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Ceramics by Loaf

I was recently sent the new Loaf catalogue and I must say I was bowled over by the beauty that lay inside it. Loaf wasn’t really a company that had been on my radar until now and I think that’s because it was originally launched back in 2008 as The Sleep Room and focused solely on beds. But due to the huge success and rapid growth that the company experienced, it decided to branch out into other rooms in the house. Obviously the name The Sleep Room was no longer appropriate when they would also be selling kitchen tables and sofas, so a new name was needed and in 2012 The Sleep Room became Loaf. For whatever reason, I hadn’t really taken notice of the developments that were occurring and it wasn’t until the catalogue arrived in the post that I sat up and realised exactly how much had changed. Loaf now stocks an array of beautiful products that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

Zeus console table by Loaf

I love the combination of wood and metal that features in the product range and it fits my personal taste down to a tea. It’s slightly rustic yet a tad industrial which is what I love and I can imagine having all these pieces in my own home. Even the ceramics are just beautiful and the Floris range, which is my favourite, features a delicately intricate pattern that reminds me of lace.

As I’ve just discovered the gallery function of my blog I have included a number of images from the Loaf catalogue in a gallery below. Let me know what you think about the range as I always appreciate hearing your thoughts.

For more great products for the home head on over to the Design Sheppard Shop where you will find a handpicked list of interior products personally curated by me. Whether you’re looking for a gift for the design lover in your life or a treat for yourself, hopefully you’ll be inspired by my collection.

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  • They look absolutely ancient and I love them for that. That old, worn wooden texture is fantastic. I used to see similar looking furniture in a relative of mine living in Haslemere.
    Old aunty there had stuff from before the WWII and she’s treasuring them still.
    I especially like the wooden rack (under the clock). Great find, thanks for the post!