Giveaway : Luxury Bedding Bundle from Homescapes

Homescapes luxury bedding bundle

Hands up if you have the January blues? You too, huh? Well I’m not surprised, It was Blue Monday earlier this week, which is officially the most depressing day of the year. I don’t know about you but I want to just curl up in bed and stay there until spring. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, I have a great giveaway I’m launching today which will make the idea of hibernating in bed all that more appealing. For this giveaway, I have teamed up with Homescapes, a British company that manufactures top quality home furnishings and textiles. They have kindly agreed to provide me with a luxury bedding bundle to give away to one lucky Design Sheppard reader.

Homescapes luxury bedding bundleAn online retailer, Homescapes manufacture hotel quality bedding with over 130 different types of pillows and duvets. With feather pillows, microfiber pillows, wool pillows, music pillows (I didn’t even know that was a thing!), memory foam pillows, lavender pillows, specialist pillows, pregnancy pillows and continental pillows, the list goes on! Basically, every type of pillow you can possibly imagine!

Homescapes luxury bedding bundle

So, let’s talk about the giveaway. The luxury bedding bundle includes the following:

1 x Double 13.5 Tog Super Microfibre Duvet RRP £59.99

1 x Pair Super Microfibre Pillow Pair RRP £39.99

1 x Super Microfibre Mattress Topper RRP £44.99

1 x Cotton Cable knit throw RRP £59.99

The total value of the prize bundle is £204.96

Homescapes luxury bedding bundle

What a lovely bundle. That will definitely make getting out of bed all that more challenging! As usual, you can enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck everyone! And don;t forget to tell me how you overcome the January blues!

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841 Responses to Giveaway : Luxury Bedding Bundle from Homescapes
  1. […] find it difficult to deal with the January Blues and I had hundreds of comments from readers on this...
  2. Natalie Crossan Reply

    cleaning and organising helps me out :)

  3. Tammy Stevenson Reply

    I personally like to get over the January Blues by spending some quality time with my two children. Reading books, getting cuddles, watching films or playing a game it always reminds me how lucky I really am! When that fails and they are driving me insane (it does happen!) A lovely hot bath with the door locked and music on so I can’t hear them outside while escaping from their Dad!

  4. kayleigh white Reply

    In all honesty – I don’t!

  5. Kirsty ledger Reply

    Cuddling and walking the family’s pet dogs :)

  6. stacey kavanah Reply

    retail therapy in the sales

  7. Helen Clayton Reply

    Hibernate! Read..and get too used to my duvet ;-)

  8. JUN MO Reply

    By watching boxsets snuggled up in my bed

  9. Sue Reply

    I am 60 years old tomorrow so I intend living life to the full and cuddling up with the one I love when ever I get chance

  10. Farah Elmer Reply

    Ok I do take Vitamin D all year round which is helpful & I go to the Dog park every day with biscuits for them, monkey nuts for the squirrels & bird seed for the birdies! It’s hard to be Blue with all my doggy friends who come bounding up to me for their daily treat!
    ♡Stacey your big beautiful smile literally made me smile♡

  11. Adrian Knox Reply

    I try to make over at least one room in the house so it looks fresh and new and then I feel like I’ve achieved something

  12. Martina Deeley Reply

    music on and try to keep busy. i really struggle in January

  13. Monika Bascombe Reply

    I keep active and meet my friends for coffee and a chat often

  14. Brenda M Reply

    I think about far away and exotic landsthat would be nice to holiday to!

  15. Helen Swales Reply

    I try and book a short break away for when the weather gets better; this helps me focus on looking forward to the trip and helps me beat the January blues.

  16. Jennifer Baker Reply

    Nice long walks out in the fresh air x x x

  17. Jen Shearer Reply

    By not starting a diet or giving up booze, I leave that to February when it starts to get lighter and brighter.

  18. Lisa Pond Reply

    Lots of chocolate, especially as its everywhere so early now!

  19. Alan Youngman Reply

    During the Winter months I always take vitamin D supplements. I like to get out in the garden as much as possible fresh air and exercise.If you keep yourself occupied you don’t have time for the blues.

  20. Marina Parry Owen Reply

    I normally tend to have a big clearout in the New Year. The kids get so much at Christmas that I have to clear some of their old stuff to make room for their new things. I take their old stuff to our local charity shops so that makes me feel better because I’m decluttering and I’m also helping someone in the process.

  21. Tara Holtom Reply

    I tend to cope with the January blues by making sure I learn a new skill or hobby. This year I signed up to a ‘Brush Lettering’ workshop which is similar to modern calligraphy. It was so much fun and I made some new friends! Been practising my new skill for hours upon end. Its so relaxing to do and is keeping me occupied whilst the nights are cold and money is tight.

  22. Alison Macdonald Reply

    Another declutterer! Room by room tidy house – tidy mind

  23. jsho Reply

    i keep active and social- shopping, exercising, music :)

  24. Emma Farnington Reply

    Its my birthday in January- so no blues for me this year! :)

  25. Leanne bell Reply

    I booked a weekend away with a friend at the end of the month so that I had something to look forward to xx

  26. Jessica Edmunds Reply

    Eat a healthy full breakfast, with fresh air in the morning and a new book x

  27. Jodie W Reply

    Its my birthday in January, so i have something to look forward to not to get the blues

  28. Ben Bruce Reply

    Great timing this as we’re just looking to redo our bedroom!

  29. Sarah N Reply

    I keep busy and look forward to spring

  30. Tammy Neal Reply

    By thinking positive and not thinking its January xx

  31. Lee Dowling-Parr Reply

    Working and making the most of wrapping up in my cosy jumpers

  32. Niki Marie Wardle Reply

    I get my crochet hook out, on a dull day I can always create something in bright colours…

  33. Rhia P Reply

    I’m gentle to myself- a few small treats and a period of post-christmas ‘hibernation’.
    Lots of being cosy under a soft blanket, curled up with a good book. Hot chocolate (or leftover festive mulled wine!), comfort food and chunky knitwear!

  34. Robyn Clarke Reply

    I put away all the Christmas decorations, then bring out the vases, fill them with fresh flowers and count down the days till spring.

  35. Collette Mackey Reply

    Lovely long walk somewhere beautiful and natural always works for me

  36. Barbara Crook Reply

    I curl up on my sofa with my lovely pug on my knee

  37. Sam Imray Reply

    Duvet days on the sofa with a good film munchies pjs and a good cup of tea

  38. Sarah Lambert Reply

    Don’t just be stuck in house get out saves feel all down

  39. Kate Sabin-Burns Reply

    I look for holidays! Something to look forward to

  40. Naomi Williams Reply

    Keep busy

  41. rebecca Reply

    keep warm and eat chocolate!

  42. Lisa Armstrong Reply

    Lot’s of Coffee, Chocolate and snuggling up on the sofa !

  43. Kelly Reply

    I exercise, sleep, read and write a lot of lists – preparing for the year ahead. Then I usually cry, make a hot chocolate and crawl into bed. It is nearly February – let us try again!!

  44. katie smith Reply

    I like to start a new hobby and get organised!

  45. Debi Newman Reply

    A cup of tea and a good book x

  46. gemma raines Reply

    I try and book a few cheeky days off work have a deep clean and throwing session and some home days

  47. C Parkin Reply

    I read a lot

  48. Claire Bodin Reply

    I love running so love getting outside in the fresh air

  49. Emma Walton Reply

    I usually have trouble with this month. I have a friend’s birthday to celebrate but that isn’t until the end of the month so I tend to go out to a local club every Saturday and play bingo and have a drink!

  50. katherine Graham Reply

    Plan exciting things to look forward to

  51. Ann Skamarauskas Reply

    get out walking as much as possible

  52. Pauline Burroughs Reply

    I try to go for long walks around the nature reserve nearby. There’s nothing better to help relax and lifts your spirits

  53. gemma lovegrove Reply


  54. kim dewdney Reply

    As much fresh air as possible – when it’s not raining – and comfort food

  55. Katie Walker Reply

    I take it day by day and try to find one thing to make me smile each day

  56. Mr.S.O'toole Reply

    Just keep positive

  57. DAWN ADAMS Reply

    I like to clear some clutter

  58. C Philip Reply

    I have a special lumie lamp I sit in front of.

  59. Michelle Carlin Reply

    I’m usually fairly upbeat in January – a whole new year to look forward to. Unfortunately I’m in bed with flu this time, so I wish I had all that lovely bedding to keep me warm!


    I try to keep as warm as possible. I have arthritis and I feel the cold terribly. I really dislike winter, it seems never ending.

  61. sharon keane Reply

    lots of sleep and cuddles this year

  62. Anna Moloney Reply

    Just watch lots of films and lots of wildlife programmes especially!

  63. Nathan Reply

    I love to take nice long walks with my dog!

  64. Jess Mandeville Reply

    By indulging myself – I buy myself some good rum, a few new books, maybe a DVD or two, and then do whatever I want to each evening and on the weekends. I try not to make plans, so that I can just listen to what my body and mind want, and do that instead :)

  65. Lori Darling Reply

    I curl up in front of the fire with a mug of hot Chocolat

  66. Chanette Kennedy Reply

    I spent a lot of time drinking hot chocolate and snuggled up on the sofa with my dogs watching films :D

  67. Laura C Reply

    I book my summer holiday so I have something to look forward to

  68. Sara Dunn Reply

    I love taking countryside walks with my dog. Fresh air no matter the weather definitely helps.

  69. Margaret Nokling Reply

    Spend an hour in the garden always cheers me up.

  70. Lara Latchem Reply

    Trying to keep active and have a good clear out

  71. Cecily-Daisy Zorab Reply

    We make sure we are out and active every weekend. We look for new places to walk with the kids and dog (that are free!) and then treat ourselves to hot chocoaltes and a movie at home after when we are all tired out. The blast of fresh air makes all the difference!

  72. Tricia cowell Reply

    I spend a lot of time with my three year old Grandson, I don’t have much time for any blues. He’s a wonderful tonic

  73. Eliz Suffolk Reply

    I remind myself daily of all the exciting opportunities and things I want to accomplish this year! Have the list visible and make it fun! X

  74. Jacqueline Roberts Reply

    I concentrate on getting fit in January and losing weight for spring

  75. Sandra Jenkinson Reply

    I always have some trips booked, so the planning helps to get me through January.

