Impressionist Art for a Modern Home

Impressionist Artwork for a modern home by John Donaldson - La Vanneau

Artwork is a funny old thing, isn’t it? It’s such a personal matter. What one person loves may be something that another doesn’t even consider to be art. I remember my parents visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao and telling me all about it on there return. My dad said it was definitely not their kind of art, after all anyone could paint a giant black square with a small white square inside. I personally love that kind of abstract art, the more simple, minimal and geometric the better as far as I’m concerned.

One kind of art that I’ve never really considered to be my style though is Impressionist artwork. To me this has always been the kind of artwork that you’d find in big old stately houses. You know, the ones that are full of antiques and old books. I’ve never really considered impressionist art for a modern home. That is until I came across these images. They belong to a work colleague of mine, Lou, who also has a small business selling the artwork of her father, John Donaldson. John is a very well known local artist who sells his work internationally. Although his artwork is absolutely stunning, I just never considered that it could work in a home with a more modern style. I’ve always imagined impressionist art to be huge oil paintings that sit inside ornate dark wood frames mounted in a huge great hall of some kind.

Impressionist Art for a modern home by John Donaldson - Beekeeper

It was just a chance conversation that led to Lou showing me these images that she uses to market her father’s artwork. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes and I have to admit I found it quite surprising just how good this impressionist artwork could look in a contemporary interior. It actually made me feel quite silly and naive. Why wouldn’t impressionist artwork look good in a modern space? In fact it looks fantastic.

Admittedly these are prints and I think that it really helps that they are in simple modern frames with a mount. This helps them to look a lot less fussy. It’s amazing what seeing things in situ can do. I would never have considered this type of artwork for my own home had I not seen these beautiful images. They look amazing don’t they? If you like them as much as I do, don’t forget to visit John’s site to check out all his fantastic pieces, which include both prints and paintings. They make me want to head off on holiday to the Dordogne or to the Côte d’Azur. Who wants to join me?

Impressionist Art for a modern home by John Donaldson - Alet-Les-Bains

How do you feel about choosing Impressionist art for a modern home? And what do you think of John’s work in particular?

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