My Mini Livingroom Makeover

Livingroom before Habitat KOTA 2 Seater Sofa Bed

I am so excited to share today’s post with you guys! Just after Christmas my husband and I decided that it was time to do a mini livingroom makeover. I say mini makeover as it was actually the first room we tackled when we moved in back in 2013 so it didn’t need much doing to it in all honesty. We were pretty happy with it, but I’ve always felt it wasn’t quite finished. We choose to paint the walls in a beautiful shade of dark green (Dulux Moss Blanket) but I was a bit apprehensive about painting all four walls in such a dark colour as it’s quite a small room and I’d only ever lived in magnolia homes before. So we opted to paint two walls green and leave two magnolia. Then in 2015, in celebration of National Wallpaper Week, we teamed up with Graham & Brown* for a decorating project whereby we used their beautiful Honolulu Palm wallpaper by Julien Macdonald* to cover one of the magnolia walls. This left us with one Magnolia wall, as you can see in the before picture above. We also had three massive canvasses hanging on this wall which we had brought with us from our previous, much bigger, home. They were too big for the space and I wanted to replace them with something more fitting. The new year provided us with the perfect excuse to make those little changes to our livingroom that we felt were really rather overdue. Read More…

Dulux Colour of the Year 2017 : Denim Drift

Dulux Colour Futures 17 - Colour of the Year - Denim Drift - Kids Bedroom - Denim Drift, Sash Blue, Cornflower Bunch, Marine Waters

Every year, paint brand Dulux announces its Colour of the Year as part of its Colour Futures trend forecast. This involves a team of global colour and design experts who develop the annual forecast based on emerging trends in interior design, architecture, fashion, and beauty, as well as the social and economic influences that will affect the way that we live in the coming year. The overriding theme of Colour Futures 2017 is inspired by the idea of ‘life in a new light’ and is all about celebrating a new outlook on the simple things that make life special. With this, Dulux has announced that the Colour of the Year 2017 will be Denim Drift.  Read More…

Kids’ Bedroom Inspiration from Dulux

Paint manufacturer Dulux recently launched a kids' bedroom campaign to encourage parents to involve their children in the creative process when decorating their bedrooms. The result of the campaign was six creative designs for a child's bedroom that not only look fantastic but that aren't really even that difficult to create.

It’s never easy to find kids’ bedroom inspiration that is creative yet achievable. However, Dulux recently launched a kids’ bedroom campaign to encourage parents to involve their children in the creative process when decorating their bedrooms. For this campaign, Dulux teamed up with Channel 4’s Secret Life of Five Year olds Dr Sam Wass, who is also a leading Child Psychologist. The result of the campaign was six wonderful designs for a child’s bedroom that not only look fantastic but that aren’t really even that difficult to create. I think these designs are brilliant so I wanted to share them with you. Read More…

Trend : Greenery in Interiors

Honolulu Palm Green Wallpaper by Graham & Brown

You all know by now that I love plants as I’ve previously featured a few product ranges designed to help us bring the outdoors into our homes including the Satsuma plant stands from IKEA and the Typographic Plant Pots from Design Letters & Friends. But you will also be aware that I am pretty bad at keeping plants alive, except for really hardy varieties such as Dracaena and cacti.  Nevertheless, this trend for bringing more greenery inside is one that I have embraced in my own home. When we bought our flat in October 2013, the first room we decorated was the livingroom. I opted to paint the walls in a deep shade of green called Moss Blanket by Dulux. I find green very calming and tranquil and I love how it makes me feel connected to the outdoors without having to spend too much time outside (I’m more of a home bod than an outdoorsy type). This worked really well with our furniture, which we bought from Next. The Hoxton range (which is sadly no longer available) brings the warmth of wood into the room and really compliments the green walls. Then last year we really upped the ante when we decided to create a feature wall using Graham & Brown’s Honolulu Palm Green WallpaperRead More…

Trend : Copper Blush

I first featured the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2015 back in November last year (2014). Copper Blush is the perfect hue for 2015 as the trend for copper has just skyrocketed this year. Not that I’m complaining because I adore copper as it’s such a warm and versatile material. I have just received news from Dulux that the face of Copper Blush has been announced as singer, song-writer and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ starlet Sophie Ellis-Bextor. I thought you might be interested to see some of the beautiful photos revealing Sophie’s first moments of the day as she wakes in a nightgown and comes to life as dawn breaks. Read More…

