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Crosswater Digital Wireless Shower Control

One of the most pressing renovation projects for our home is definitely our bathroom. It’s tiny so there isn’t much scope for change sadly but we’re hoping to get new tiles, a new shower and new taps at least. I have spent months and months dreaming of new bathrooms but we can’t quite afford to get anything done just yet. However, that doesn’t stop me obsessing about what my dream bathroom would be like could we afford it. One of the things that caught my eye a few months ago was this new digital showering range from Crosswater. I’m not really a big technology fan and often find it all a bit overwhelming but I’d definitely be up for giving this a go to see what it’s all about. My husband is a real tech geek too so I’m sure this would be right up his street (although I haven’t bothered to tell him about it as we couldn’t actually afford it).

Crosswater digital showering solo

For this new range, Crosswater has used groundbreaking bathroom technologies to deliver really impressive smart bathroom solutions that help to create a real sense of luxury and wellbeing in the bathroom. You can imagine these kind of devices being available in the very best hotel bathrooms, you know the ones that make you feel like you have walked into your own personal spa! The digital system allows you to operate your bath and shower in three different ways: at the touch of a button, wirelessly via the web-based app or by remote control from any location in the home on a wireless network. I mean talk about options, right? Furthermore, the advanced water control system enables you to personalise your bathing experience by conveniently controlling the bath and shower’s water temperature, flow and tub depths. It has individual memory settings for up to three individuals so that family members can store their favourite settings and benefit from an experience that is personalised for them.

Crosswater Digital Showering Visual Temperature Control

The system includes colour changing lights that visually indicate the temperature and they flash until the user’s desired water temperature has been reached, making stepping under a luke warm shower a thing of the past. What I really love about this system though is the fact that you never have to wait around for the bath to fill up as it uses your preset depth and temperature requirement and simply stops when this has been reached. That could save you valuable minutes every time you take a bath! And if that wasn’t tempting enough there is also a self-cleaning function that automatically disinfects the system for easy maintenance and peace of mind.

Crosswater Digital Showering Solo Range

The range comes in three separate options. The Solo range features a beautiful chrome control pad that has an intuitive design. You simply press the button to start the water flow and it will illuminate to indicate the water temperature. Then turn the knob to change the water temperature, what could be easier.

Crosswater Digital Showering Duo range

The Duo range takes the luxury up a notch by providing a two-way outlet that enables you to effortlessly switch between using your shower handset or bath filler. It also has a built in memory that can store the individual settings for up to three people. The fixed wired remote control is designed to be positioned wherever is most convenient, making it a great option for en suites. There’s also a handy web-based app for your smartphone or tablet so you can ensure the shower is warm before you step in.


Crosswater Digital Showering Elite Controls

My favourite of the three options though is the Elite range. Apart from the super stylish design that features a high quality brass control and glass fascia in black or white, the Elite controller also features a smart LED screen. It gives you total digital control via an app that is operated via a website link and enables you to control the shower warming up function or bath filling option to your preferred settings. It allows you to control the water flow and also lets you open and close the pop up waste remotely.

Crosswater Digital Showering Elite Range

Unfortunately, this is way out of my price range so I’ll have to add it onto my Home Gadget Lust List. I guess I better start playing the lottery!


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