  76. pam hutchinson kelly Reply


  77. Lorraine Tinsley Reply

    I look forward to my birthday at the end of January and I start planning things for Feb half term.

  78. Tamara Payne Reply

    planning my 2018 summer holiday

  79. Andrea Lloyd Reply

    Entering comps work and family

  80. Erica Price Reply

    By getting out and about

  81. Libby Noack Reply

    I keep a Jar and write down all the good things that happen to me throughout the year and then open and read them throughout January to cheer me up :)

  82. Zoe Graham Reply

    i have cuddles with my cat

  83. vincent walker Reply

    Me and my wife go on walks and just jibber jabber whilst we are walking, passes the day and we get fit and problem solve at the same time.

  84. Robert Williams Reply

    Lots of outdoor activities. Great for fitness and mental well being.

  85. lisa tebbutt Reply

    booked holidays

  86. Phil Pawley Reply

    Start planning what I am going to plant for my allotment.

  87. Antonia Richardson Reply

    plan my hols

  88. Vicky Allum Reply

    I try to keep my mind occupied by doing hobbies such as reading and crafting.Great prize, thanks very much!

  89. Alison Reply

    Catch up with a few jobs and plan some nice outings for when the weather gets better.

  90. Mel Evans Reply

    i cope with Gin and chocolate

  91. JANE KIRK Reply

    Just think ahead to the springtime and longer days

  92. Rhiannon Hodge Reply

    Get outside as much as possible and send the rainy days doing lots of arty craft stuff

  93. Nikki Hunter-Pike Reply

    by snugging up in bed until January is over!

  94. Susan Greig Reply

    staying in bed till february would be my ideal solution

  95. Sheena Read Reply

    As each day passes you know spring is getting closer.

  96. Emily Fowler Reply

    Enjoy the fresh air as much as possible.

  97. Clare Hubbard Reply

    I treat myself to something nice in the sales and use it as an excuse to reorganise my clothes. I always feel better after sorting through clothes

  98. Naila M Reply

    Declutter the house and spending time with family :)

  99. Louise Davidson Reply

    I have taken up yoga. Definitely de stresses me

  100. Myriam Clark Reply

    with long walks in the woods with my labrador Harley

  101. Karen Howden Reply

    January blues – just take one day at a time and look forward to spring

  102. tammi nutting Reply

    i like to have a declutter , new year new start no goals to focus on

  103. Julie Carwardine Reply

    I use this month to sort out clutter and to get into the ole DIY. It gives me focus and a sense of achievement.

  104. Keith Wallbanks Reply

    I focus on the early signs of spring in the garden, such as the first snowdrops and the witch-hazel flowers

  105. silvia Reply

    I’ve booked a holiday in the sun for February, it gives me something to look for in this depressing, cold, grey month!

  106. Hannah Rowley Reply

    Make lots of plans with friends and family and book a holiday to have something to look forward to.

  107. Shaun Heathcote Reply

    Not really. its one of the advantages of shift work, you don’t get this sort of thing or the monday blues, and jet lag.

  108. Eve H Ogden Reply

    Lots of lovely walks to clear the January blues away

  109. Paula T Reply

    I’m a real summer lover and miss the sun and warmth. I like to always have something to look forward to…. so far I’m looking forward to a family trip and a spa day with my mum xx

  110. Karen R Reply

    I think you should just appreciate everything about each season as it comes. I love January because the days are getting longer, so at the beginning I’m driving to and from work with my car lights on, and by the end it’s sidelights mostly :)

  111. Sandra Jo Siddall Reply

    I keep myself busy by having a massive clear out and I like to enter competitions in my spare time.

  112. Joanne Wootton-hall Reply

    The kids get me through any down days, their smiles and giggles are enough out brighten every room.

  113. Bev Cannar Reply

    I take a few days off and go and explore somewhere new, this year we chose a part of Scotland we hadn’t been to before…perfect puck me up

  114. Emily Hallett Reply

    I declutter. Makes room for the stuff I got for Christmas and makes me feel better for a fresh start to the new year.

  115. Deborah Clarke Reply

    Exercise is a natural mood lifter. A brisk walk a day really helps even if you don’t feel like it #BlueMonday. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner.

  116. Maureen M Reply

    Don’t really get the “January Blues”,but when the weather’s good I try to get out for a walk or garden.Miserable weather ?Snuggle up under a cosy throw with a good book or film!

  117. sharon martin Reply

    have a good clear out and keep myself active

  118. Gerri Tennant Reply

    I count my blessings and try to think of at least three good things that have happened before I go to bed every day

  119. Sophie Gillum-Webb Reply

    I spend a large amount of time meditating to avois those blue feelings xx

  120. Rachael Marsden Reply

    taking multi vits and plenty of fresh air

  121. Sam Parkes Reply

    I book a holiday so we have something to look forward to

  122. Susan Trubey Reply

    I don’t have January blues.

  123. Leigh Reply

    Chocolate …it’s the answer to everything :)

  124. Miss Tracy Hanson Reply

    Either getting layered up for taking the dog for a walk or standing outside like Michelin man watching our local rugby team (although shouting does keep you warm). Then back home for a hot chocolate or soup and curling up on the sofa with the dog and a good horror DVD.

  125. paula cheadle Reply

    I just plod on and get things done

  126. adele knight Reply

    I enjoy a good clear out and donate it to charity

  127. zoe brown Reply

    clean out try catch up on washing so hard to dry things

  128. Rachel B Reply

    I try and get out and about to meet friends as much as possible.

  129. Jen Rogers Reply

    Love it to get hot enough to go canoeing in the Wye Valley

  130. Georgie Wright Reply

    Not very well but I try and take my dog out when it’s daylight which I think helps.

  131. samantha Buntain Reply

    I would have to say my best way to deal with January blues would be shopping and going out for dinner

  132. PAULINE HILL Reply

    just plod on and work through it

  133. Fran H Reply

    Plan for OH birthday and clean a lot lol

  134. Leanne weir Reply

    We go on looonong hikes as a family

  135. Dale Dow Reply

    surrounding myself with loved ones with lots of hugs on request x

  136. adrian price Reply

    cuddles with daft but warm huskey Sandy

  137. angela sandhu Reply

    have something to look forward to-for me it is a short break in May-keeps me going

  138. Denise S Reply

    by looking in the garden for signs of spring , currently i have snow drops covering my garden and helibore flowers they get brought in , put in vases to make me smile.

  139. Marie Rule Reply

    I cope with January blues by knowing that it will be spring in not too long.

  140. Stacy Fenemore Reply

    I start shopping for next Christmas



  142. Victoria Buchanan Reply

    I buy new PJs and stay in all cosy most of the time!

  143. Elzbieta Znyk Reply

    I don’t feel January blues.

  144. Dawn Underwood Reply

    I know a shop that sells wine

  145. angie pickering Reply

    Declutter and decorate so that everything is done before spring. More time to enjoy warmer days!

  146. Keith Reply

    It’s all about family first… healthy walks, homemade cooking and busying ourselves planning out the year ahead

  147. Cora Harrison Reply

    We overcame our January blues by celebrating my girlfriends birthday in London, we went up the shard and went to see Wicked. Only a couple of days but gave me something to look forward to.

  148. Rena Plumridge Reply

    If you can afford to book a holiday or short break then you have something to look forward to

  149. Chris Fletcher Reply

    We plan our holidays, always good to think about the sunnier fun times coming up!

  150. katrina walsh Reply

    Lots of long leafy dog walks is amazing for the old spirit

  151. Hassni Reply

    Went for long walks.

  152. Elaine Stokes Reply

    i book my summer holiday , something to look forward to

  153. Laura Khomutova Reply

    I go for a long walk with my dog and it helps me to cope

  154. Oriana Donlevy Reply

    I avoid making and New year’s resolutions until February! That way January is not such a horrible month!

  155. Ben Audsley Reply

    i look forward to my holiday in the spring and summer

  156. Cathryn Crawshaw Reply

    look at holidays for later in the year

  157. hafeez dawodu Reply


  158. Lee Reply

    We make plans for the year and think about summer!

  159. Geoff Hibbert Reply

    I don’t get the blues – ever

  160. Emma Hussain Reply

    Staying active

  161. Anne Plumb Reply

    I like to get outside and work on my allotment plot to get it ready for Spring, Fresh air and sunshine always seem to help

  162. Emily Gallichan Reply

    Lots of orange juice and running round the beach with my daughter

  163. Kate L Reply

    I haven’t coped too well this year!! I need to have some breaks booked to have things to look forward to

  164. david cavender Reply

    watch dvd’s of Hawai five’o

  165. Dean T Reply

    I cope by eating lots of junk, winter always has me piling on the pounds it is just so cold and gloomy

  166. Kym Robson Reply

    Enjoying plenty of seaside fresh air while out walking the dogs

  167. Amanda Young Reply

    I like to paint and read, listen to music, and look forward to the days getting longer

  168. Deborah Bird Reply

    Try to keep busy! And also take naps if needed x

  169. Nicola-Jane Phipps Reply

    We go on lots of family walks and little adventures, to keep active.
    We also do lots of baking and decorating x

  170. Barb Reply

    Try to get some fresh air and then some sofa, hot water bottle and tv time.

  171. Alison Johnson Reply

    I bake lots! I try new cakes & icing, trying to get them right ready for summer parties.

  172. Jane Gorton Reply

    Great time for decluttering and enjoying our 4 dogs having fun without getting over heated! Fantastic prize, thank you x

  173. Debbie Hoare Reply

    I plan lots of activities so that I have lots of things to look forward to.

  174. Amanda Richardson Reply

    Keep in touch with lots of family and friends and try to get out in the fresh air every day if it’s not raining.

  175. Rebecca Alderson Reply

    I avoid January blues by making sure I have plenty of plans with my family and friends!

  176. Colin Gault Reply

    Take a wee short break

  177. Jessica M Reply

    Family walks on the dryer days to blow the cobwebs away

  178. June Lord Reply

    Snuggling up watching my favourite DVD boxsets

  179. Amanda Bailey Reply

    Get back into a routine

  180. Hannah Whitling Reply

    Lots of cuddles with my dogs, and playing with them and taking them out over the fields, playing lively, happy music, seeing friends, make plans to give me things to look forward to and do crafty things.

  181. David Banner Reply

    I don’t get January blues. I get summer blues.