Trend : Dulux Colour of the Year 2015 – Copper Blush

ColourOfDulux Colour of The Year 2015 Copper Blush

You may remember my earlier post that featured a short video from AkzoNobel’s ColourFutures 2015 all about the colour trends we can expect to see in interiors in 2015. Well, you may or may not know that Dulux is actually the UK consumer paint brand from AkzoNobel and they recently announced their Colour of the Year for 2015. Drum roll please….’Copper Blush’! Described as a versatile, warm copper colour with an orange tone, doesn’t that just sound so divine and totally heart warming? Well, according to Dulux, the colour palette for 2015 will replace the cool blues and greens of recent years and will bring a warmer spectrum of pinks, reds and oranges, reflecting a more positive global outlook. Just what we need right? A good healthy dose of positivity! But forget waiting until 2015. I’m all over copper already and it is one of my biggest trend obsessions to date. Someone tell my husband to hide the bank card!  Read More…

Colour Psychology: Using Teal in Interiors

Dulux colour of the Year 2014 TEAL workspace

This series continues to be the most popular of all the posts here on the blog and I have the wonderful applied colour psychology expert Karen Haller to thank for that. In each installment I interrogate Karen about how we can and should be using various colours in our interior design schemes. As teal was announced earlier this year by Dulux as the Colour of the Year for 2014, I thought it only fitting that this particular colour gets examined here on the blog this time around.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate some expert advice on using this colour in our homes. Luckily we have Karen on hand as our personal colour consultant to guide us through its use. Read More…

Dulux Blogger Challenge: Woodland Nursery Revamp

Stacey Sheppard Nursery After Image 11

Many of you are probably not aware of this as I haven’t really publicised it until very recently but I thought is was about time I shared some great news with you. My husband and I are new parents! Baby Matylda arrived on the 11th December 2013, bang on her due date, which is very unusual for first babies, so I’m told. So we’ve had a lot of big changes happen for us in 2013; we bought our first flat together in October and now we are parents. It’s been a pretty busy few months and that’s why I’ve been blogging a little less than usual. We’ve had decorating to do, although to be honest we don’t really have the money just now to get the flat exactly how we’d like it so this will be on ongoing project for us. We did manage to do the livingroom though and I’m really very happy with that. Perhaps I’ll do a separate post on that in the new year. But for now I wanted to share a very special project with you and one that I am extremely proud of…our woodland nursery.

Read More…

Colour Psychology: Using Indigo in Interiors

Dulux Colour of the Year 2013 indigo Night

Welcome to the latest installment of Karen’s Quarterly Colour Psychology Questions in which I quiz applied colour psychology expert Karen Haller to get her take on the use of various colours in our interior design schemes. In this post we are taking a closer look at Dulux’s colour of the Year for 2013 which was the gutsy, strong and daring shade of Indigo Night. Blue has been a key fashion colour recently and has slowly filtered through into our interiors. However, indigo is not an easy hue to use and I had plenty of questions I wanted to run past Karen regarding this bold colour choice.

Read More…

Ombre Paint Effect Tutorial from Dulux

Dulux Ombre Paint Effect using SapphireSprings4 and BermudaCocktail2 Image courtesy of Dulux

I don’t know about you, but every year as Spring approaches I have this overwhelming urge not only to do a massive spring clean at home but also to change things up a bit and give my home a refresh or a new look. This year the urge is particularly strong and I’m already looking into paint colours that I can use to paint over all the magnolia walls in our home. At the moment I am totally sold on Lime Squeeze from the Dulux Home Factories range.

Anyway, just in case any of you are currently considering giving your home a much-needed lick of paint I thought you might be interested to learn a bit more about the ombre paint technique. I first learnt about it a couple of weeks ago at Meet the Blogger in London where I attended a workshop run by Dulux. There, Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux, gave us a crash course in how to achieve the ombre paint effect, also known as flocking. Read More…

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