Affordable Fine Art Prints from Lumitrix

Kate Ballis - Pastel Signs art print from Lumitrix

Art is such a personal thing. I’ve documented my struggles with choosing artwork quite a few times here and it is something I think I am finally getting to grips with. It seems the more artwork I buy and put up, the easier it gets. I am no longer paralysed by indecision. Previously, I only ever choose typographic artwork (words feel safe to me) but I am now broadening my horizons and starting to really appreciate different forms of artwork. Photography was always something I tended to shy away from, but I am starting to discover photography that really inspires me. I was recently introduced to a site called Lumitrix, which sells affordable fine art prints and as soon as I spotted it was all photography I admit I sighed a little. But when I had a proper explore I was really surprised to find dozens of pieces that I would happily hang up at home (if I had enough wall space).

Louisa Seton - Cuba Licenceplate Fine Art print from Lumitrix

Lumitrix was founded in 2013 by Cara Connell, a freelance photographer, who was struck by how hard it is to break into the fine art photography market. In an attempt to create a new platform for talented photographers to sell their work at prices that are accessible for the majority of people, she set up Lumitrix and now represents new and established photographers from around the world.

The company started out selling its A1 Lumiprints in order to give customers an affordable entry point into the Fine Art photography market. But it has since launched a Fine Art Print range (A3 – A0) to offer a more exclusive format to people who are really passionate about photography.

Whilst browsing I have found some really inspirational photographers whose work I have fallen in love with. In particular I love the work of Sinziana Velicescu, a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. I was also attracted to the images by Kate Ballis, a Melbourne-based portrait, lifestyle, travel and fine-art photographer as well as the work of Louisa Seton, a Sydney-based photographer who specialises in lifestyle, portraits, lifestyle documentary photography, editorial, and travel documentary.

Here you can see my favourite artwork from Lumitrix.

Tommy Clarke - Boats art print from Lumitrix

Matilda Temperley - African boy art print from Lumitrix

Sinziana Velicescu - Highland Park Los Angeles art print from Lumitrix

Louisa Seton - Cuba Green Car art print from Lumitrix

Kate Ballis - Las Vegas Palms art print from Lumitrix

Louisa Seton - Blue Telephone Box art print from Lumitrix

Oliver Perrott - Willow Springs Raceway II art print from Lumitrix

Kate Ballis - Vintage Trailer art print fropm Lumitrix

Tommy Clarke - Salt 1 art print from Lumitrix

Steve Back - Hutt 2 art print from Lumitrix

Louisa Seton - Bondi icebergs art print from Lumitrix

Helene Sandberg -Burning-Man art print from Lumitrix

Laura Austin - Nergia Day art print from Lumitrix

Oliver Perrott - Willow Springs Raceway art print from Lumitrix

What do you guys think? Do any of these take your fancy? If so where would you hang them?

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