How to Make the Most of Stunning Views

Kingswear South Devon

As you’re probably aware by now, I am based in Dartmouth in South Devon and I count myself lucky every day to be able to live in such a beautifully stunning location. I have grown up here and spent most of my life living here, except for a brief period of study when I moved away for my degree and a couple of years spent living in Bristol. When I was younger I never appreciated living here and couldn’t wait to move away, convinced that city living had more to offer. It was only when I did move away that I realised how much I love this little town and all its quirks. Before long I was back living here and I saw my home town through new eyes.

The past few weeks have seen the town basked in brilliant sunshine and there has been a distinct holiday vibe as thousands of tourists flock here to sample the lifestyle that I am lucky enough to live and breathe every day. The unique location of Dartmouth means that we are surrounded by stunning views at every turn. Situated on the banks of the River Dart, right beside the sea and in the middle of the countryside, Dartmouth is a real gem. But Shhhhhh….don’t tell too many people as I don’t want my little town overrun with even more tourists. It’s hard enough to park as it is!

As you can see from these photos that I’ve taken of Dartmouth and of Kingswear across the other side of the river, the people who live here on the river banks benefit from the most stunning views. It’s easy to take it for granted when you live here and it’s obviously the reason why coastal towns like Dartmouth, Kingswear, Stoke Fleming, Strete, Kingsbridge and Salcombe prove to be such popular holiday destinations.
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Interview : Artist & Designer Simon Hart

Mugs by Simon Hart

A week or two ago, on Twitter, I discovered a number of local designers based right here on my doorstep in Devon and decided to feature them here on the blog. The first, you may remember, was the recently launched Bert & Buoy and I had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented designer behind the brand, Bert Fowler. Well, at the same time, I came across another extremely creative local whose work I instantly fell in love with. Simon Hart was not a new name to me, but I had previously only really been aware of his bright and colourful seascapes focusing on the fishing villages and harbours of Devon and Cornwall. I had not come across his beautiful collage work and illustrations of woodland animals, birds, dogs and cats. So I wanted to find out more about his work and let you guys know about it too.

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Interview : Bert Fowler of Bert & Buoy

BERT&BUOY_Nautical inspired Devon Cushions

As you may or may not know, I’m not actually based in London like many other interiors bloggers. I live right down here on the gorgeous South Devon Coast in a quaint little town called Dartmouth. I’d always planned to live in London though and it wasn’t until my third year at University, which I spent living in Paris, that I realised that city living just isn’t for me. So instead of heading for the bright lights of the Big Smoke after graduation, I packed up all my things and headed straight back down to Devon with a renewed appreciation for everything that the laid back, charming, rural lifestyle that this part of the country has to offer. Don’t get me wrong though, being based in Devon certainly has its drawbacks when it comes to blogging. All the big events and trade shows take place in London so I don’t get to attend that many of them as it’s quite an expensive trip once you’ve budgeted for travel and accommodation. This has always lead to me feeling a little bit isolated and pretty held back when it comes to blogging. I’ve never really felt the buzz and energy that you get from the design scene in London down here in Devon. Although I have to say, I feel like something is changing. I’ve discovered a lot of great design that is coming out of Devon at the moment. I’ve read articles about the fact that London is currently experiencing a creative exodus so maybe that partly explains it. Maybe the creative community is leaving London or not heading there in the first place. Who knows? But what I do know is that it is very exciting to see some fantastic new design talent right here in Devon. Over the next few weeks I will be featuring just a few of the fantastic companies I have discovered recently, right here on my doorstep.  The first is a wonderful new start-up that launched in August at Dartmouth Regatta. Bert & Buoy is a home and lifestyle brand pioneered by British designer and illustrator Bert Fowler. In his words: “It captures the quintessential charm of a life lived and loved on the Devon coast.” I fell in love with the products as soon as I saw them and I’m sure you will too. So let’s find out more about Bert and his lovely new brand. Read More…

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