luc Roux for Hardy Inside, the Concept Cook is a stand-alone kitchen module that brings all the functions together in a single island unit: washing, preparation and cooking. Combined with a cupboard unit on the same level containing a refrigerator, it has room for storage of crockery and utensils.

The Concept Cook includes the latest in kitchen technology with a system of intelligent drawers, “Inside Tronic”, LED displays which illuminate when drawers are opened and an integral automatic hood.


Colour of the Month – Nov 09


Nov 09 Grey

Grey is the colour of the month for November 09

Justine Fox, colour expert at Global Color Research, presents the colour of the month, helping us to understand how colour psychology affects trends. This month she looks at the undeniable sophistication and elegance of Grey.

The following is taken from the mix colour update newsletter which you can subscribe to here.

If ever a colour was ubiquitous in the mass market it is Grey. First seen in Autumn/Winter 09/10 Mix trend Contour (Mix Trends colour forecast book issue 17), there is literally a rainbow of greys from charcoal to dove, turning up on everything from carpets (pictured is Chevalier èdition) to paints. Grey/silver is also perennially popular in the automotive industry because of easy resale or lease and because it shows the lines of the car off with highlight finishes.

It is interesting that Grey’s popularity has come at a time of great insecurity and economic upheaval; Grey is perhaps the most psychologically neutral shade of all, evoking little emotional response, providing a much needed rest from any form of emotional turmoil. Grey urges us to hibernate and escape from the world.

Much associated in fashion with Winter collections, Grey also has utilitarian, practical associations that make it chime well with today’s more austere, less throw-away culture. There is a strong urban feel to Grey, evoking expanses of concrete that make it feel slightly dystopian, again fitting in with the feeling of unease any recession generates.

Like black and camel, Grey is undeniably chic in a low key, controlled way. One of the least sexually attractive of all colours, it never-the-less exudes luxury when combined with a lavish material like cashmere and is increasingly moving out of the boardroom and into the home. Finally Grey works well when lifted by colourful accents, making it a force to be reckoned with for some time to come.


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