  182. Carol Cliffe Reply

    Chocolate and candles are my go-to comfort items, plus singing happy songs!

  183. Jenny Harlow Reply

    I work lots of nights so I can snuggle in bed during the day and gives me extra days off in the summer

  184. lindsey bluff Reply

    I do lots of knitting and crochet in bright colours to cheer me up

  185. Kathrine Rivera Reply

    Snuggling in the sofa with my favourite blanket and a good book to read.

  186. Kathrine Rivera Reply

    Snuggling in the sofa with my favourite blanket and a good book to read.

  187. Adrian Bold Reply

    I enjoy the outdoors and go on lots of different walks and hikes with our dog and the family.

  188. Jayne K Reply

    Use the time to sort through cupboards & declutter

  189. Gwithyen Strongman Reply

    Bubble baths every night and brisk walks every day! Keep yourself active!

  190. Rachael C Reply

    I am being super very organised! Which is helping!

  191. Tracy R Reply

    Booking a summer holiday to look forward to!

  192. Jess Howliston Reply

    I always find getting outside for a walk helps me beat the blues! Its free so you don’t have to worry about having lots of money and its amazing what a bit of fresh air can do for your mood!

  193. Helena Gilbert Reply

    Book a holiday for February.. makes January fly in !!

  194. DENISE WILDEN Reply

    Look forward to spring sort out the Christmas decorations and spring clean some cupboards

  195. Oksana Fitzgerald Reply

    I exercise a lot and keep myself busy with work and children

  196. Bob Clark Reply

    Watch the days getting longer and think – it will soon be spring when….

  197. champaklal lad Reply

    by looking forward to the summer sun

  198. helen tovell Reply

    I try to have a couple of days out planned to give everyone something to look forward to, we went to the zoo last weekend with cheap tickets too

  199. Cath Joyce Reply

    I try and get outside for some fresh air

  200. Grant Dreyer Reply

    Go to bed early and get up late!

  201. Mandy S Reply

    Window shopping, and small treats – even if its takeaway!

  202. Barrie Reply

    I don’t get the blues

  203. Lisa Wilkinson Reply

    Get out the house as much as I can. I volunteer at various charities and venues in my city and enjoy socialising there. I haven’t got time to dwell on it being January.

  204. Caroline Bourne Reply

    I like to go out walking and get some fresh air

  205. Carole E Reply

    book a holiday

  206. Edward Bethell Reply

    I start looking for my next holiday and hibernate in bed until then!

  207. tim smith Reply

    Spending time with my three grown up kids

  208. John Jones Reply

    Roaring fire, bottle of wine, great DVDs.

  209. SHIRLEY EVANS Reply

    I try to do something constructive,even if its only a piece of needlework,and walk the dog every day ,even in bad weather.

  210. simon tutthill Reply

    Stock up on good dvds

  211. Zoe Trelfa-Porter Reply

    I tend to try and get my kids out and about as much as possible to keep up the fun adventures to keep us happy x

  212. michelle speight Reply

    by going out for a walk beats the blues all day long bit of frsh air

  213. sandy ralph Reply

    by baking cakes and other yummy goodies for the family

  214. Rich Tyler Reply

    Cuddles, music, yummy food

  215. Em S Reply

    I bide my time and wait for payday!

  216. Jenny Rogers Reply

    I like to sort out my craft stash and start a new project.

  217. Sally Collingwood Reply

    Retail therapy, go out in the January sales!

  218. Amanda Mallows Reply

    I put on my big thick winter coat, woolly hat and Wellington boots and head outside with my daughters to jump in muddy puddles.

  219. Laura Todd Reply

    Swimming & long walks helps with the January blues.

  220. Merryl Cain-o'grady Reply

    i get up and muck out my stables and then ride my horse.

  221. Emma Nixon Reply

    Hibernate! Get a mug of tea and a good box set, turn up the heating.

  222. Teresa sheldon Reply

    January is nearly always a depressing month, so a couple of years ago my sister arranged a girly sleepover with us girlies, loads of wine choccie singing bitching and gossiping such a great night, its in its 3rd year now and one night a year when us mummies can let our hair down beat the blues and have a laugh

  223. frances hopkins Reply

    I love going for long walks then coming back to an evening in front of the fire

  224. Sarah Parker Reply

    book a holiday :)

  225. Meryl Thomas Reply

    I love January – it is a time of new beginnings, with Spring around the corner.

  226. Saran Benjamin Reply

    I went on holiday this year but that turned into an absolute nightmare so now decorating

  227. Clare H Reply

    book a holiday!

  228. Zatun Reply

    I go out for a walk to shake off the January blues

  229. Lynda Graham Reply

    A good declutter …and a firm attempt not to put stuff back again !!

  230. Anthea Holloway Reply

    I go outside and enjoy the snowdrops and daffodils and listen to the birds who seem to be getting really excited that spring isn’t far away.

  231. A.E. ADKINS Reply

    Meeting friends and chocolate

  232. Kathleen marsden Reply

    I relax and eat chocolate

  233. Janie-Fleur Matcham Reply

    by focusing on whats important spending cold weekends with my family and counting my blessings

  234. Lani Nash Reply

    I book a holiday!

  235. Victoria Prince Reply

    I set myself a positive project and focus on that! This year it’s decluttering my bookshelves…

  236. Julia Mason Reply

    Eat chocolate & cross stitch!

  237. chirag patel Reply

    watch the holiday channels

  238. Sheila Reeves Reply

    Do some decluttering, always find it helps, especially if I manage to find stuff good enough to donate to charitiy

  239. Kelly Jones Reply

    By getting to the gym and having a good workout, or going for a nice long walk in the woods :) Also, booking a holiday helps!

  240. Pete Reply

    Get outdoors whenever the sun shines. Amazing the difference even weak winter sunshine can make

  241. Andy Craig Reply

    A minibreak to somewhere with sunshine

  242. Marc Chivers Reply

    Keep spending

  243. MichelleD Reply

    I have a good clear out and try to have lots of days out!

  244. Simone Griffin Reply

    My son was born in January so that’s the best reason for me to be happy this month :)

  245. Graeme Macmillan Reply

    Staying in bed until 1st February

  246. Laura Love Reply

    light the log burner and chill out with a good book

  247. Paul Green Reply

    Long walks on the north norfolk coast

  248. Emma Davison Reply

    Snuggling on the sofa, heating on, comfy throw.

  249. Rebecca Powell Reply

    By trying to keep as busy as possible

  250. Kerry Webber Reply

    I’ve got 2 lovely dogs who get me through. They are reason enough to get up every day!

  251. Katy Wright Reply

    Plenty of fresh air so lots of walks with my dogs and pottering around my garden


    I cope with the January blues by having lots of hot chocolate and keeping warm in front of the fire in the evening dreaming of summer coming.

  253. Helen Reply

    Reading in front of the fire

  254. Amanda Gregory Reply

    I always plan something special with my daughter mid January. Last year we had a spa day and this a make over. It gives us something to look forward to and makes us feel good being pampered.

  255. Patricia Avery Reply

    Now 70 hubby and I are just so happy for every day we wake up fit and healthy to face whatever the day has in store, we rarely experience the blues. Going for a daily gym and swim (an hour in each) also gives us an extra buzz. Just wish that many more people much younger than us could discover the benefits that exercise brings:)

  256. Paul Murray Reply

    I take my daughter out in her pram. And face as
    what ever weather is being thrown at us.

  257. Chris Wilson Reply

    Long walks in the country side at the weekend, then curled up on the sofa with my other half, fire roaring and a glass of red wine before bed

  258. Rachel Low Reply

    With daydreams and cuddles!

  259. Nicole Woods Reply

    I make sure to book lots of holidays for summer time.

  260. keiran Reply

    I get lots of fresh air

  261. Jane Reply

    Cook lovely warming food with lots of vegetables

  262. Heather T Reply

    Take the dog for a walk in the woods

  263. Susan Greer Reply

    We booked a holiday to London for March so we had something to look forward to

  264. greig alan james spencer Reply

    eat lots of chocolate

  265. Lucy Reply

    Trying to go to the gym as much as possible to combat takeaways!

  266. kathrine krogulec Reply

    Get out in the fresh air whenever possible.

  267. christine westlake Reply

    keep busy

  268. Caroline Reply

    When I’m out walking the dog I always try and look for signs of spring, new buds, snowdrops, listening to the birds, it always lifts my mood

  269. Maria P Reply

    family fun and new colours on the walls

  270. Thomas Buchanan Reply

    by eating as healthy as possible

  271. Cardine Woolsey Reply

    Look at holidays to book for the year

  272. Karen Whittaker Reply

    Hot chocolate, lots of dogwalks and lots of good books in the dark evenings.

  273. Susan Ellins Reply

    Eat chocolate

  274. Jennifer Gardner Reply

    I generally stay indoors except to go to work. I’ll make chamomile tea and enjoy a good book :)

  275. Lauren Lawrence Reply

    Make lots of plans to see people and get outdoors

  276. EJ Dunn Reply

    I make plenty of plans and ensure I get lots of fresh air.

  277. Leeanne Clifford Reply

    I struggle in January, I have to admit. I’m just counting down the days till my holiday in April.

  278. Margaret Glover Reply

    I make bobbin lace which I love.

  279. Jo Carroll Reply

    The truth is I don’t really…I hate it. I was definitely born with the hibernation gene switched firmly to on ;) I try to get as much fresh air and daylight as I can but I crave the return of springtime.

  280. Elisa Cartwright Reply

    Get a holiday booked so I have something to look forward to.

  281. maddalena dalton Reply


  282. Maddy Reply

    I walk the dog on the woods. Just seeing his joy at being out lifts the spirits

  283. AnnaS Reply

    Good dinner and glass of wine in good company.

  284. Michelle Ptak Reply

    I get through the January Blues with looking forward to my son’s birthday on the 1st February …. would love this bundle, thanks

  285. Ruth lee Reply

    Booking a summer holiday

  286. ZARA Reply

    I watch many amazing Disney films and just cherish time with family, if I can and also look at the incredible gifts i got for Christmas! :)

  287. sarah birkett Reply

    Clean and tidy the house bit by bit, and make plans to go somewhere exciting towrds the end of the month

  288. Shaun Heathcote Reply


  289. Kelly Hanson Reply

    I find that chocolate helps with the January blues :)

  290. Jenny Barker Reply

    Try to stay positive and book something to look forward to

  291. Sarah Ann Reply

    Meditation or a good cup of tea!

