Disguise Your TV with the Samsung Frame

Disguise your TV with a Samsung Frame TV

Have you ever wished that you could disguise that ugly black box in the corner of your livingroom? You know the one I mean. That massive TV that takes up valuable space in your room and looks like a right eyesore. You’ve noticed how no photographs of home interiors in magazines ever feature a TV, right? Well that’s because the stylists always remove them because they look bloody awful and their mere presence is incompatible with the aspirational lifestyle that the magazine is trying to sell you.

For years, I have pondered how I can disguise my TV. Ideally I’d like to get rid of it altogether but then I wouldn’t be able to put CBeebies on when I need a moment of peace, so that’s not happening. I’ve considered putting it in a cabinet, but I’ve never found a cabinet I like. I’ve considered mounting it on the wall, but I fear that will draw even more attention to it. I’ve even considered getting one of those mirror TVs, but they look pretty hideous and are really expensive. I couldn’t find a satisfactory solution so I basically gave up and accepted the fact that the TV dominates the livingroom. But I have great news! Thanks to Samsung there is now a fantastic solution that absolutely ticks all the boxes and will allow you to disguise your TV with ease and class. Read More…

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