5 Reasons Why You Need a Garden Parasol

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Garden Parasol from Solero Parasols. Large square garden parasol on a wheeled base. The parasol is angled over the garden furniture.

I don’t know about you guys, but this year I have been thoroughly disappointed with the amount of use I have had from my garden. We had one pathetic BBQ. And it really was pathetic. We fired it up, cooked a few burgers, ate them, and went back inside. This summer couldn’t have been more different from last summer when we practically lived outside on the deck. We ate outside pretty much every evening. It was the best summer in living memory, no contest.

Garden Parasol from Solero Parasols.  Large square cantilvered parasol above an outdoor dining set.

However, the one thing that was missing last year, that we completely overlooked, was a garden parasol. It was such a hot and sunny Summer and our new decking was a total sun trap. There was no shade at all on the deck so we really couldn’t escape the heat of the sun. On many occasions, we ended up sitting behind the shed just to get some shade, which was ridiculous really.

We weren’t expecting such an amazing Summer and I really wish we’d had a large, good quality garden parasol. And if we’d have had one we would now be able to use it as we move into Autumn. Just because it is Autumn now it doesn’t mean we can’t still use our outdoor spaces. We just need to make sure we are equipped to do so, right?

So today, with this in mind, I want to write a post about why anyone with a garden should invest in a garden parasol so here I’m sharing my five top reasons.

Garden Parasol from Solero Parasols.  Large black square cantilevered parasol providing shade over a garden dining set.
  • I’m going to start this list with the fact that it allows you to make the most of your garden, even throughout the Autumn and maybe throughout Winter too, if it’s a mild one. I actually really like Autumn and I enjoy being outside on the cold crisp Autumn days, as long as it’s not too wet. Having a parasol in your garden means that you can still use your outdoor seating area even after summer has long ended. Imagine sitting outside with a blanket and a warm hot chocolate with the chiminea burning away, maybe toasting a few marshmallows, if you like that kind of thing. The parasol, when put up, will also ensure that your garden furniture remains dry enough to sit on.
Garden Parasol from Solero Parasols.  The view of the spokes beneath the parasol.
  • The second reason why it makes sense to invest in a good quality garden parasol is an aesthetic one. From a decor point of view, adding a parasol to your seating area is a great finishing touch. It can add colour and personality to your space depending on the look you are after. You can also use a parasol to create a cosy atmosphere, especially through the Autumn and Winter months. Simply suspend some hanging lanterns from the spokes of the parasol or twist some fairy lights around the spokes. This will instantly add some romantic mood lighting.
Garden Parasol from Solero Parasols. Large round white garden parasol angled above an outdoor loungen chair
  • Next up you can use a garden parasol to help create a sense of privacy in your garden. This is particularly helpful if your garden is overlooked. It’s never a nice thought to think that you’re being watched, even if it is just by your neighbours. But a large garden parasol erected above your seating area creates a more intimate setting for your alfresco activities. Alternatively, if you get one of the large cantilevered parasols with an articulating arm you can rotate the parasol in any direction to create the privacy from the specific angle that you need.
Garden Parasol from Solero Parasols.  Large black garden parasol above an outdoor furniture set on a terrace.
  • A more obvious reason to get a garden parasol is to create shade in the summer months and to protect you from the strength of the sun’s harmful rays. This is particularly important if you have children or pets who need to be kept out of direct sunshine in the hottest part of the day. The garden parasols from Solero Parasols offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays and offer a UPF rate of between 30 and 50 depending on the cloth that you choose. By filtering out the solar radiation, the shade created by the parasol will feel much cooler than it feels in direct sunlight. The shade will also protect your garden furniture and fabrics from the fading and degrading caused by the sun’s rays.
Garden Parasol from Solero Parasols.  Large white square parasol angled above outdoor sofas
  • The final benefit to be had from investing in a garden parasol is that you can happily work outdoors. Last Summer, when it was beautiful sunny weather, I longed to work outside in the garden. But because we didn’t have a garden parasol or any other way of creating shade on our deck that simply wasn’t possible. The glare on my laptop screen meant that I couldn’t see a thing. Having a large garden parasol under which I could have worked would have made a huge difference to my working day.
5 reasons why you need a garden parasol

So there you have it, my top five reasons why you should invest in a garden parasol. It may seem like a weird time of year to buy a parasol, but if you want to continue using your outdoor space into the Autumn/Winter months, now is a great time to invest.

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  • Very nice post. I have just invested in one. I really like the garden to be used more, especially as I have been avoiding going out in the summer as it has been too bright and hot. It was too dark to do my crafts inside and too hot outside. A large parasol will really help me have more use, as in a living area too. I do like the idea of using it in autumn and watching the sunset going down. I have got one that tilts so hopefully I can get more control of it that way. Yes the glare on the computer is just a pain not to mention the heat on the computer in the sun. I really hope that my new parasol will really cool things down. will see. It would be nice to have a snow friendly parasol and you can sit outside drinking some hot vodka. I like it that it is portable and you can rock up anywhere you want. The privacy is very useful, as my neighbour’s windows look down at me. I can’t wait for my garden parasol to come, it will be like one of those fun lock down presents to yourself we remember so well in 2020.