Superfront Bathroom Furniture

Superfront Bathroom

I’ve been thinking about renovating my own bathroom since we moved in two years ago. I frequently see wonderful furniture and sanitaryware that makes my lust list but my teeny weeny bathroom simply can’t accommodate. But I have to say I think the new Superfront bathroom furniture is so far my all time favourite. For those of you who are not familiar with Superfront, it is a Swedish company that designs and manufactures fronts, sides and tops that fit Ikea’s most common cabinets. It makes doors for Pax wardrobes, kitchen doors and drawer fronts for Metod and Faktum kitchens, and doors for Bestå sideboards and cabinets. The fronts come with or without patterns in a number of carefully chosen colours. Superfront also supplies accessories such as handles and legs made from materials such as brass, copper, marble, birch and leather which give the finished items a really classy, not to mention expensive look. 

Superfront Bathroom

Not only does the new bathroom range look absolutely stunning but it is also a really clever concept. The vanity units have sides, tops and fronts that can be mounted onto Ikea’s Metod kitchen unit. The units are available in widths 40, 60, 80 and 120cm and all have a selection of stone tops to choose from. The legs come in heights 17cm and 37cm, depending on the style you are looking for or how much shelf space you need. One of my favourite elements though has to be the brass and copper basins, which Superfront has designed to accompany the range in order to offer a complete solution for customers. Also included in the range is a white enamel washbasin from Alape and several taps from Tapwell in brass, copper and chrome.

Superfront Bathroom

We hope that everybody who is looking for a bathroom with a more exclusive touch will find it among our range. The combinations are virtually endless, with both smooth and patterned fronts in a variety of colours. Also, at a fixed price, our customers are able to pick their own colour from the NCS chart. Add to this our handles and legs in a wide selection of colours and materials and you have a unique piece of furniture.

Mick Born, Superfront Co-Founder


The copper and navy bathroom in the top image is my idea of bathroom heaven. What do you guys think?

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