How to Decorate Like a Millionaire

How to decorate like a Millionaire. Luxury detailed living room by Covet House

Luxury detailed living room by Covet House

Do you ever dream of winning the lottery so you could decorate like a Millionaire? I do. Often. I have always had champagne taste and a beer budget. When I’m looking for something new for my home and scrolling through pages of products, you can guarantee I’ll automatically be drawn to the most expensive one, every single time. Sadly though my budget disagrees. So when Lottoland asked if I could write a post sharing my tips for decorating like a Millioniare, I knew I could because this is my own personal dilemma.

If you find yourself in the same predicament, there are some simple things you can do to decorate like a Millionaire, but without the hugely inflated price tag. Let’s take a look.

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