All Hail The Brabantia Bo Bin

Brabantia Bo Bin that doesn't look like a bin

They’ve done it again guys!! Look at this little stunner from Brabantia. You’ll be forgiven for not knowing what it is at first glance because it has been designed in such a way that it is not immediately obvious what it is. But I guess I kind of gave the game away with the title of the post. So this is Brabantia’s unique new Bo Touch Bin, the bin that does not look like one. I already love Brabantia bins because they look great and have been designed in a thoughtful and practical way, but this new bin takes aesthetics to a whole other level. This bin can take pride of place in the kitchen and you no longer need to worry about your rubbish bin lowering the tone. Because Bo will simply bring a level of elegance that kitchens have previously never experienced.  Read More…

My Kitchen Makeover : Final Reveal

The Design Sheppard Kitchen Makeover featuring a monochrome and geometric design theme

Welcome to my kitchen makeover final reveal. I cannot tell you how happy I am to publish this post today. It’s been such a long time coming. We started this kitchen makeover a year ago and it is finally finished. I honestly couldn’t be happier. It’s such a relief to have a kitchen that I am proud of, and I no longer need to be embarrassed when guests come round. You can read about our kitchen makeover plans here and you can see the project in progress here. I’d love to show you around so you can see just how far we’ve come. When we moved in, in 2013, the kitchen was dark and drab and really lacked storage space. I won’t go into too much detail about why I hated the kitchen as I’ve covered that in past posts. I’d rather focus on the positive change we have managed to create here. We got rid of the black laminate worktop and replaced it with white laminate from IKEA. This has really helped to brighten the space and bounce light around the room. I chose this worktop as I really liked the wood effect trim. I realised, when looking at my kitchen inspiration board on Pinterest, that I really like kitchens that mix white and wood. The trim on this worktop actually matches the units that we already had. I was considering painting the cabinets but once the worktop was in situ I really liked how it worked with the cabinets so we’ve decided against painting them.   Read More…

Ironing Boards with extras from Brabantia

3 Brabantia Ironing Boards leaning against a wall

It’s been a while since I last posted about Brabantia. The brand has been at the forefront of my mind recently as we have been working on the makeover of our kitchen. They are one of my go to brands when it comes to quality, well-designed, long-lasting homewares. I’m currently eyeing up a new bread bin and perhaps some new food storage jars. It was while browsing the site that I came across the latest additions to the laundry collection. The new range of ironing boards is designed to help you de-stress and get some ‘me time’.  Read More…

Celebrating Colour with the Brabantia #LoveColour Campaign

brabantia white touch bin situated in a modern monochrome kitchen

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have appointed myself as a brand ambassador for Brabantia right? They haven’t asked me to be one, I just really like the company and all their products. I’m constantly impressed with the quality of their products and I’ve enjoyed learning about their recent focus on corporate social responsibility with their #LoveNature campaign. But I also really like how, as a company, they are very aware of designing products that are not only high quality and extremely functional, but that also look really great. This is nothing new obviously, but I’m not sure that other companies who make the same kind of products – waste management, laundry solutions, food storage and preparation items – take the same approach. Brabantia pays a lot of attention to how these products can fit in to our homes, look stylish and make our chores more pleasurable.  Read More…

Brabantia’s 30 Day #LoveNature Challenge

Brabantia wall fix clothes dryer

You may remember a little while ago I wrote a post about the joys of drying washing outdoors after I was lucky enough to receive a selection of beautiful laundry products from Brabantia. Well as the weather gets warmer and (touch wood) less wet, it’s finally time to start getting the washing out on the line again. And it couldn’t come too soon for me. Matylda has just started potty training and while she’s done amazingly well so far and surprised us all, there are still the odd little accidents to contend with and consequently a few more changes of clothes. This has coincided with Milly starting on her baby-led weaning journey and the inevitably yukky nappies that this entails. Having said that she’s always been a master at pooping and almost always manages to squirt it up her back and out of her nappy. So combine that with a number of sick incidents every day and I end up changing her clothes about four times a day. You can imagine how much washing I have to do right? So being able to stick it all on the line is a godsend and means my house isn’t full of laundry draped everywhere. It also helps save some pennies as I don’t have the tumble dryer running constantly. Read More…