  292. Ms C Bryan Reply

    Get some fresh air by going for walk

  293. Jodie Pether Reply

    Just keep a plan for the year to improve what I can and give myself a break. No good criticising myself when feeling low little treats here and there help stay focused.

  294. Ange White Reply

    Plan a holiday

  295. Caroline Toner Reply

    Walking when I can and planning the next holiday

  296. Rachael Sexey Reply

    I find a moment of happiness in every day and hold onto that no matter how simple it is 🤡

  297. Cassie Shaw Reply

    Keep myself busy, and get outside for walks

  298. Kim Griffiths Reply

    listen to PINK!

  299. Sue Wickins Reply

    lots of chocolate

  300. Julie Perry Reply

    Take the dog out for long walks

  301. Emma Smith Reply

    I don’t suffer with them – each day you should wake up happy!

  302. John Tingay Reply

    For me, the main source of January Blues is waking up when it’s still dark, so I adjust my plans and try to lie in until after dawn.

  303. Evelyn Johnston Reply

    I hibernate!

  304. Victoria Stockley Reply

    Lots of good food good films and lots of company

  305. Gina Gould Reply

    I’m not sure I have gotten over the January Blues, haha! To get me in better spirits I’ve been booking mini breaks to take this year :)

  306. Tracey Belcher Reply

    An early new year clean up – de clutter – always makes me feel better ready for the spring – who wants to do all that cleaning in the spring when we could be outside !

  307. Vicky Robinson Reply

    I have a beautiful new daughter who is cheering me up through the long dark Winter days. I just hang on to the thought that we are at the end of Jan, only Feb to get through which is really short and by March Spring is just so close with warmer, brighter, longer days :-) I can’t wait for Spring :-)

  308. Debi Gillard Reply

    I have been really lucky and not really had the “january blues’ this year. I’m lucky I have quite a bit to look forward to. I have a big birthday this year and am determined to ram as much as I can into the year.

  309. Karen Weedon Reply

    I try and get some fresh air and exercise each day. Also meeting up for a chat with friends can help a lot

  310. Liv Lee Reply

    A nice walk in the countryside

  311. Petra Hora Reply

    Amazing prize! Going for a run every day.

  312. Angela Kelly Reply

    I treat myself to some new books and read them in bed.

  313. Lorna Peppiatt Reply

    I focus on the good things in my life, and remember Spring is round the corner!

  314. katie w Reply

    making small goals and rewarding myself when i reach them

  315. fiona cullen Reply

    January has to be cheap and cheerful with cosy movie nights tucked up in bed and getting stuck into a good book,or wrapping up and going for fresh wintery walks with my camera

  316. patrick quilty Reply

    by going out and enjoying life

  317. Laura Pritchard Reply

    I try to get out & walk, and book myself a holiday to look forward to!

  318. Maggie Coates Reply

    i don’t think I actually find January a blue month.

  319. Toni Reply

    Lots of hot chocolates, warm fires, snuggly blankets and good books!

  320. Maria Jane Knight Reply

    I try to get outside when i can during the say to get some natural light, i also take down our net curtains to let natural light into the house.

  321. Laura Williams Reply

    I cosy up in front of my log burner and watch a film with a glass of wine! :) Always cheers me up!

  322. Claire Woods Reply

    Think about the summer holidays and start making plans.

  323. A KLING Reply

    With a SAD lamp and lots of bright colours. Early nights in a warm bed!

  324. Suzanne McCusker Reply

    A combination of exercise, and doing/planning things for the upcoming year – be it a planting guide for my allotment, or which festivals I’m looking at going to.

  325. David Pithie Reply

    Walking the dogs gives me pleasure and exercise with no opportunity to feel blue.

  326. Phil Darling Reply

    I’m like a bear – very hairy and I hibernate till the crocuses bloom

  327. Karen B Reply

    Chocolate, reading and watching TV on bad weather days. Winter walks when it’s dry.

  328. Holly Reid Reply

    Practising a bit of hygge – soft blankets, candles, cosy nights in with good food.

  329. Kim Jackson Reply

    I like to focus on the positive :D

  330. Ashley Phillips Reply

    I don’t get the January blues, the stress of Christmas is over, my partners birthday is in January and the kids are back at school so the housework can finally get done while I blast my music

  331. Therese Philip Reply

    Interior work in the house for winter – currently sanding/renovating an exterior door for fitting in summer

  332. Dianne Simpson Reply

    Enter competitions and I enjoy making hearty food.

  333. Steph Ralph Reply

    Snuggle up with my cats, run myself many bubbles baths, drink lots of tea and cuddle with my fiance.

  334. purpleshoes Reply

    by keeping cosy and treating myself

  335. Sharon hirst Reply

    By knowing that the days are getting longer, summer will be here before you know it

  336. Ellen Gordon Reply

    I meet up with family and friends to keep me busy, busy, busy.

  337. janine atkin Reply

    i try and make some more time for relaxing

  338. Eleanor B Reply

    I overcome the January blues by booking holidays for the rest of the year!

  339. Laura Jeffs Reply

    Well to be honest I don’t suffer from January blues at all! I love winter and wintry weather, it’s my favourite season so I fully enjoy January ;-) And if you think I’m weird, my whole family’s the same as me..

  340. Emma H Reply

    I don’t start my resolutions until February when it starts getting lighter. I buy reduced Xmas food so I have plenty of treats and I buy a new calendar and mark down all the films and books and shows that are coming out so I know there are lots of nice things to look forward to in the year.

  341. Yvonne Dimbleby Reply

    By looking forward and remembering that January only has 31 of the 365 (or 366) days of the year, it will soon be over!

  342. Jackie Howell Reply

    I research and plan my holidays for the year!

  343. Harriet Leonard Reply

    I fill my diary full of fun things to do.

  344. Wendy Drake Reply

    Get out for a good country walk to blow the cobwebs away

  345. ann parkinson Reply

    i hibernate as long a possible under the Duvet

  346. Jess Reply

    Spring cleaning!

  347. Nicola Tayler Reply

    I try to get out in the fresh (sometime it’s very fresh!) air as much as possible to blow the cobwebs away.

  348. Jo McPherson Reply

    We try to go on as many walks as possible or do some baking or crafts

  349. Clive H Reply

    Midday runs

  350. Lynne Manton Reply

    Snuggly up cozy with cushions, throws and a good book.

  351. A Parish Reply

    Getting out for walks cheers me up, but if it’s raining, snuggling up with my kids and having trips to the cinema helps

  352. BEX Reply

    keep telling myself it’s payday soon….

  353. Penelope Hannibal Reply

    I try to give myself goals around the house, tidying, organising etc.When my home is clean & tidy I find I can think more clearly to plan what I wish to achieve in other areas of my life. 💜

  354. Christine Hobbs Reply

    I keep myself busy. If the weather is Ok I go for walks. If not I set myself chores like cleaning tidying and at the moment selling things I don’t need. I have made £150 since Xmas so far.

  355. LOUISE HEATON Reply

    I’ve just treated myself to a Himalayan salt lamp and have found that I am feeling much better already even though I have only had it a few days.

  356. Natalie Thomason Reply

    Finish writing my book 📚

  357. alice lightning Reply

    i try to keep busy being a carer mother and owner of lots of pets they all keep me on my toes

  358. Martina Reply

    I’m eating everithing I want

  359. Amy PJ Reply

    I try to get out in the fresh air and also eat a fair bit of chocolate!

  360. Emily Belfield Reply

    I use it as a chance to plan goals for the year and look forward to any plans I’ve got coming up. A good clean of the house after Christmas also makes me feel refreshed :).

  361. melanie gregory Reply

    family time can’t be blue around them.

  362. Kristy Brown Reply

    I get out there and run!

  363. paula pierce Reply

    Lots of cake

  364. Louise A Reply

    Walk the dogs early in the morning so I can get as much natural light as I can

  365. Caroline H Reply

    Every January I have a deep clean and declutter and make a to-do list. Love having so much to do and achieving things, doesn’t matter is it too dark and damp outside to do the things I really enjoy, it makes me feel good.

  366. karen Reply

    Lots of chocolate!!!

  367. Jenny Jones Reply

    getting some exercise when I can and getting some rest too

  368. M H Reply

    January – keep warm but get sunlight. Look forward to warmer weather.

  369. Sarah Mackay Reply

    By going out on long walks

  370. Sue Harrison Reply

    Get out walking, whatever the weather. Brings a rosy glow and a sense of well being

  371. Lorraine Wilson Reply

    snuggled up under the duvet with hot chocolate and old movies

  372. ashleigh allan Reply

    Book a summer holiday

  373. Marylyn Hammersley Reply

    Spend time with my beautiful grandchildren, go for walks in the countryside and meet friends for coffee.

  374. Sarah Harimat Reply

    I would love to win all new bedding items, ours are looking a bit tired!

  375. Judith Allen Reply

    Wear a cosy jumper and curl up with a good murder mystery.


    Hot chocolates and getting cosy by the fire, great when it cold outside !

  377. Victoria B Reply

    Lots of exercise and stick to a routine generally – makes things seem normal.

  378. Joanna Tolhurst Reply

    Get busy doing some DIY home improvements

  379. David Paterson Reply

    Lots of hot chocolate…

  380. Gill Mitchell Reply

    I plan and book a holiday so that we have something to look forward to.

  381. Amanda Reply

    Lots of walking

  382. Hayley Atkins Reply

    I have got one of those Lumie lights which helps and I browse through all the seed catalogues and plan what I want to grow in my vegetable garden this year.

  383. K Kaur Reply

    Plenty of rest, good food, good books, enjoying the limited sunshine by going outdoors and time with family!

  384. Catherine Deacon Reply

    cocktails :)

  385. Clare B Reply

    Eat lots of veggies and get outside for walks even when I don’t feel like it.

  386. Julie Owens Reply

    Hot chocolate and crumpets

  387. Nicki Simpson Reply

    I like to have fun things planned so that my little family always have things to look forward to despite the lack of money and the rubbish weather x

  388. Catherine Gregory Reply

    Cuddling my little boy Noah who is 3 months old

  389. Mary Lucking Reply

    Go on holiday to somewhere warm

  390. Penny H Reply

    I don’t really get the January blues but I do like to clean and have nice lighting around the home as well as have my wall fire on which makes my living room cosy.

