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A group of 5 ergonomic office chairs in front of an exposed brick wall with a clock and a plant behind

This month marked a year of working from home for many of us. Who would have thought that back in March 2020, we’d still be in some kind of lockdown a whole year later? But here we are. And this past year has highlighted the fact that so many of us can work from home quite effectively.

The future of work is wide open for re-evaluation with many big companies reassessing the need for central offices or at least looking to cut back on the number of offices that they have or the amount of office space that they occupy. This pandemic may have changed the world of work forever and only time will tell what becomes normal once everything reopens.

An ergonomic office chair infront of an exposed brick wall and next to a coffee table with a vase of flowers on it

Working from home hasn’t turned out to be the fairytale that many of us had once thought it would be though. The juggle between work and homeschool was a spectacular challenge for many families. Those who live alone have struggled with social isolation. And for many people, the lack of a purpose-built office at home has made working from home particularly uncomfortable.

I don’t have a spare room at home that I can use as an office, so while I was unable to work from my coworking space I had to set up camp on my dining room table, or the sofa, depending on how cosy I wanted to be. This is not ideal and I often ended up working from the sofa of an evening once the kids were in bed because solid wooden dining room chairs just aren’t designed to be sat on comfortably for hours on end, even with seat pads.

Many people would have found themselves in this situation over lockdown and working from home has been damaging for their physical health. I suspect most people missed the ergonomic office chair they would have had when working from their office. As nobody knew just how long we would be working from home for, I’m guessing many people thought they would just soldier on at the dining table.

An ergonomic office chair infront of an exposed brick wall and next to a coffee table with a vase of flowers on it

Creating an ergonomic workspace is so important and an ergonomic office chair is an absolute must if you are going to be seated at a desk for any length of time. The human body is meant to be seated for extended hours during the day. Evolution led us to develop a musculoskeletal system that is optimized for standing upright or being on the move. Since the late 20th century our normal working habits revolve around technology-led, desk work and we find ourselves sitting down too much. Back discomfort and physical ailments are on the rise

Ergonomic chairs have been designed to provide the best support for our backs, to promote movement and enhanced wellbeing. The team at SummitAtHome has created the term ‘Dynamic Sitting’ which essentially means wellbeing through movement in the chair. Regular movement is recognized as vital for good back care and their unique chairs can be unlocked whilst seated providing the ability to constantly adjust your seated position. 

They also offer additional features that encourage good seated posture and relieve uneven pressure on the spine:

  • Body balance mechanism for ‘dynamic sitting’
  • Patented Airbridge technology to deliver variable support for your spine through inflatable, AirCare seat cushions.
  •  Easy Lift, back height adjustment for precise positioning of the inflatable lumbar support. 
  • Cool, flexible mesh backs 
  • Push Button Mechanism control 
  • Height adjustable lumbar pads
  • S shaped spinal support
  • Width & height adjustable arms designed to prevent strain on our shoulders and neck.
  • Multi adjustable head rests

I have teamed up with SummitAtHome to giveaway an ergonomic office chair. You can enter below using the Gleam Widget. There are a number of entry options but as a minimum, you must leave a comment to enter. One lucky winner will be drawn at random and will be able to choose an ergonomic office chair made to their bespoke specification. Good Luck!

Win an ergonomic office chair

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