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Method Collaborates with Johanna Basford

Method cleaning products in collaboration with Johanna BasfordI really like to see brands that think outside the box when it comes to design and that is exactly what Method has done. The trendy home cleaning products brand launched way back in 2001 when two childhood friends, Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, came up with an idea to revolutionise the cleaning world with stylish, eco-friendly products made with non-toxic ingredients. Eric knew people wanted cleaning products they didn’’t have to hide under their sinks and Adam knew how to make them without any dirty ingredients. And so the journey began. In 2002, Method enlisted the help of designer Karim Rashid to design packaging. Shortly afterwards the duo convinced Target to test its cleaning sprays and dish soaps in 90 stores before launching in Target stores across the US. In 2005, Method also launched in Canada and the UK. After successful launches in Australia, France and Japan, Method joined forces with Ecover in 2012 to create the world’s largest green cleaning company. Throughout the company’s development, they have stayed true to their mission to create products that meet the highest standard of social and environmental ethics but that also look damn good.  Read More…

Giveaway : Colour Me Good Chairs Colouring Book

Colour Me Good Chairs Colouring Book Cover

A few weeks ago I read a really interesting article in the Independent about how French women are using colouring in books to relieve stress and anxiety. I found this a really interesting article and I was actually quite excited by the prospect. I used to love colouring in as a kid. I was never any good at art so colouring in was a great way for me to unleash some creativity that I could be proud of. I instantly wondered to myself whether I would enjoy colouring in as much now that I am an adult and you know what? I think I probably would and what’s more, I think it probably would be quite a good stress reliever if you could find the right colouring in book. I mean you certainly wouldn’t want to be colouring in children’s images. You would want something with a more mature, adult feel to it wouldn’t you? I know I would. So I was very surprised when a few days after reading this article I received an email from Mel Elliott of I Love Mel, a UK-based designer who draws and produces adult colouring in books for a living. Mel wanted to let me know about one of her latest books that she thought you guys would be interested in. Read More…

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