Bemz Velvet Slipcovers for IKEA Sofas

Ikea Ektorp sofa with Bemz velvet slipcovers in Zink Grey

Over a decade ago, Canadian native Lesley Pennington upped sticks in favour of a house by the water in stunning Sweden, and in that house she bought herself a standard IKEA sofa. But that sofa was not quite the personalised look that Lesley wanted for her home, and it was from this thought that Bemz was born.

Ikea Vimle sofa with Bemz velvet slipcovers in Rose

Specialising in slipcovers to personalise and update IKEA furniture, Bemz, with Lesley at the helm, has gone from strength to strength, with over 250 available fabrics to choose from, not to mention the vast array of colours, to make your IKEA pieces really pop in your home.

Ikea Vimle sofa with Bemz velvet slipcovers in Sand Beige

The line that really caught my eye is the new range of Bemz velvet slipcovers, which uses their Malmen velvet to add that extra something special to standard livingroom furniture. The Malmen velvet slipcovers are available to fit the entire IKEA catalogue – from armchairs to sofas, throw pillows to curtains – and look fantastic on everything. This range is currently available in four muted but very stylish Scandi-inspired colours (Sand Beige, Zinc Grey, Mineral Blue and Straw Yellow), and there are plans to increase the pallet this autumn with the addition of four more colours (Ivy Green, Chestnut, Indigo Blue and Rose).

Ikea Ektorp sofa with Bemz velvet slipcovers in Mineral Blue

I know that so many of us naturally turn to IKEA when shopping for our homes as the pieces are well designed, affordable and pretty good quality. But I also know a lot of people who dislike the fact that their home tends to look like something straight out of the IKEA catalogue. Bemz goes along way to solving this problem as it allows us to personalise our IKEA purchases and really put our own stamp on them. I know that you guys will just adore the Bemz velvet slipcovers, as well as the entire Bemz catalogue of unique add-ons for your IKEA furniture. All of which are machine washable, which is terribly convenient and not to mention practical.

Ikea Vimle footstool with Bemz velvet slipcovers in Straw Yellow

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to peruse the best way to upscale the IKEA couch I now feel the need to buy! How nice is that blush pink one above? Have these Bemz velvet slipcovers made you reconsider an IKEA couch?

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