  391. Claire Little Reply

    put the music on and dance

  392. Jo Jones Reply

    A brisk walk everyday blows away the blues

  393. Jim Milligan Reply

    Sleep – go into hibernation mode until spring time

  394. Pauline Dring Reply

    I like to get out in the bright , if not always sunny, great outdoors as much as possible.

  395. Clare Rae Reply

    Start planning what I’m going to get up to in the garden, if it ever gets warm!

  396. MM Reply

    Lots of exercise.

  397. Anthony Gomm Reply

    Plenty of walks in the fresh air

  398. Zoe C Reply

    planning summer hols, having a declutter and make sure I go for a walk every day

  399. lisbeth Reply

    plan for the summer while hibernating

  400. Freya Knudsen Reply

    I try and book something in to look forward to so I have a goal to work towards or something…

  401. Joanne Blunt Reply

    By getting together with friends regularly

  402. Gerry Kelly Reply

    January is my worst month. It feels so long and dreary! I try to eat well and drink less to compensate for Christmas overindulgence! I also plant spring tubs as it is nice to watch them grow and herald the spring. I also HAVE to buy daffodils as soon as they are in the shops…

  403. michelle thompson Reply

    put up with it and get on with it!!

  404. Debbie W Reply

    Curl up with a good book and hot chocolate.

  405. Fran Light Reply

    I get up early, and run … it’s ahrd to be blue while enjoying sunrises and scenery :-)

  406. sara Reply

    Book my summer holiday

  407. michelle chapman Reply

    love to cosy up in front of the log burner with my dressing gown and slippers on and a mug of mulled wine in the other. x

  408. Lynda Jones Reply

    I book my summer holiday and then sort out all of my holiday clothes, that always cheers me up

  409. Katie Skeoch Reply

    I tend to become more active, exercise is great at blowing the cobwebs away

  410. Becky Duffy Reply

    I have to get plenty of exercise or I really feel the January Blues!

  411. ani murphy Reply

    Plan what flowers I will plant in my garden.

  412. Rebecca Reply

    I never really get the January blues. I love being wrapped up in my dressing gown binge watching netflix with a nice cup of tea :)

  413. Chloe Taylor Reply

    I enjoy arts & crafts activities so I have been making lots of handmade cards to prevent the January Blues! ☺

  414. Julie Henderson Reply

    a nice bubble bath surrounded by candlelight

  415. Julie Henderson Reply

    super cosy looking

  416. tracey Reply

    by planning and booking a holiday and having a treat every friday x

  417. Fozia Akhtar Reply

    I book a summer holiday

  418. sue rushworth Reply

    curtains pulled. lamp on and good book

  419. Chrissy Harris Reply

    I always think it’s nice to book a holiday or a break so you have something to look forward to in the year ahead

  420. Kelly Glen Reply

    I try again get out for a walk if the weather is nice.

  421. Farhana Chowdhury Reply

    A holiday somewhere in the sun

  422. Angela Fitzjohn Reply

    Book a holiday, somewhere tropical, that gives me something to look forward to.

  423. Krzysia Reply

    I don’t suffer from the January blues. Every month is beautiful and I appreciate each day. In some ways the Winter months are the most enjoyable as it’s more peaceful wherever you go and I love the invigorating weather.

  424. Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

    Think positive – theres always something BEAUTIFUL usually right in front of you x

  425. elaine robinson Reply

    Plan my next holiday

  426. P Williams Reply

    Make plans for things I’m going to do, get out for walks and have a healthy diet

  427. DJK Reply

    Exercising then making the most of these long winter night with a good book.

  428. Marycarol Reply

    De clutter and make plans for Spring x

  429. Isabell Whitenstall Reply

    I make sure I don’t leave the house without my hat, scarf and gloves to keep me warm

  430. Rachael G Reply

    Make exciting plans for the rest of the year – something to look forward to!

  431. LAURA MILTON Reply

    I make myself go for a nice quiet walk in the countryside everyday, im lucky to have it on my doorstep but you can easily take it for granted. But January is a great time to get some fresh air after all the visits stuck inside and all the food we eat. Clear the mind and get fit!

  432. KarenH Reply

    Don’t stay inside. Pull your boots on and get some vitamin D.
    I always find a stroll in the woods, park etc clears the head and makes you feel better

  433. Jen Rogers Reply

    Cuddle my 2 cats!

  434. Nicola Haynes Reply

    It is hard but having a January birthday helps – find something to celebrate

  435. Sarah Rees Reply

    We booked a weekend in Venice next weekend so we have had something to look forward too.

  436. Zach Hudson Reply

    Hide under the sheets till March

  437. Deborah Davis Reply

    I make an effort to reach out more with people and connect. I also find it helps to use this time for hobbies because keeping your mind occupied with things you enjoy makes hours and days go by fast.

  438. Fiona King Reply

    I don’t cope with it very well because I hate January but I try to make the best of it by doing something different every other weekend, such as go on a day trip, try a different restaurant and go for long walks to make the most of the daylight

  439. Teresa Lee Reply

    Detox & exercise

  440. Inga Andersen Reply

    Bulk cooking to stock the freezer and visiting my family, they always make me feel better

  441. Robert Greef Reply

    Go for a good walk when the weather permits

  442. Trudi Porter Reply

    I love January so don’t feel blue! Nights are drawing out and life is full of possibilities. 😀

  443. Ren Taylor Reply

    I try to drink less alcohol so that i feel more energetic! Also….lots of sleep is the answer!

  444. Sonia Adkin Reply

    I love January – so nice to have the hectic month of December behind us even though I enjoyed it at the time. Perfect just to be able to relax in front of the fire with a glass of wine in my hand. Make the most of it because it will soon be Easter.

  445. Lisa Rhodes Reply

    getting outdoors

  446. tracey ryder ryder Reply

    get wrapprd up and go for walks with my hubby

  447. Julie Davies Reply

    lots of walks in the fresh air when it isn’t raining

  448. andy smith Reply

    top bedding

  449. Val Hartley Reply

    Keeping warm, eating well & trying to think positive & think of all the good things in my life.

  450. Karen Barrett Reply

    I book a holiday to look forward to

  451. Emma Waughman Reply

    My bed is where I spend half of my life so to have a nice soft bedding would mean I would spend nearly all my life in bed.

  452. Terri-Anne Yeomans Reply

    I cuddle up on the sofa with my fire going binge watching a Netflix series :’)

  453. jen jackson Reply

    Throw myself into the gym

  454. Keith Embleton Reply

    Lots of walking

  455. Vivien Baird Reply

    Getting out for some nice walks with my Grandsons

  456. Paula Phillips Reply

    I try and stay busy and get out and about a lot.

  457. Heidi Lee Reply

    I research and book my summer holiday. I also try to balance activities with plenty of rest time. I just want to hibernate!

  458. Sheila Sloan Reply

    Good, healthy food and plenty of fresh air.

  459. Katie b Reply

    Walking and making sure I see my friends

  460. Amelia Kennedy Reply

    By exercising and losing the excess Christmas weight!

  461. debbie smith Reply

    i like to keep busy and concentrate on my goals for the rest of the year or an event that i will be looking forward to xx

  462. Shelly semmens Reply

    I like to curl up with my daughter and watch a good film under a blanket with lots of chocolate

  463. Maria Porter Reply

    Walks with my dogs

  464. Marysia Trembecka Reply

    Lots of short winter walks….

  465. Lin Martin Reply

    Book lots of fun things in the diary for the year and make lots of social meets

  466. Jo Price Reply

    This is a beautiful giveaway. I get through the winter months by reading cheerful books at night and planning and chatting about summer holidays in the sunshine in U.K. I love to imagine all the Cornish and Devonshire resorts that I would love to visit in the future and look forward to visiting them some day in the future.

  467. Vivien Taylor Reply

    Drink lots of water and take vitamin D

  468. jo liddement Reply

    I do my decorating and deep cleaning in January which always brightens up the house and keeps me busy.

  469. Anne Reply

    I like to stay warm indoors with my crochet and planning my summer holiday.

  470. mccaig Reply

    Curl up on couch with the cat and my blanket

  471. cat jamison Reply


  472. Bruce Reply

    Look out on the winter weather with a warming dram

  473. Kristyn Harris Reply

    I spend most of January looking for our summer holiday and towards the end of January (on pay day) I finally book it!

  474. John Mair Reply

    Spending some time with my 6 month old grandson, his smile would light up any room.

  475. Leanne B Reply

    I make sure I get outside for a 5k walk every day even a small amount of sunshine helps & the fresh air (substitute with – wind, rain, hail, snow) help to blow away the cobwebs & leave you feeling energised.

  476. nicky pearce Reply

    its very hard but i just plod along and smile

  477. Angeline Brnel Reply

    I try to get out more with the dog for long walks and try to soak up the sun since its en in short supply over the winter. I always have a duvet day as well since 1 child goes to nursery 3 times a week and the eldest is in school. I think self care is so important. So I laze the day away in bed with coffee, netflix and books. I put on the diffuser with some essential oils ad imagine that I’m away somewhere, cosied up in a cabin.. ahh the only thing missing is a log fire :)

  478. Jemma Dwyer Reply

    start thinking about all the lovely days out i’ve got planned with my little man and do a nice new year clean :) x

  479. Stevie Fairbairn Reply

    I spend time crafting with my nieces when they visit on Sundays. It’s good to get hands on rather than playing online.

  480. Rebecca austin Reply

    I always book a show to see in january, which cheers me up. Also a good sort out of the house and look what needs a lick of paint/decorate

  481. Elizabeth Smith Reply

    Get waterproofs on and walk the dogs

  482. Vanessa Jumeau Reply

    Spring clean. A tidy home always makes me feel better.

  483. KAREN HALL Reply

    Try to get out in the winter sunshine as soon as possible.

  484. Candice Rau Reply

    Get outdoors as much as possible.

  485. Marilyn farquharson Reply

    Getting out for a walk each day and enjoying what day light there is and the fact that we are lucky to have pretty seasons. And booking a break in the sun to look forward to!

