Trend : Bright & Bold Velvet Sofas

Green chesterfield velvet sofas by Darlings of Chelsea

Today, I’m talking a little bit about predicting trends. Interior trends, like the trends we see in fashion, come and go. They are cyclical in nature but they are not always easy to predict. Now I think I’m pretty good at predicting upcoming trends. Some trends, known as macro trends, really explode onto the scene in a big way and create large-scale, sustained shifts in consumer interest. Other trends, known as micro trends, remain quite small and tend to change the behaviour in the short-term. Then, of course, there are fads which come fast but tend to fade away quickly too. When you are immersed in an industry as much as I am, it tends to be quite easy to spot patterns arising.

Suddenly you see lots of plants featuring in interior shoots, then you see lots of botanical artwork popping up, then fabric, then wallcoverings, then you spot ceramics that are covered in cactus prints or shaped like cacti, then candles appear that look like succulents and then before you know it you’re in the middle of a full blown botanical trend that is absolutely everywhere and hard to avoid. Trends take quite a while to go mainstream though. They often start at a really high-end level and then slowly filter down to the highstreet and this can take months or even years. So if you’re in the know, trends are easy to spot. But sometimes, they can appear out of nowhere and totally take you by surprise. And that is exactly what happened to me with velvet!

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Trend : Nautical Interiors

Nautical interiors is definitely not a new trend, but it is a timeless trend. You will always find people decorating their homes with a nautical theme and it really doesn’t date. Living right on the coast here in Devon, I am surrounded by seaside themed…well …everything really. So it is no surprise that as summer approaches and outdoor living becomes more of a possibility, I always get drawn to nautical interiors. There is just something so classy about them, don’t you think? Is it the blue and white colour scheme maybe? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that nautical interiors never go out of favour with me. So today I’ve picked out a selection of products that can be used to create a classical nautical inspired room.

Nautical Interiors trend inspiration

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Trend : Greenery in Interiors

Honolulu Palm Green Wallpaper by Graham & Brown

You all know by now that I love plants as I’ve previously featured a few product ranges designed to help us bring the outdoors into our homes including the Satsuma plant stands from IKEA and the Typographic Plant Pots from Design Letters & Friends. But you will also be aware that I am pretty bad at keeping plants alive, except for really hardy varieties such as Dracaena and cacti.  Nevertheless, this trend for bringing more greenery inside is one that I have embraced in my own home. When we bought our flat in October 2013, the first room we decorated was the livingroom. I opted to paint the walls in a deep shade of green called Moss Blanket by Dulux. I find green very calming and tranquil and I love how it makes me feel connected to the outdoors without having to spend too much time outside (I’m more of a home bod than an outdoorsy type). This worked really well with our furniture, which we bought from Next. The Hoxton range (which is sadly no longer available) brings the warmth of wood into the room and really compliments the green walls. Then last year we really upped the ante when we decided to create a feature wall using Graham & Brown’s Honolulu Palm Green WallpaperRead More…

Pinspiration : Concrete Trend in Interiors

Concrete wallpaper 05 by Piet boon for NLXL

I first noticed the concrete trend in interiors way back in November 2011 when I wrote about it over on Freshome. Since that time, concrete has increasingly been used by designers as a material for creating furniture, interior accessories and lighting for our homes. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about such an industrial material being used for residential spaces back then but as it has become more mainstream I have really grown to like the idea. The hard-wearing, utilitarian properties of concrete make it a great choice for creating a distinctly urban feel in our homes. As long as you use concrete strategically and don’t go overboard I think it can really add something quite special to your interior. What do you guys think? Not convinced? Why don’t you check out my Concrete Trend Pinterest board to see what I’ve been pinning. Read More…

Giveaway : Copper Plated Wall Lamp

copper exposed bulb wall light lifestyle

I’m pretty sure you have all noticed already but one of the biggest interior trends for Autumn/Winter 2014 is copper. I love this trend and copper is definitely my favourite metallic finish of all as it adds a real sense of warmth and elegance to interiors. I’ve been pinning all my favourite copper finds on my Metallics Trend Pinterest board and seeing all those beautiful copper products in one inspiring place just makes me fall in love with this look even more. I’ve decided that my mission for this winter is to incorporate some copper into my own home. I’m pretty sure that it would look just divine in my new indigo bedroom and I’m so excited to start hunting down the perfect products. I’m thinking that copper lighting would make a real statement and then maybe various smaller copper accessories to keep it within budget.  Read More…

