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  • Review : Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner

    A couple of months ago, we got a professional company in to clean the carpets at work. Both my bosses regularly bring their dogs in to work and with moderate foot fall through the building, the carpets were starting to look really rather filthy. It didn’t help that the carpets were fairly poor quality to

  • The Kiss Rug by Sonya Winner

    Happy Valentine’s everyone! Do you celebrate Valentine’s day? My husband and I tend not to only because it seems silly to celebrate your love for one another on one particular day. Love should be something you celebrate all year round don’t you think? Anyway, to give today’s post a romantic feel, I wanted to share

  • Sukhi Rugs Handmade by Skilled Artisans

    I really love it when a company has a great story behind it, especially if that story entails empowering people and helping them to earn a living and care for their family. And that is exactly what Sukhi is all about. Working together with skilled artisans in India, Turkey, Nepal and Morocco, Sukhi produces beautiful handmade

  • Alice in Wonderland Rugs from Rug Maker

    Today I wanted to share with you the latest collection of rugs from Rug Maker. I have previously featured the Stamp Rug Collection by Rug Maker, so I’m already of fan of their products. This new collection has been created to celebrate 150 years since the first publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I

  • The Red Thread Carpet & Rug Collection

    Staffan Tollgard is one of my favourite interior designers because I really admire his philosophy and his approach to design. If you are unfamiliar with Staffan and his work you can read my interview with him here. His design philosophy is encapsulated in the Scandinavian notion of the röda tråden or red thread, which he says

  • Chaos Theory Rugs by Jaipur

    When I first started my blog way back in 2009 I saw it as kind of an online diary where I could keep track of all the great products and designers I came across and didn’t want to forget. It was a great deal of hard work and research back then to discover all the

  • Tattoo-Inspired Rugs from Floor Story

    When it comes to rugs I love nothing more than really bold, dramatic designs that make a statement. I have previously featured some fantastically bright and graphic rugs from Sonya Winner and also some amazingly arty and abstract rugs by Calle Henzel, which are two of my favourite rug collections. Today I am adding a new