  486. kimberley Reply

    I try to get outside as much as possible, tidying the garden or just going for a walk

  487. Julie W Reply

    Lovely bedding always helps get to sleep


    A wee single malt in front of the log fire with my brilliant partner – beats any blues

  489. Kev Cannon Reply

    My wife and I both have our birthdays in January so we’ve never had a problem with the month in all honesty. I’m often just glad that christmas is all over with and we can all go back to normal

  490. Ray Dodds Reply

    Playing with my granddaughter

  491. Natasha R-M Reply

    I been remember that Winter is just one of the four seasons. In fact, in January, the signs of Spring are already evident – the days are slightly longer, birds are singing more loudly, buds are appearing on the trees and daffodils are coming out.

  492. Martina Alban Reply

    exercise – my whole mood and my attitude changes when I am down and exercise keeps me really happy and sunny person

  493. Kim Lam Reply

    I don’t go out much so I use the opportunity to have a good early spring clean

  494. Margaret Mccaffery Reply

    A hobby and long phone conversations with the family.

  495. Sarah Mccaffery Reply

    I look forward to visits from my kids and grandkids.

  496. Sandra Charnley Reply

    I keep myself busy, decluttering, budgeting, doing competitions, catching up on all those little jobs that are always put off…..and failing that, I just go on holiday! :)

  497. john prendergast Reply

    eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and take vitamin d capsules

  498. Carolyn E Reply

    By having long lay ins in the morning planning dream holidays….

  499. Angie McDonald Reply

    I make the most of the little things – walks in the park, weekday cinema nights with popcorn and cooking new recipes for tea

  500. Angela Treadway Reply

    Hot cup of cocoa and plenty of comfort food lol x

  501. Violet Phillippo Reply

    I plan some nice things to do that I can look forward to. I would love to win these to refresh my bedroom.

  502. Mark Mccaffery Reply

    Keeping active through excercise and finding new hobbies to explore.

  503. Danielle Cresswell Reply

    I’m getting on with re decorating and de cluttering the kids rooms x

  504. Lynn Neal Reply

    I keep as busy as possible, reorganising the home planning the garden and holidays for the year ahead!

  505. Nikki Hayes Reply

    I don’t get January blues – I just think that every week is one week closer to Spring and better weather. Aside from having overspent at Christmas, I see no more reason to be miserable in January than any other time of year. Then again, I’m odd, I actually like Winter :D

  506. Caroline Blaza Reply

    Staying in with the duvet downstairs snuggled up watching movies. Perfect way to spend spare time in January x

  507. Eleanor Powell Reply

    I book holidays!

  508. Catherine Lett Reply

    Book a holiday!!

  509. linda gallacher Reply

    I plan my trips for the forthcoming year which helps to lift my mood

  510. Andrew Wyllie Reply

    Vitamin D tablets, getting up early and plenty of tea!

  511. Sarah Bailey Reply

    Honestly – not very well. I do try and keep myself around people who know how I am though and can look after me when I am down.

  512. Sheila Evans Reply

    I wait for a bright, dry day with a hint of Spring and walk! On dark, rainy days I curl up by the fire and read books with drinks and snacks to hand – and at night I love my electric blanket – so warm and cosy!

  513. Donna Caldwell Reply

    I love cosy night with the kids

  514. MARK THOMAS Reply

    Get outside as much as possible, and lots of walkng

  515. Mrs Rachel Heap Reply

    I go to the Charity shops and find something to perk me up!

  516. Christine Johnson Reply

    Stay in bed as long as possible ,

  517. Kat Allinson Reply

    I go out running to try and keep my spirits up

  518. Kim M Reply

    Early nights with a good book and a hot water bottle and some lovely homemade vegetable soup to warm me up during the day x

  519. ann goody Reply

    Play golf in the pouring rain and blustery winds, always feel better after that!

  520. Tara Clover Reply

    I am redecorating. The fresh paint brightens my walls and my mood

  521. Claire Croft Reply

    by booking a holiday :)

  522. Dee Dmonte Reply

    I go swimming as much as I can and use the sauna as it warms me up which helps my mood.

  523. Ruth Ryan Reply

    I try to have a good walk every day and getting enough sleep seems to help

  524. Emma Ferguson Reply

    I plan to do things with friends and family

  525. Carolynn Woodland Reply

    We spend a couple of weeks with my son who lives in Thailand

  526. Joanne Beale Reply

    Walk the dog, do the horses with all the mud and think great when the mornings and evenings begin to get light and the bulbs start to flower

  527. Lorraine Mabbitt Reply

    By having a good clear out of all the stuff from the previous year

  528. Debby Reply

    I make extra efforts to put food and water out for the garden wildlife, and then get to enjoy watching from the kitchen window. I also read more to just cut-off from real-life stresses, spend time online, and hot evening bubble baths with a few drops of essential oils in.

  529. Wayne Roberts Reply

    Work less and enjoy life more

  530. Joo Dee Reply

    dont really suffer, but having a good spring clean of the house and declutter, blows away the cobwebs!

  531. Caron Twyman Reply

    Keep myself busy decluttering my house.

  532. Elaine Savage Reply

    do lots of socialising

  533. Katie Kingsbury Reply

    Getting out in the fresh air every day really helps, even if it’s only a 20 minute walk on my lunch break. Also planning lots of nice treats to look forward to (holidays/family meals out/days away).

  534. donna l jones Reply

    walks with the dogs

  535. pete c Reply

    get organised, start planning for the following few month and get on with it!

  536. Amanda Goldston Reply

    I draw the curtains, light the fire and get out the photo albums from holidays, especially in mountains, where there is snow on the ground and clear blue skies

  537. Michael Rattray Reply


  538. Kerry de Jong Reply

    January is a month of creating positive habits and choices for my year ahead.

  539. Nicola Andrijauskas Reply

    I try and keep myself busy and remind myself that spring is just around the corner!

  540. Amandeep Sibia Reply

    Take time out to spend the day with my wife and son.

  541. Maria hackett Reply

    spend less time at home haha!! i love my daily walk and when I’m at home i always cook from scratch. keep me busy is the best way to avoid January blues :-)

  542. Rebecca Howells (@Regrash7) Reply

    Go for a walk when the sun is shining!

  543. Susan B Reply

    Warm slippers, fluffy rugs, comfy sofa, soft lighting and an occasional glass of Merlot.

  544. Helen Hodgson Reply

    I’m looking forward to our 25th wedding anniversary next month – helps with January blues

  545. Annabel Greaves Reply

    I try to go for a walk every day

  546. Kate Davies Reply

    Keep myself busy with my hobbies and take advantage of any sun shine.

  547. Susan Lloyd Reply

    I plan and book a summer holiday to look forward to x

  548. Gayatri Gogoi Reply

    By keeping myself busy and spending time with family

  549. Laura Muir Reply

    I snuggle up with the other half, our Christmas chocolates and a good box set!

  550. Samantha R Reply

    After work I like to cuddle up with a hot water bottle and a book.

  551. cat holdcroft Reply

    plan a big party for the last week of Jan, something to look forward to

  552. Emma Kiff Reply

    By booking our summer holiday!

  553. aj Reply

    I try to book something nice which I can look forward to

  554. Ritchie Reply

    I focus on eating healthily

  555. Jane Berrow Reply

    I walk along the lovely seafront in Sussex

  556. Layla Thomas Reply

    A Lumie light, that way I get a bit of sunshine.

  557. leanne dempsey Reply

    I still try to get out with the kids as much as possible and just enjoy the fresh air

  558. Amanda Jane McCormack Reply

    Perfect for the chilly months!

  559. Mark R Reply

    Try and get out for a walk in the fresh air whenever there’s a sunny day

  560. Margaret Clarkson Reply

    I use January as a time for relaxation and reflection

  561. Stewart Smith-Langridge Reply

    can’t have too much bedding

  562. lesley renshaw Reply

    It’s my daughter’s birthday which is great cos I get to organise her party. I like to keep myself busy so for the last few weeks I’ve been doing a massive spring clean – out with the old and in with the new – brilliant way to start the year.

  563. Kristin Burdsall Reply

    By planning all the lovely things we are going to do throughout the year. Currently planning our garden renovations and thinking of names for the puppy we plan to get in the summer. Exciting times!

  564. Christine Taylor Reply

    I find making more time for myself helps. More bubble baths, more wine and more me time x

  565. Rachel White Reply

    I take my basset hounds scent trailing in the countryside

  566. Tina Glover Reply

    I keep myself busy. This year I signed up to RED ( run every day) January. It’s a great way to clear your head and de stress though it’s taking its toll now – 65 miles done so far!!

  567. Hannah Jones Reply

    I get my
    Hygge on! Candles blankets hot drinks. Perfect!

  568. Allan Wilson Reply

    Get out as much as possible.

  569. Clare Woodman Reply

    I enjoy having my candles lit.

  570. Helen Shackleton Reply

    By spending as much time as possible in my pyjamas!

  571. Kyomi Johnson Reply

    Spending lots of time with family

  572. leanne abel Reply

    I try and work less, and get as much sunlight as I can. I also try and plan my holidays and trips to give myself something to look forward to

  573. dana Reply

    think of spring

  574. Jeanne Coulombe Reply

    I start my spring cleaning and by the time I’m done spring is here.

  575. John Russell Reply


  576. Karen Durrant Reply

    I plan my summer holiday, Get ready for decorating the walls of my home. Do a declutter and make some craft or sewing items such as Valentines gifts and Easter ornaments

  577. Lauren Jeffs Reply

    Always de-cluttering and feeling fresh for 2018
    Happy new year!

  578. Lynda Graham Reply

    I have a declutter and spruce up around the house to get Spring awoken and fresh.

  579. Christine Reid Reply

    I like planning for the summer and reading as many books as possible.

  580. Christine Hall Reply

    I like to do quizes and puzzles to keep my mind in good shape.

  581. Allan Fullarton Reply

    Wrap up warmly and try to make it all go away.

  582. Janine Learner Reply

    Looks amazing

  583. DementedDobby Reply

    By doing more crafts, going for walks in nature and warm sofa snuggles with the kids.

  584. jacqui rushton Reply

    I usually try to organise lots of get togethers with friends to cheer me up!

  585. Debbie Preston Reply

    Start to plan weekends away with friends

  586. lorna irvine Reply

    i do a clear out to start the year as a new one

  587. Graham Box Reply

    I spend as much time outside as possible

  588. Julie Camm Reply

    By booking a little trip away somewhere lovely like the Lake District

  589. Deborah Craig Reply


  590. sheri Darby Reply

    I catch up with reading and plan my summer holiday

  591. relentlesslypurple Reply

    Staying warm indoors!