Creating Gorgeous Grey Interiors

Grey Interior ProductsThe most popular blog post of all time to have featured here on The Design Sheppard is an interview I did with colour expert and consultant Karen Haller on the use of the colour grey in interiors. The article is part of our regular colour psychology series and it is consistently the most read post on the site and has generated the most comments from readers. Grey has been a popular colour in interiors for a few years now and shows no sign of fading into the background any time soon. Given the fact that the post has been so popular I thought that you guys might appreciate a follow-up post on the use of grey in the home. So here I have curated some of my favourite grey products that can be used to add that sense of sophistication and elegance that grey is known for.

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Odyssey: AW13 Home Trend from John Lewis

Odyssey AW13 Home Trend from John Lewis

This bank holiday weekend I stumbled upon the new AW13 Home Trend from John Lewis and I have to say I’m really rather taken with it. Odyssey takes its cue from complex structures that can be found in nature and I really love all the geometric influences that can be seen in this collection. I’m also a big fan of the soft colour palette that infuses this range and I can seeing it working well in most rooms of the home. I’ll be adding quite a few of these items to my wish list. How about you?

Interiors Trend: Secret Garden

Interiors Trend Secret Garden Birds Bees & Butterflies

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Last November, I was contacted by and asked to be one of their High Street Hunters. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Basically, that means that each season I choose an interiors trend that I think will be big this season and then I scour the highstreet to find some great products that fit that trend and that are available for under £80. This was an interesting proposal for me as most of things I feature here on my blog are more high-end so it was quite an eye opener to try to find things that the average family could buy in order to give their home an affordable makeover. Last season, I chose the Woodland Trend, which was perfect for creating a cosy Winter interior.

For Spring, I found it quite hard to pick just one trend but in the end I settled on this one, which I am calling Secret Garden. This year we will see an increasing number of products on the market that incorporate prints and patterns that are inspired by nature: it is time to bring the outdoors in! Think birds, bees, butterflies and big floral blooms. This trend is perfect for spring and summer and there are so many home accessories available on the highstreet that can be brought into the home to achieve this look.

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Interview: Laura Lane of Uniche Interior Furnishings

Vintage Industrial Table By Uniche Interior Furnishings

At the moment I am absolutely, completely and utterly smitten with the vintage, industrial trend that we are seeing in interiors right now. There is something very reassuring and timeless about this aesthetic, perhaps it’s because many of the products look and feel like they have already been around for a long time, even if they are brand new. Worn wood and raw metal are a beautiful material combination and you can almost feel the history etched into every surface telling the story of what each object was previously used for. I seem to spend a great deal of my time at the moment gazing longingly at the beautiful pieces that are around at the moment begging to come and join me in my home and for me to love them and give them a new sense of purpose.

A few weeks ago I discovered Uniche Interior Furnishing which was launched this spring by partners Laura Lane and Mark Bentham.  Much of the carefully chosen furniture is handmade using reclaimed and recycled materials and it has a very vintage industrial feel to it. It would also look amazing in a Nordic or Scandinavian-inspired home, which is also a look I love. I wanted to find out more about Uniche so I caught up with Laura to quiz her about her new venture.

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Colour Psychology: Using Magnolia in Interiors

Magnolia paint

I’m happy to say it’s that time again! October presents us with our quarterly opportunity to interrogate colour expert and consultant Karen Haller about the psychology behind the use of colour in interior design. Karen has already given us an insight into yellow and grey in the two previous posts that have been part of the Karen’s Quarterly Colour Psychology Questions series. And in this post we will explore the use of magnolia in interiors.

The colour psychology posts have proven to be very popular and both Karen and I have really enjoyed getting your thoughts and feedback on the colours we have featured so far. So please don’t be shy, any comments or questions you may have are very welcome and we try to respond to each and every one of you.

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