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Terrazzo Wall Murals

Blue Marble Terrazzo Wall Murals from Murals Wallpaper

If you’ve been doing any research into the interior trends you can expect to see in 2017 you might have come across quite a few predictions that Terrazzo is going to make a big impact on the scene this year. Over the past few months, I’ve read plenty of blogs and articles all stating the same thing. The trade shows and design shows seem to confirm this and new products are popping up all the time. The latest to come onto my radar is this colourful collection of Terrazzo wall murals from Murals Wallpaper. Read More…

Hua Trees Collection by Sian Zeng

Sian Zeng Hua Trees Collection of wall murals and fabric wall stickers

The beautiful collection that I’m sharing with you today is by the very talented Sian Zeng. I absolutely adore her work and I’ve featured her a couple of times here already. (You can read about her seasons collection here and her magnetic wallpaper here). Her work is so intricate and detailed and her latest products are just stunning. The Hua Trees Collection reflects Sian’s European and Chinese cultural heritage. It features full-scale mural wallpapers and fabric stickers that can adhere to walls to create an instant focal point. It’s really more like a work of art than a simple wallcovering. Each piece is hand painted at 100% scale using Chinese inks and then scanned to preserve every little detail. The stickers have a beautiful matte finish, are tear-resistant and scratch-resistant and are easy to reposition and remove. They are so feminine and so pretty. Let’s see what you think! Read More…

Giveaway : Win £500 worth of Wallpaper from Mr Perswall

Cast Concrete Wallpaper by Mr Perswall

Today my lovlies I have a fantastic giveaway for you as I have teamed up with the Swedish wallpaper manufacturer Mr Perswall who has kindly offered to give one lucky Design Sheppard reader £500 worth of wallpaper. How fantastic! And what a wonderful way to start 2015 that would be. Although it would be a very hard decision to make as the Mr Perswall collection is rather extensive and features some really standout papers. Whether you are looking for wallpaper that features photographs of Paris (one of my favourite cities), action shots of extreme sports, fashion-inspired imagery or wallpaper that imitates the texture and appearance of other materials, Mr Perswall has it all. My personal favourites are the Captured Reality and Daily Details collections as both of these explore the beauty that can be found in the most mundane of details. I am particularly fond of the papers that depict some of my favourite materials such as concrete and marble. Thanks to the latest photographic technology these papers can be printed in extraordinarily high resolution meaning that even from a short distance it is almost impossible to tell that this is in fact wallpaper and not a wall of tin tiles for example. However, if none of these float your boat you always have the option of creating your own personal wall mural by uploading your own digital image. If I had even the slightest bit of talent when it comes to graphic design, I would have without doubt designed my own wallpaper by now. Read More…

Rebel Walls Wallpaper & Murals

Rebelwalls wallpaper

It’s been a while since I posted about wallpaper but I’ve been rather distracted by all the new AW14 Home collections that have been coming out recently. Then as I was browsing my rather hefty drafts folder I remembered this great company that I had bookmarked for a post. Rebel Walls is a Swedish wallpaper company with its own design studio and production headquarters in Borås. It offers a wide range of designer wallpaper but also offers the opportunity for customers to create their own patterns tailored to their requirements, both in terms of dimensions and design. Irene and Christofer Gimmersta, the founders behind Rebel Walls, are no beginners in terms of wallpaper. Part of the Gimmersta group, they have extensive experience in the wallpaper industry and are behind a number of wallpaper brands available in the market today. Their vision for Rebel Walls, which launched in Spring 2013, was to revolutionise the wallpaper industry by taking a step away from the idea of traditional collections linked to long-running collection books. I think it is safe to say that they have achieved their goal!
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Support Team GB in the 2012 Olympics with Wallpapered.com

The Olympics by Sian Elin on Wallpapered

The Olympics by Sian Elin on Wallpapered

As Olympic fever grips the nation and everyone around the country excitedly cheers on Team GB, I thought it would only be apt to dedicate Wallpaper Wednesday to our talented guys and gals representing our great nation at the London 2012 Olympic Games. I didn’t have to look far either as just as the thought entered my head I received an email introducing me to Wallpapered, a London-based company that has been created to provide a new and exciting medium through which talented up-and-coming designers are able to display and monetize their wallpaper mural designs.

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