How to Ensure Your Sustainable Home is also Stylish

A dining room painted in Dulux Wild Wonder paint
Dulux paint in Wild Wonder

Is it possible to design a sustainable home that is still stylish? There is an assumption that sustainability and style are mutually exclusive. That if you focus on sustainability in your home design you have to somehow sacrifice the style. But that isn’t true. In this post, we’ll be exploring sustainable home design, focusing on the intersection of style and environmental responsibility. From the living room to the bedroom, and every corner in between, we will discover how simple yet impactful eco-friendly home upgrades can make your living space both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious. You absolutely can reduce your carbon footprint whilst making a style statement.

Embarking on Sustainable Living

Imagine waking up one morning to a world where your every home decision could help save the planet. That’s right, we’re not just talking about recycling your newspaper or turning off the lights. We’re talking about a full-on green revolution in your living space. It’s time to ditch the guilt of environmental neglect and embrace the joy of eco-friendly living. And guess what? Your journey to a sustainable home AND a stylish home starts right here, right now.

Green Living Room Essentials

A wood burner next to a Christmas tree with presents on a Weaver Green recycled plastic rug in a sustainable home

Darjeeling Heather Rug from Weaver Green

Picture this: your living room, but greener. Not just the colour of your walls, but in every sense of the word. Sustainable furniture made from reclaimed wood tells a story – each scratch and dent a tale of its eco-heroic journey. And those cushions? Filled with organic cotton, because nothing says comfort like saving the planet in your pyjamas. Let’s not forget the eco-friendly area rug, made from recycled materials, anchoring the room in both style and sustainability. 

The Heartwarming Hearth

A bioethanol fire is a great addition to a sustainable home

EcoSmart Fire Bay Bioethanol Fireplace from

The fireplace is the centrepiece of many a living room, where stories are shared, and relationships are strengthed. But here’s a twist – bioethanol fireplaces. They’re like regular fireplaces but without the whole “burning the planet down” vibe. Bioethanol burns clean, meaning no smoke, no soot, and no guilt trips about contributing to air pollution. It’s warmth without the waste, flames without the fossil fuels. Gather around, tell your stories of eco-heroism, and bask in the glow of making a difference.

Sustainable Kitchen Innovations

The Lomi kitchen composter machine is a great addition to a sustainable home

The kitchen – a place where magic (and pasta, if I’m on dinner duty) happens. But let’s add a sprinkle of sustainability to that recipe. Energy-efficient appliances that use less power than it takes to pronounce “refrigerator” – check. Recycled glass countertops that make your neighbour’s granite look so 2020 – double check. And a tabletop kitchen composter that turns your food scraps into garden gold – chef’s kiss! Don’t forget the charm of a vertical herb garden, bringing a dash of green and a pinch of flavour right to your fingertips. Oh, and those cute, reusable shopping bags you’ve been collecting? They’re not just for show – they’re a statement against single-use plastic. So, whip up your eco-friendly feast, and let’s toast to a kitchen that’s as kind to the planet as it is to your taste buds.

A Dreamy Eco-Oasis in the Bedroom

A cross section of an organic Naturalmat Sprung Mattress

Organic matress from Naturalmat

Next up is a sustainable bedroom. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and what’s more peaceful than knowing you’re not harming the planet while you sleep? Bamboo sheets that feel like a hug from Mother Nature herself, and a mattress made from organic materials, because who wants to sleep on a cocktail of chemicals? Not you, eco-warrior, not you. Imagine walls adorned with non-toxic paint, creating a calming ambiance that whispers “sweet dreams” in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The closet? Filled with sustainable fashion, reminding you that every choice, even in fashion, impacts our dear Earth. And when you turn off your energy-efficient bedside lamp, you’re not just saving electricity; you’re also dreaming in green.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Bliss

Bathtub in a bathroom which is full of plants.

Image c/o Dobbies

Gone are the days of wasteful water use. Enter low-flow showerheads that save water without sacrificing pressure – because let’s face it, no one likes a weak shower. And let’s not forget about recycled toilet paper – it’s like giving trees a second chance at life. Your eco-friendly soap and shampoo? Stored in stylish, refillable containers, bidding farewell to disposable plastic. The bathmat under your feet? Made from sustainable materials, because every step should be a step towards a greener future. Remember, even the smallest room in the house can make a big environmental statement.

Bright Ideas for Sustainable Living

An LED pendant light suspended above a glass and brass dining table with four grey velvet chairs around it

Bromley Brass LED Pendant from

Goodbye, incandescent bulbs of the past. Hello, LED lighting – the superheroes of efficiency. They last longer than the time it takes to forget why you walked into the room in the first place. Plus, they’re a bright idea for your energy bill too. And let’s not overlook the magic of natural light – using strategically placed mirrors to illuminate your home with sunshine. It’s like giving the sun a standing ovation every day. And for those romantic evenings? Soy or beeswax candles, casting a cosy glow while keeping it eco-friendly. After all, the best mood lighting is the one that loves Mother Earth back.

The Garden – Your Green Thumb’s Playground

A woman in a garden cutting roses

Your garden isn’t just a garden. It’s an ecosystem, a sanctuary for bees, butterflies, and the occasional squirrel who thinks it owns the place. Plant native species, because they’re like the locals of the plant world – they just belong. And maybe, just maybe, grow your own veggies. Because nothing tastes as good as sustainability feels. Add a rainwater harvesting system to give your plants a drink without draining resources. And let’s not forget the joy of a compost heap, turning yesterday’s kitchen scraps into tomorrow’s garden gold.

Smart Tech for an Eco-Conscious Home

A smart thermostat in a sustainable home

Smart thermostats that learn your schedule to save energy, sensors that turn off lights when you forget – welcome to your home’s brain. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s obsessed with saving the planet. These gadgets not only cut down on your utility bills but also minimise your ecological footprint. It’s technology with a conscience, and it’s brilliant. And don’t overlook the power of smart irrigation systems in your garden, ensuring every drop of water is used wisely. Your home is not just smart; it’s an eco-genius.

Eco-Friendly Finishing Touches

A dresser that has been upcycled using stencils and Annie Sloan chalk paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint used to upcycle a dresser

Sustainable décor isn’t just about buying new stuff; it’s about giving old things new life. Vintage finds, upcycled art, and DIY projects that turn trash into treasure. It’s your home’s chance to wear its eco-conscious heart on its sleeve. Scatter some repurposed cushions here, hang up a reclaimed wood shelf there, and voila – your house is not just a home; it’s a statement. And remember, every piece tells a story – from the salvaged window frame turned into a picture display to the antique vase holding your freshly cut garden flowers. It’s sustainable, stylish, and oh-so-you.

Sustainable Style in Action

So it is indeed possible to create a sustainable home that is also stylish. So, as you sit back in your sustainably styled home, sipping on fair-trade coffee, remember this: you’ve done more than just create a stylish space. You’ve taken a stand for the planet, and in the process, found a style that truly reflects the best version of you – a stylish, sustainable, slightly sarcastic superhero. So, as you embark on your journey of stylish sustainability, remember to laugh, love, and, most importantly, recycle. Because in the end, the best style is the one that leaves the world a little better than you found it.

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