  592. Jacki Mactaggart Reply

    I have a January birthday…it’s fab as end up being treated to lots of meals out with lovely friends 😊
    It’s the best time to book summer holiday too…gives you something to look forward to,

  593. Louise Asekokhai Reply

    I drink lots of fruit tea and stay indoors nice and cosy x

  594. Joanna Ford Reply

    I have a SAD light to help me cope

  595. Helen Stratton Reply

    Get out in the fresh air as much as possible.

  596. Eliza Rychlowska Reply

    I watch comedies 😊

  597. Paul McCluskey Reply

    Been ok this month, just looking forward too the spring and lighter nights and in need of new bedding as mine has seen it’s best days so a win would be great

  598. Louise Reeks Reply

    I spring clean and then think about decorating

  599. caroline kelly Reply


  600. Tracy Newton Reply

    I don’t seem to cope at all with the January blues at all.

  601. Pam Francis Gregory Reply

    Long walks in the country

  602. Jacqui Graham Reply

    I browse holiday websites on line, get inspiration for our summer holiday. I will also look at home design websites and see if I can brighten up my home

  603. Nicola Dow Reply

    I don’t. I hibernate all January lol x


    I wrap up warmly and go for a walk.

  605. Sarah Addey Reply

    Sorting out the house

  606. Tess D Reply

    Always book my summer holiday in the winter so I have something to look forward to

  607. Emsey Loftus Reply

    To beat the january blues I spend l;ots of time with the girlies/ Been to the cinema, booked tickets for a couple of gig in the next few months and big plans for a 2019 holiday so we are saving our pennies.

  608. Stephanie Keill Reply

    I just do fun things with my kids. We paint pictures. Go walks with our dogs, play Lego, have family movie nights.

  609. Michaela Turner Reply

    I focus on getting the house decluttered gradually, in time for the lovely spring weather

  610. Ruth Davies Reply

    Keep myself busy meeting friends get outdoors when the weather is on your side.And mostly surround yourself with the people who matter most.

  611. Sharon Catterall Reply

    Ive been feeling quite down this month and it wasnt till a friend said i have the january blues that id even heard of beat the blues i try and make sure i get enough sleep and try an have at least an hour doing something i love a day,getting out walking in the fresh air is also a good way of dealing with the blues

  612. Sadiyya Maryam Reply

    Trying to keep myself busy and spending quality time with my daughter so I can appreciate the blessings in my life rather than focusing on negatives.

  613. Katherine Lucas Reply

    I tend to bake and craft to keep busy when it’s too miserable outside and always cheers me up

  614. Michelle Cheeseman Reply

    I wrap up warm and go out for a long walk. It’s hard getting motivated to go but I feel much better afterwards.

  615. Hazel Rea Reply

    I wrap up well and go for walks in the Country Park or on the beach. There’s always something interesting to see.

  616. Lydia Frew Reply

    By using the time to make planes for the rest of the year to give me things to look forward to.

  617. Jessi Reply

    I don’t really feel blue in January anymore as it’s my daughters birthday and my husbands, soending quality time with them makes the bad days worth it!

  618. Jayne Townson Reply

    I get myself out in the fresh air for a walk whenever I can, I find it always clears my head and puts me in a better mood.


    I never get the blues, to me January is a fresh start to what will hopefully a great year.

  620. Jacqui Reply

    We tend to keep out of the cold weather & watch films together, snuggled up inside duvets!

  621. Tasha Reply

    Get plenty of fresh air

  622. A MELVILLE Reply

    Snuggling under the duvet. This prize would be the BEST!

  623. Tracy Hanley Reply

    I have my grandkids for a few days it always brightens my day

  624. emma franklin Reply

    Making the most of dark evenings with a good boxset

  625. Marie Elvin Reply

    Netflix and chocolate!

  626. Bridget mellor Reply

    Walks uplifting books and films Eating well and dressing in bright colours

  627. Rachel Stephenson Reply

    Netflix, chill and snacks surrounded by candles

  628. sarah davison Reply

    By keeping active as much as possible

  629. Sarah Lewis Reply

    Make sure I’ve got a holiday booked for the not too distant future to keep me going!

  630. Steph Reply

    Mines getting outdoors, love bring outside

  631. Jayne Wilson Reply

    I look after my great granddaughter Ava, I defy anyone to not smile at her little face

  632. Judy Kennedy Reply

    A brisk walk as even in the city you can see plenty of nature

  633. Julie Pannell Reply

    To get rid of january blues i book a holiday somewhere hot

  634. Amanda Baggott Reply

    Shopping in the sales!

  635. Liam Bishop Reply

    Try and spend the month sorting out the entire house. Cleaning and getting everything organised. Clear house – clear mind!


    By thinking of spring!

  637. Tara McWilliams Reply

    I go for de-cluttering, getting myself organised…& planning lots of holidays for the year ahead!

  638. lucinda duxbury Reply

    we have birthdays in january so it goes quite quickly and filled with fun….although it is an expensive month!

  639. Jane Willis Reply

    I get totally engrossed in my crafting. It’s impossible to feel down when you’re covered in glitter!

  640. Naomi Sarah Buchan Reply

    Lots of reading time snuggled up with dog helps x

  641. jberry Reply

    Dream of Spring, plot my garden.

  642. Laura Harrison Reply

    By getting healthy and plan the year ahead xx

  643. Alix boswell Reply

    I try to do things that I would normally do and try and have a routine and on the weekends just binge watch tv series!

  644. Lynn Brown Reply

    throwing myself into everything I do and playing lots of loud happy music.

  645. Michelle lintern Reply

    Book a holiday.

  646. Kate Kathurima Reply

    I do major sorting trying to get ready for the year to come

  647. lyla Reply

    I start planning for all the things I want to do in the spring

  648. victoria langley Reply

    a good old glass of wine :)

  649. hannah wood Reply

    By doing some Fitness

  650. hannah wood Reply

    By doing some Fitness

  651. Julie Wilson Reply

    I try to eat well, exercise a bit and sleep lots.

  652. TRACY JAMES Reply

    my fav hobby of beach metal detecting is best done in the winter months due to winter storms moving the sands around. x

  653. mary chez Reply

    I get my seed and plant catalogues out and start planning what I’m going to do in the garden when the weather improves.

  654. Kim Neville Reply

    I start up my exercise regime again so that I tone up in time for holiday

  655. Michelle Ferguson Reply

    By eating lots of chocolate

  656. Paula England Reply

    I always book something or book somewhere to go in January so I have something to look forward to.

  657. Lorna Ledger Reply

    I make lots of plans! also it is my birthday 21st Jan, this year (today in fact) it’s my 40th :)

  658. Frances H Reply

    I go for a brisk walk, no matter what the weather.

  659. Victoria Paterson Reply

    Count down the days until Spring!

  660. Zoe Glazebrook Reply

    Decluttering the house

  661. Caroline Cordery Reply

    Running and hot yoga. I don’t get January blues actually.

  662. michelle o'neill Reply

    long walks with the dog x

  663. Katy Hacket Reply

    Lots of baths and good books or tv with my feet up by the fire

  664. Rita Testa Reply

    I watch the days get longer and feel happy at the thought that the next season is spring.

  665. Beky Austerberry Reply

    try to think of one happy thing on a daily basis

  666. Kelly townsend Reply

    I just keep myself busy at work and at home

  667. Deborah Hambleton Reply

    It’s my birthday in January so i have no reason to be blue :-)

  668. Karen Robinson Reply

    I make sure I get outside every day. It’s too easy to become isolated. Gets the blood moving & keeps you flexible. Then I love a hot bath, a good novel & snuggling under a throw or in bed – pampering at its best!

  669. Donna Clinton Reply

    I always book a nice warm sunny break so i have something to look forward to!

  670. Lauren Stebbings Reply

    I just get stuck in and get on with it. It’s just another month, nothing special :-) great time of the year to have a clear out and get organised.

  671. Alica Reply

    I use all my gifts from Christmas like bath bombs and fluffy PJ’s, always makes me feel better :)

  672. Lindsey Stuart Reply

    I focus on being healthy and getting myself in to shape for the summer months ahead!
    I find doing lots of exercise makes you happy :)

  673. Rebecca roberts Reply

    I get my big girl pants on and go for a long walk and jump in muddy puddles

  674. Adam Irwin Reply

    i start drinking vodka

  675. kiya johnson Reply

    I find just getting back into your normal routine helps!

  676. Vicky Hawkins Reply

    I book a holiday and plan trips for the year. It gives me something to look forward to

  677. Gillian McClelland Reply

    I snack on chocolate and binge watch box sets to forget how long January is and how skint I am

  678. Valerie Seal Reply

    I enjoy getting back to normal after the Christmas whirl.

  679. Jill Fairbanks Reply

    I look at others less fortunate than myself and realise actually I have nothing to be blue about

  680. Chris Bull Reply

    Pretty much hibernate and watch happy movies whenever possible :-)

  681. Fay Reply

    I don’t get the ‘January blues’. With the job I have, January is no different to any other month. I just put my big boy pants on & crack on! lol

  682. Mandy Waller Reply

    Not easily as i suffer with SAD, i try to keep active doing exercises to help with the symptoms

  683. Gillian Holmes Reply

    I snuggle up with my cat.

  684. laura banks Reply

    i book the family holiday then we have something to look forward to

  685. Lesley Bambridge Reply

    I cope by storing away the festive bedding and putting freshly pressed, spring-like duvet cover and pillow cases. I also like to do small things like open a new bar of French Lavender soap, and light some fragrant candles to make it all a bit more cheerful. This year I have begun knitting a project for Spring too.

  686. Simon C Reply

    The good thing about January is that there’s always enough chocolate left over from Christmas to last the whole of January and keep me feeling cheerful :-D

  687. Deb Pettit Reply

    We cosy up in front of the fire and plan the years holidays.

  688. AnnMarie Gould Reply

    January is Munich absolute least favourite month. We have just booked a holiday for May which has cheered me up. I a man mostly snuggles up and reading some fab bookend and waiting for spring!

  689. Catherine Halloran Reply


  690. Janet Birkin Reply

    Snuggled up in front of the log fire, candles burning and a cup of hot chocolate

  691. Tina Deacon Reply

    I go and catch the January sales and lots of walks with my boys down our coast

  692. Jacqui S Reply

    I tend to wait until mid to late January to hit the sales, by then I know that what is left is likely to be reduces as much as its going to be and usually – bingo – I get lucky. Always gives me a buzz!