The Joy of Outdoor Laundry with Brabantia

Brabantia Oval Laundry Bag

Laundry has become the bane of my life. I’ve always hated laundry and the task has been made so much worse since having a baby. It’s never ending. I honestly don’t know how such a small person can create so much washing. I’m just so thankful that we now live in a flat with a garden. Since I met my husband we have lived in a variety of flats and one house, none of which had gardens and this served only to make the arduous task of laundry that less enjoyable. Living in a small space is not easy to begin with but when you don’t have room for a tumble dryer it makes the whole situation even worse. You end up with clothes airers all over the house and damp washing sitting around that takes forever to dry. I used to dream of having a garden not so much so that we could sit outside and enjoy the fresh air of a sunny evening but so that I could dry my laundry outside and get it out of the house! I feel so middle aged just typing that!! But it’s true. Read More…

Brabantia Collaborates with Orla Kiely

Brabantia & Orla Kiely Retro Bin Collection

You’re probably all sick of hearing how much I love Brabantia and I don’t blame you as I must sound like a broken record. But the thing is, it’s really hard not to love a company that has such a focus on creating great quality functional products that also look absolutely beautiful. There is just no need to compromise with Brabantia and that is what I like most. Since the launch of the ‘Designed for living’ range Brabantia has gone from strength to strength bringing out loads of great new products that have been designed to make our daily chores more pleasurable. Everytime that I get wind of a new product launch I get really excited to see just what they have come up with this time and I certainly wasn’t disappointed by their most recent launch for which Brabantia collaborates with Orla Kiely. Famous for her retro-inspired lifestyle collection, the Irish designer and ‘Queen of prints’ has teamed up with the interior design brand to give its bins a fresh new look. Read More…

Brabantia’s Beautiful New Laundry Bins

Brabantia Laundry Bin with Cork LidHave I mentioned before how much I dislike doing the laundry? I’m pretty sure I’ve told you that I don’t enjoy ironing and that I like hoovering even less. But these things are a necessity, especially when you have a baby. I think I have done more laundry this year than I have done in all the years previous to Matylda’s arrival put together. It is just never ending and there is a constant stream of washing making its way from the laundry bin to the washing machine to the tumble dryer to the ironing basket. I never seem to get on top of it and that is what depresses me because I never feel like I have finished the task. Whilst I struggle to enjoy these domestic chores, I do find that they get a little more bearable if you have great equipment to work with. For example, ironing has become a fraction more enjoyable since I got my gorgeous geometric ironing board from Brabantia. It’s a joy to use and an absolute pleasure to look at (although lugging it around the house is no easy task as it is bigger than me and quite heavy). Recently I have started to look around for a new laundry bin as I figure I spend so much time doing laundry I may as well invest in a laundry bin that will make me smile. Plus I want one that will look great in my bedroom once we have decorated. I didn’t need to look far because as if by magic an email popped into my inbox from Brabantia all about its brand new Autumn 2014 products and lo and behold one of those products was my idea of a perfect laundry bin. Read More…

Designed for Living by Brabantia

Brabantia Designed for Living Pauline Homewares Collection

If you didn’t know already, Brabantia is one of my favourite home interior brands. I’ve featured its products here on the blog many times before when I wrote about the Get Together Range, The Union Jack Bin, The Pop Kitchen Bin and The Geometric Ironing Boards. In fact, it is probably the one company that has featured most since I started the blog back in 2009. And during that time I have witnessed the development of Brabantia as it has grown as a brand and I must say I have been very impressed with what I have seen. It has gone from being a trusted and loved brand selling practical solutions for waste management, laundry care, food enjoyment and bathroom accessories to a global interior design brand that brings exciting and stylish design to kitchens, bathrooms and homeware.  Read More…

Geometric Ironing Board Covers by Brabantia

Geometric Ironing Board Covers by Brabantia

Ironing is perhaps one of the least glamorous household tasks in my eyes. Along with hoovering it is probably one of the domestic tasks that I least enjoy doing and because of that I generally tend to save up my ironing until there is a whole heap of it waiting for me. There really isn’t much that could convince me that ironing could be something to look forward to. Well that was until I spotted these new geometric ironing boards by Brabantia which are based on warm geometric patterns, combining fresh pastels with black lines on white backgrounds. Now I’m not saying I would enjoy ironing anymore, but if my ironing board was clad in one of these Warm Mathematical covers at least it would be a pleasure to look at the board, right? And with geometrics being one of the big interior trends that has surfaced recently, these three new covers – Peaks, Fields and Dunes- are going straight on my lust list! What do you guys reckon?

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