Bedroom Design Ideas: How to Create a Bedroom You Love

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Bedroom featuring earthy neutral colours, wooden furniture and lots of natural materials and textures

If you want to create a bedroom that you truly love, I’ve got some bedroom design ideas that should make this easier for you. Bedrooms are so often overlooked because they are private spaces and the majority of time we spend in them is when we sleep. We put so much more time and effort into crafting lovely social spaces like living rooms and kitchens where we might entertain guests. But in reality we spend huge amounts of time in the bedroom.

According to Dreams, the average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life which equates to roughly one third of our entire lives in bed! That doesn’t include the seven years we spend on top of that trying to get to sleep. So, that’s a whopping total of 33 years. Given that we spend that much time in the bedroom, don’t you agree that we really should be doing more to make sure we design a space that we love spending time in?

6 Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Home

1. Bring in Natural Materials

Bedroom featuring earthy neutral colours, wooden furniture and lots of natural materials and textures

Cosy Home Bedroom AW24 from Nkuku

The first of my bedroom design ideas is to use natural materials where possible. One of the principles of biophilic design is creating a material connection with nature. We can do this by using biophilic design materials, which are minimally processed natural materials and elements from nature that reflect the local ecology or geology to create a distinct sense of place.

By establishing a material connection with nature, we can create a home that feels richer, warmer and more authentic. We can also create a more sensory experience that draws not only on the visual connection to nature but one that is stimulating to our sense of touch.

Consider solid wood bedroom furniture for your bedroom. Furniture that has been carefully crafted from a piece of wood not only looks and feels great but it will age gracefully too. Wood also offers multiple physiological and psychological benefits such as lowered blood pressure and heart rate, increased activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, the perception of warmth and a visual preference for the space. This is because wood is perceived to be connected to living things.

2. Choose Restful Colours

Green bedroom featuring earthy neutral colours, French-style furniture and lots of natural materials and textures

Love Story Collection from French Bedroom Company (affiliate link)

(Colour is another aspect where the impact is often underestimated. Colours play a huge role in how we feel and have enormous impact on our mental wellbeing. That’s why the next of my bedroom design ideas relates to colour.

It is not as simple as choosing a colour that you like, maybe because you’ve seen it in a magazine or on television or because you’ve seen your favourite celebrity or influencer use it on Instagram. And definitely don’t use it just because it’s Colour of the Year.

Instead, think about it from a psychological point of view. Consider the feelings and behaviour you want to see in that room, and choose colours that will support those feelings and that behaviour. In a bedroom, I’m guessing most of us want to feel calm, serene and relaxed so that we can easily nod off to sleep. So we should find colours that make us feel that way. These tend to be greens and blues. But again, make sure you find the right shade and tone of blue as you don’t want to choose anything too energising.

That goes for other colours too in the bedroom. Any colours that are energising and that will raise your heart rate or overstimulate your nervous system or ones that will leave you feeling drained and exhausted the next day. So colours to avoid include red, bright pink, orange, yellow, grey and black.

Another thing to take into account is the direction that the room faces and the amount and quality of natural light in the bedroom. This will have an impact on the how the colours you choose show up so make sure you find colours with the correct undertones that give the feeling you are looking for.

So it really isn’t as straight forward as you might have thought.

3. Invest in Quality Bedding

Bedroom featuring earthy neutral colours, wooden furniture and lots of natural materials and textures

Natural 100% Linen Bed Linen from The Secret Linen Store (affiliate link)

Given that we’re spending on average 33 years in bed, it’s definitely wise that we invest in the best quality bedding that we can afford. Think about why you love staying in a hotel room so much. I bet it’s down to that luxurious feeling you get from sleeping in high quality bedding.

So the next of my bedroom design ideas is to invest in high-quality linen or Egyptian cotton sheets for your bedroom. Again choosing natural materials is a very good choice as they help you regulate your body temperature and are much more breathable. They also feel nice on your body.

4. Layer the Lighting

Blue bedroom featuring a metal bed and side table and bedding in natural materials. Tow lights hang down from ceiling above side table

May Pendants from Original BTC

Lighting is next on the list of my bedroom design ideas. You’d think that you wouldn’t need to worry too much about lighting given that we are mostly asleep in this room, but you’d be wrong. We also need to plan for those seven years we spend trying to get to sleep and for those times we spend in the bedroom during daylight hours doing exciting chores like putting away the laundry.

So we need to layer the lighting in the bedroom. That ceiling light should be used ever so sparingly. It’s not relaxing and will not get you into that subdued mood you need for sleep. So we want to avoid harsh overhead lights that feel as if you’re being interrogated in your own home. Instead, opt for layered lighting with lamps on bedside tables, or wall scones next to the bed. These can be used to create a much softer atmosphere and can also act as task lights for reading in bed.

5. Minimise Clutter

Neutral boho bedroom with cube shelving units at the end of the bed beautifully styled with books and accessories

GoodHome Mixxit Natural oak effect 9 shelf Cube Shelving unit from B&Q

This particular one of my bedroom design ideas is less related to design and more related to general tidiness. I can tell you now, that it is impossible to switch off and feel calm, serene and ready to sleep when your bedroom is a mess and full of clutter. This will be a constant reminder of all the things you need to do and will in no way promote a restful night’s sleep. So make sure everything is tidy and neatly stored away where it lives.

On the flip side, make sure you don’t add too many accessories in the bedroom. Choose a few classic pieces like a simple vase, a frame with an art print that resonates with you, or a mirror with a tasteful wooden frame. These elements should feel curated and personal without cluttering your space and making it harder to clean.

If you need to have lots of accessories and trinkets, at least get some nice shelving so everything has its place and it looks intentional and purposeful.

6. Add Texture

French style bed and two bedside tables. A wooden chair and plant on wither side of bed. Bedding made of natural materials. Two rugs on parquet flooring

Chateauneuf Rattan Bed from French Bedroom Company (affiliate link)

I love the ability of texture to bring our homes to life. Touch is my strongest sense so I love surrounding myself with different textures. Try incorporating textured walls, a chunky knit throw, a soft rug, some highly textured cushion covers, a privacy screen or a nice lampshade made from natural materials. Textures make a space inviting and comfortable so make sure you bring plenty of variation into your bedroom.

So that’s it. Those are my top bedroom design ideas to help you create a bedroom you love and can enjoy sleeping in for 33 years! Have you got anything to add? Pop it in the comments below if you do!

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