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  • Colour Psychology: Using Teal in Interiors

    This series continues to be the most popular of all the posts here on the blog and I have the wonderful applied colour psychology expert Karen Haller to thank for that. In each installment I interrogate Karen about how we can and should be using various colours in our interior design schemes. As teal was announced earlier this

  • Colour Psychology: Using Indigo in Interiors

    Welcome to the latest installment of Karen’s Quarterly Colour Psychology Questions in which I quiz applied colour psychology expert Karen Haller to get her take on the use of various colours in our interior design schemes. In this post we are taking a closer look at Dulux’s colour of the Year for 2013 which was the

  • Colour Psychology: Using Green in Interiors

    Contemporary Living Room design by Las Vegas Photographer Larry Hanna Well, it’s that time again! Time to welcome back the fabulous applied colour psychology expert that is Karen Haller. Karen and I started our Colour Psychology column exactly two years ago to the day and I am happy to report that the posts are still as popular as

  • Colour Psychology: Using Orange in Interiors

    Now firstly I must apologize that it has been far too long since my last colour psychology post. When I originally launched this series of posts I intended to run them quarterly hence the series being called Karen’s Quarterly Colour Psychology Questions. However, as many of you know, I got married in April so my attention was somewhat

  • Colour Psychology: Using Magnolia in Interiors

    I’m happy to say it’s that time again! October presents us with our quarterly opportunity to interrogate colour expert and consultant Karen Haller about the psychology behind the use of colour in interior design. Karen has already given us an insight into yellow and grey in the two previous posts that have been part of the Karen’s Quarterly Colour Psychology Questions series. And