Sebastian Mann

Mannmade London : New Furniture Brand from Sebastian Mann

[MannMade London] Battersea Collection, all products, from £155

Today guys I wanted to share this wonderful new collection with you that I discovered last week. It is produced by Mannmade London, which is a new contemporary furniture brand from architect and designer Sebastian Mann. Sebastian is the CEO of renowned London interior design agency Minale + Mann and it was his love of architecture and good, timeless design led him to create MannMade London. The new furniture brand aims to produce architecturally-inspired furniture that doesn’t follow a particular fad or fashion. This first collection is called Battersea and is inspired by the architecture that is local to MannMade London’s studio, where all of their furniture is designed and handmade to order. There is a strong emphasis on simple geometric-inspired shapes, clean lines, texture and finishes, all of which come from a uniquely architectural standpoint. Read More…

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