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The Kiss Rug by Sonya Winner

The kiss Orange Rug Sonya Winner cut out HR

Happy Valentine’s everyone! Do you celebrate Valentine’s day? My husband and I tend not to only because it seems silly to celebrate your love for one another on one particular day. Love should be something you celebrate all year round don’t you think? Anyway, to give today’s post a romantic feel, I wanted to share the beautiful Kiss rug and matching cushions by Sonya Winner. Featuring a couple kissing, these vibrant abstract designs are perfect for spreading the love this Valentine’s day. Read More…

Vibrant Contemporary Rugs from Sonya Winner

Sonya Winner Vortex Rug in situ

I honestly have no idea why it has taken me so long to feature Sonya Winner‘s vibrant contemporary rugs on the blog. I first discovered them a few years back and I have been a huge fan ever since. Sonya’s highly original rugs are completely unique and I am yet to spot anything remotely similar. It is her rare talent for colour blending that makes her pieces such stand-out items for interiors. They are often the focal point in a given room and it’s easy to see why. Her design process involves layering colours and textures by hand, and in fact all processes involved in manufacturing the carpet are done manually.

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