  693. Carol Thomas Reply

    I look after my week care more in January

    • Carol Thomas Reply

      Meant self care! Sighs spell checker

  694. Reina Reply

    I take my dog on long walks wrote down what exciting things I have planned for the whole year

  695. Corinne wright Reply

    I hate January! I always seem to get a case of the blues. We try to plan things for the year ahead to give us something to look forward too.

  696. Barbara Daniels Reply

    I go for lots of long walks, read a lot and treat myself every sat with a cake and hot chocolate in our local cafe.

  697. gemma hendry Reply

    hugs with my daughter

  698. Liesl booth Reply

    Retail therapy with lots of coffee

  699. Kellie Steed Reply

    Well firstly “cope” would probably be an exaggeration. I absolutely hate the cold and snow/ice prevents me from leaving the house due to my mobility issues, so it’s a very hybernate-ish month for me. I up my vitamins, try to plan for holidays and day trips and set up goals for the year, to give me something to focus on.

  700. Wendy Smith Reply

    I keep busy and remind myself that NOTHING lasts forever

  701. Phil Reply

    I like to swim and walk

  702. Sarah Austin Reply

    Plan the next trip away!

  703. Ruth Wollerton Reply

    By spending time with the people I love the most of all, my boys.

  704. Richard Saunders Reply

    This would be lovely to win

  705. Tracy Higgs Reply

    I tend to have a really good declutter in every room. Also long walks with my dog through the countryside.

  706. Jennifer toal Reply

    Go to bed early and sleep

  707. Cassie Reply

    Spend time with my family as much as possible :)

  708. Karen hutchinson Reply

    Lots if walks , read lots and plan holidays forsummer

  709. Andrew Adamson Reply


  710. sean lambourne Reply

    Read all the holiday brochures and plan were I will be getting my dose of sun this year

  711. xray lima Reply

    You know what, I don’t really get the January blues! I’m too busy.

  712. Sheena Batey Reply

    By going for brisk walks and getting out in as much daylight as possible

  713. Jan Beal Reply

    Going out for a daily walk helps and then I spend time reorganising cupboards and having a good clear out – does wonders for the soul!

  714. Rachel Wyse Reply

    I run off the January blues……..clears the head, fills the lungs …..restores the balance.

  715. Jade Hewlett Reply

    I spend lots of time with family

  716. Joanne Darnell Reply

    Enter loads of great comps like this one!

  717. Carole Nott Reply

    lots of coffee and cakes

  718. Isabel O Reply

    I don’t have a specific strategy, I guess I just try and power through!

  719. Marie B Reply

    I find it uplifting to take re-organise things that have become messy over the previous year. I also spend time outside in the garden prepping it ready for spring which is just around the corner.

  720. Catherine Barton Reply

    Meant to say fresh air not fish!!

  721. Catherine Barton Reply

    My husband & I support each other through January, it seems to be a difficult month for everyone. We try & spend time in the garden with the chickens; they lighten are mood for sure & the fish air does wonders

  722. ElizM Reply

    get cosy in the evening with the kids and ensure that the house is always warm

  723. MANDY DOHERTY Reply

    I make sure I take the dog for a 20-30 minute walk everyday and playing with my grandchildren always lightens my mood

  724. Graham Ross Reply

    I take up a new hobby

  725. Sophie Roberts Reply

    I always stay positive because life’s too short to be anything but happy! It’ll soon be summer haha!

  726. Ana Andrei Reply

    Relax, relax, relax

  727. Michelle Smith Reply

    Wear cosy fleece pj’s and have lots of hot chocolate 😀

  728. Lucy Barlow Reply

    Spring clean. A well deserved rest after working 29 days of 31 in December ! Get back into my excercise routine. Lots of nights out with family to cinema and theatre and spa that we get each other for Christmas

  729. Claire C Reply

    Get outside and enjoy the January fresh air, it always blows away the blues

  730. Jade Pawley Reply

    I spend a lot of time with my family, takes my mind off of the silly January blues!

  731. Richard Umpleby Reply

    I give my time to my volunteer roles and hobbies

  732. Helen G Reply

    I like to curl up with a good TV show binge

  733. Shan G Reply

    I snuggle up by the wood burner and hibernate with my books, sewing and hot chocolate.

  734. Debs Geordie Johnson Reply

    I tend to hibernate in bed a lot

  735. Hannah Wallington Reply

    I try to get plenty of exercise

  736. Lyn Geddes Reply

    Try to get some fresh air and walks out in the countryside

  737. Lyn Geddes Reply

    Try to get some fresh air and walks out in the countryside

  738. Pam Smith Reply

    I play my ukulele and sing (badly) at the top of my voice

  739. Lyndsey Reply

    i cope by looking forward to our family holiday in april

  740. Iris Tilley Reply

    I go mad with Fragrances and light loads of scented candles around my home Go for walks with the dog and listen to BBC IPLAYER in bed to help me sleep

  741. Joanna Orr Reply

    Currently having a mega clearout to bring some calm to our cluttered house! Otherwise, I settle down to my stained glass designs to blot everything else out LOL!

  742. Jennifer Hull Reply

    I have something planned each week of makes January go very quick.lkke a lunch with a friend I haven’t seen for a while…😍😍😍😍 Another week I will book a holiday for the summer…that’s a lovely day choosing….
    Another week I will host a little dinner with close friends … many ideas…one thing a week brightens January

  743. aga Reply

    keep myself busy with sports

  744. S Webb Reply

    I try to get in more physical activity and change my hair style or colour.

  745. Melissa Lee Reply

    I hide away in pyjamas with lots of blankets and Netflix

  746. Catherine Stewart Reply

    Lots of funactivities to get me through!

  747. Schilly Construction Inc Reply

    I overcome the January Blues with a Light Box! Try it yourself! :)

  748. Maisy jones Reply

    I find the best way to beat the January blues is just to stay as busy as possible. Fill your days with as much as possible no matter how mundane the task as even the Boeing things are better once they’re done

  749. Cat Culmer Reply

    I write a list of things to do for the year and focus on ticking each one off

  750. melanie stirling Reply

    I read,I keep warm and I have a laugh with my mum and sister.

  751. Val Pownall Reply

    I hate January! Hate the cold, depressing, grey days. I’ve already made a start on my Spring cleaning by clearing out the bathroom cupboards, and am making plans for which big jobs we’ll be doing this year. Gives me something to aim for. I’ve also reorganised my wool stash ready for some projects for the new year.

  752. Amy Lambert Reply

    Make lots of exciting goals and plans for the future

  753. Serena La Pietra Reply

    I like to keep it nice and warm at all times in my home, nothing is more depressing than being cold.

  754. Rebecca Sutton Reply

    Eurgh… the come down from Christmas, we jut take the decorations down before January arrives, and get working on updating the house.

  755. Sarah Walford Reply

    I start trying to decorate the house or if its nicer weather then start clearing the garden in preparation for spring. It makes me feel better being outside or in freshly painted rooms. Both give me the feeling of something new.

  756. lyn west Reply

    Badly! I find the short days depressing but try to plan as many nice days out as possible

  757. Kim Reply

    Savor the sunny days!

  758. Claire Carter Reply

    Tidy away all the Xmas decs, and get ready for my little boy’s birthday in February

  759. Sharon Saunders Reply

    I focus on my little boys birthday which is tomorrow (20th!), try to have some fresh flowers in the house and remind myself that it will be spring soon!!!!

  760. Sarah Hutt Reply

    plenty of hearty food such as stews and casseroles and wrap up warm

  761. ruth robinson Reply

    i like shopping and having some nice food

  762. Helen Best Reply

    I love walking blowing the January blues away then coming home to a warm bath and snuggling up in my duvet with a good book

  763. Kerri Copeland Reply

    2hours at the gym every day

  764. ann clements Reply

    put a brave face on and just carry on

  765. CatF Reply

    Medicated here too! Winter is hard! But also, podcasts, fire, walking in the morning and keeping busy.


    get outside as much as possible and try and eat well

  767. Anthony Harrington Reply

    I go on lots of long doggie walks and eat far too much chocolate

  768. Alice Dixon Reply

    Cosy nights inside, bundled up with a hot water bottle

  769. Fiona Johnstone Reply

    I get out as much as I can and enjoy the winter sunshine if there is any. This makes me feel healthier and also helps me sleep too.

  770. Hayley Pemberton Reply

    I try and keep busy and give myself things to look forward to

  771. Pam Hubbard Reply

    I read alot

  772. Susan Sargent Reply

    I try to keep busy, and reward myself with spring flowers

  773. Solange Reply

    I exercise, eat healthy, get outside, read a book, listen to relaxing music or have a bath using essential oils.

  774. T Brailey Reply

    Have something to look forward to even if it is very tiny.

  775. Robert Price Reply

    Treating every day like Xmas Day

  776. Wendy Lewis Reply

    Plan our next holiday so i can look forward to sunshine!

  777. Michelle Wild Reply

    I read.

  778. Richard Olivier Reply

    By making the most of when the sun comes out.

  779. Anna Tuckett Reply

    I enjoy walking our two dogs.

  780. Neil Dobson Reply

    A lot of films and box sets

  781. Lynne OConnor Reply

    Walks across the common trying to spot early spring flowers

  782. Amy Withnall Reply

    I go running…

  783. David Palmer Reply

    book a summer holiday.

  784. Iona Cornish Reply

    I try to get out for a walk every day in the fresh air

  785. Susan Smith Reply

    I keep myself busy and cross each day off on the calendar

  786. Andrea Fletcher Reply

    I like to choose our summer holiday, read lots of books and try out lots of new recipes.

  787. Danielle Pooley Reply

    I try and get the house in order, having a good clear out helps me get through.

  788. Tunde Toth Reply

    Planning some fun ideas for my annual leave and making carrot jam this weekend. Taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch too.

  789. Cherryl Thomas Reply

    Long walks through our local woods and countryside…

  790. KATHY D Reply

    look forward to February nwhen i have a birthday and a lovely treat

  791. Suzanne Reply

    I love walking and being outdoors then relaxing at home with a book.

  792. OMara Emily Reply

    we went on a one nights stay to try and break up the month!