100% Waterproof Wood Composite Sanitaryware

Woodio Wood Composite Sanitaryware. A freestanding bathtub made from woodchips with a towel draped over

Oh my giddy aunt, would you take a look at this?! There aren’t many things that absolutely take my breath away, but this range of 100% waterproof wood composite sanitaryware from Finnish design brand Woodio has certainly done just that.

I came across Woodio a few weeks after I had submitted my Circular Economy article, otherwise, I would have definitely included them. But as soon as I spotted them, I knew I’d have to share their gorgeous products here with you.

Woodio was founded by Petro Lahtinen (pictured left) whose mission it was to change the traditional bathroom material norms into something more ecological and inspiring. The unique material innovation that resulted is the world’s first 100% waterproof wood composite.  

It was inspired by an idea that was conceived to make wooden bathroom tiles and it ended up with the creation of a whole new material which was recognized in April 2019, when Woodio won the Design Plus powered by ISH award organized by the German Design Council.


Woodio Wood Composite Sanitaryware. A small round bathroom basin made from wood chips sits atop a wooden table made from bamboo poles.

Made from real wood chips from locally sourced aspen and resin-based adhesives, Woodio products are designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly following the Finnish heritage of doing more with what we already have. The wood composite sanitaryware has a lower carbon footprint, throughout the whole product lifecycle, than traditional ceramic products and all Woodio products can be burned to create energy at the end of their lifecycle. 

The innovative material, that is composed of 80% solid wood, is far more impact-resistant than ceramic materials, making it practically unbreakable through normal use. They are designed to last just as long as ceramic sanitaryware, if not longer.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just a little bit in love with the Woodio’s wood composite sanitaryware range. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Woodio Wood Composite Sanitaryware. A small square bathroom basin sits atop a vanity unit with a light wood top.

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