5 Easy Ways to Create More Storage at Home

An open plan living-dining room featuring a modular desk unit made from storage shelving

Modular desk unit from Shelved (affiliate link)

Hands up if you have enough storage at home? I’m betting that if you live in the UK, especially in a new build, your answer will be “hell no!” We’re extremely lucky in our tiny flat as we do actually have quite a lot of storage space. Both bedrooms and the living room have built-in cupboards. There was an awkward alcove in the hallway that we have converted into a large coat cupboard. We also have a utility room and a large brick shed in the garden. But despite this, I’m always wondering how I can create more storage at home. There just never seems to be enough. So I’ve put my thinking cap on and today I am sharing 5 Easy Ways to Create More Storage at Home.

Reconfiguration Your Room

A peach living room with floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall shelving

Peach bookcase by Wood Works Brighton

It might be possible to create more storage at home by reconfiguring the rooms. Merging two adjoining rooms, like a kitchen and dining room for example, by eliminating the wall between them can dramatically alter your living space. This approach creates a more open and expansive feel and new possibilities for innovative storage options and furniture arrangement.

The challenge of arranging furniture to optimize space often becomes easier with the increased area available following such a renovation. While undertaking structural changes might seem daunting and require an investment, it can definitely be worth it to create that additional storage at home.

Shelving Above Doors & Windows

a shelf installed above a window to use the dead space up near the ceiling allows you to create more storage at home

Our bathroom is tiny, and there is minimal space for storage. When we did our small bathroom renovation I had to get creative to figure out how to create additional storage space where there was none. I spent ages looking for home storage hacks on Pinterest and ways to maximize storage in a small house. I was determined to find home storage solutions that would work in our tiny bathroom.

I found a genius idea that would enable me to use the dead space up near the ceiling. My husband installed a shelf above the bathroom window where we could put some small baskets that could neatly store all our toiletries up out of the way.

If we need more storage space in the future, for example, once my two daughters become teenagers and have more toiletries and beauty products, I will definitely consider putting up another shelf above the bathroom door.

Look at companies like Kasala when considering adding shelving above doors and windows to create more storage at home. Choose shelves that harmonize with the door casing to beautifully complement your home’s decor.

Leverage Your Loft

Loft Conversion featuring Velux centre pivot windows

Loft Conversion featuring Velux centre pivot windows

Having a loft is akin to hitting the jackpot. Transforming your loft with a loft conversion can not only create an additional living area, but also provide you with more opportunities to create storage at home.

Loft conversions can provide one to two extra rooms, depending on the available space. This not only enlarges your home but also increases its market value. Thus, if you decide to sell in the future, you’ll appreciate the investment’s return.

While converting the loft may not be the cheapest option, the space it offers holds boundless potential. You could use it merely for storage, freeing up more space throughout your home, or convert it into an office, or even a cosy spot for TV viewing. The possibilities for unlocking your spare room’s potential are virtually endless.

Understairs Storage

A built-in home office under the stairs

Home Office range from the Home Collection at Sharps

We live in a first-floor flat so sadly we don’t have stairs. I say sadly, not because I miss having stairs, I really don’t! But, because there is great hidden storage potential under the stairs if you use it wisely.

In most homes, this area is underused or becomes cluttered with footwear and bags. However, you can tailor your staircase storage in several creative ways, with one excellent option being the transformation into a study nook.

Having a designated spot for occasional work and keeping crucial documents and your computer organized is so practical.

Use Your Garden

 garden summer house in the corner of a garden surrounded by fencing

4LIFE Pent Summerhouse from Forest

As I mentioned, we have a utility room, which is actually underneath the steps up to our flat, and we also have a large brick shed. Both of these additional rooms provide us with extra storage at home. Many people overlook the storage capabilities that gardens offer.

But garden sheds could be one of the best home upgrades you can make. They are so versatile. You can use your garden shed as a summer house, a home office, or a home gym. But equally you could just use it as a storage shed in your garden. Just remember that you will need to make sure it is watertight as you don’t want what whatever you are storing to get damp and mouldy.

So those are just five options that will allow you to create more storage at home. Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Pop them in the comments below.

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