Magical Children’s Bedding from Forivor

FORIVOR Magical Childrens Bedding

I have to tell you something a little embarrassing. Since becoming a mother, I cry really easily. I can’t watch Comic Relief or Children in Need or any kind of programmes like that anymore. Sometimes even adverts or stories on the news make me cry. It’s terrible. But why am I telling you this? Well this product I am sharing with you today also made me cry, no joke. I received an email from the makers and just reading about it had me in tears, before I’d even seen it no less!! I know, I know, I can hear you all now “Get a grip woman”, but it must be the hormones or something. I never used to cry this much. Anyway, I’d best tell you all about this special tear-jerking product, hadn’t I? It’s the most beautiful, magical, storytelling bedding for children. Just look at it! It is created by Alice Ross and Rebecca Attwood of luxury children’s bedding brand Forivor with the aim of nurturing a generation of imaginative storytellers who are invested in the future of the planet. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

FORIVOR Enchanted Forest Bedding

Rebecca says: “I grew up on the Welsh borders and our Enchanted Forest collection is inspired by this experience growing up without electricity in the middle of woods and rivers.”

The super soft bedding is reversible with a highly detailed illustration on each side, one side depicting a British woodland scene where wildlife hide in the undergrowth and up in the branches of the trees and the other side revealing a transformed nighttime world where the wildlife have become mythical creatures with magical powers that you might meet in your dreams.

Forivor Enchanted Forest Bedding Front and Back with Pillow

Each bedding set comes in an organic cotton suitcase that can be used for play or as a sleepover bag. It can also be used to wrap it all away again and keep it safe for the grandchildren, after all bedding this beautiful is bound to become a family heirloom that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Forivor suitcase for bedding

The bedding also comes with a set of Character Cards in their own organic cotton zip-up pouch. The cards provide fascinating facts about nature on the ‘Dayland’ side of the bedding to encourage children to explore and understand the world around them. They also feature storytelling cues and magic powers for their nighttime counterparts encouraging children to create their own bedtime tales.

FORIVOR Character cards

Bedtime is such a precious time in our house and we all adore reading bedtime stories. Increasingly though, my daughter is asking me to make up stores for her, which I love to do. I know that she would absolutely love to have bedding like this and I can see us discussing all the little details over and over every night. Children can learn so much from this bedding and the accompanying cards and it would really help to get them using their imagination. I bet it would inspire some lovely dreams too. I just think it is such a lovely idea.

Forivor Bedding Dayland Close up

With Forivor’s bedding, children can learn fascinating facts about British wildlife, such as how a mole can dig 540 times their own bodyweight in a day. In Forivorland they will discover King Mole’s magic power to sniff out treasure and imagine where they would hide their own treasure in the underground burrows. I wanted my illustrations to create a world where children can get lost in the detail, discovering something new every bedtime. We hope the play between fact and fiction will inspire parents and children.

Alice Ross, Director, Forivor

FORIVOR Magical Childrens Bedding close up

At the heart of Forivor’s philosophy, is a commitment to supporting and inspiring the protection of our natural world and wildlife, whilst providing an opportunity to learn and explore our imaginations. As part of this philosophy we ensure that all of Forivor’s products are ethically and sustainably produced and are designed to last. Most people remember their first duvet with fondness and we hope your Forivor bedding will become a long-lasting family heirloom, whose magic is passed from one generation to the next, taking stories that have been told with it

Rebecca Attwood, Director, Forivor 

FORIVOR Magical Childrens Bedding

Forivor launched a Kickstarter campaign to seek funding to bring their beautiful bedding into production. The campaign ran from the 19th June to the 19th July 2016 with the aim of raising £5,000. The bedding was so popular that the target was reached in just 24hrs and by the time the campaign had finished, the target was more than doubled. Forivor has now launched an Indiegogo Indemand campaign to build on the momentum of Kickstarter and to give people the opportunity to continue to preorder the bedding at an early bird rate.

I’d love to know what you guys think of this bedding and the idea behind it. If you’ve got kids, do you think they would appreciate something like this at bedtime? Let me know!

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