7 Ways to Seriously Enhance Your Outdoor Space

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Outdoor Space with seating, Hanging Lights, Lanterns, Candles and a Firepit

Warm Night Outdoor Space with Hanging Lights, Lanterns, Candles and a Firepit from Lights4Fun (affiliate)

If you’re going to spend all that time, energy, and money required to get your hands on a piece of property, then it’s in your best interests to ensure you’re making the most of all that it offers you. In doing so, you won’t only be maximising your enjoyment of your home, but you’ll also be nudging the value in the right direction, too. 

One of the most overlooked aspects of the home is the back garden. While there may only be a few months of the year when you can enjoy your garden, especially here in the UK, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. With a little bit of effort, you can transform your garden into what is essentially an outdoor living space

Need some inspiration on how to put together an amazing garden? Check out the handy tips we’ve compiled below. If you take them all on board, then you might just find that your garden becomes your favourite part of your property. 

Hire a Landscaper

Most people don’t take full advantage of their garden purely because it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as it could. It’s normal that you wouldn’t want to spend time in your garden if it was a mud bath with a few sad-looking plants around the edge. But happily, this is one of the easiest things to change. If you have the time, energy, and inclination, then you can landscape your garden yourself. If you don’t, then consider hiring a landscaper. They’ll put together a beautiful outdoor space that invites you to spend time there.

Make Your Outdoor Space Private

Outdoor space with sofa and fire table surrounded by Cedar Wall Panels

Outdoor Cedar Wall Panel from Naturewall

When the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than relaxing with your family in your own back garden. However, if you don’t feel that there’s any privacy in your garden, then you may be less inclined to truly unwind. After all, it’s hard to relax when we sense that people can see us! Even though it’s highly unlikely that passersby or your neighbours will look in, you’ll feel happier if there’s a large fence around the edge of your outdoor space. Plus, adding a touch of privacy will also make your property less appealing to would-be criminals, too.

Add a Seating Area

Patio featuring wooden seating, blankets, Candles, Festoon Lights, Mushroom Stake Lights and Solar Lanterns

Patio with Truglow® Candles, Festoon Lights, Mushroom Stake Lights and Solar Lanterns from Lights4Fun (affiliate)

You’ll want to do more than just admire your garden from a distance. On those glorious spring and summer days, you’ll want to get right in there and enjoy it first-hand. There’s nothing better than spending a lazy afternoon soaking up the rays, without a care in the world. For this, it’s best to put together a seating area, which you can think of as your outdoor living room. You’ll need a range of outdoor furniture and seating, of course, and you may also consider adding a pergola with polycarbonate sheets for a roof; if you’re looking for more inspiration, then you can read more here about how to put this together. Once you’ve got your outdoor living room, you’ll just need to sit back and relax — and if you’ve added a covering, you’ll even be protected from the sun’s rays during the hottest parts of the day, as well as those occasional rain showers we can get during the summer. 

Bring the Fun to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor patio space featuring a wood fired bbq

Quan Wood Fired BBQ Island from Cuckooland (affiliate)

Your garden should be all about pleasure. You’ll get this from your seating area, of course, but it’s also worthwhile looking at adding some additional touches of fun, too. For example, could you add a BBQ or a hammock? Those two things alone will step your garden up to a whole new level. If you have children, then you may also consider adding some outdoor games or an inflatable pool. They’ll love it — and you’ll also have peace of mind in knowing that they’ll always have something to do during the summer holidays. 

They’ll love it – and you’ll also have peace of mind in knowing that they’ll always have something to do during the summer holidays. 

Meanwhile, if you have a pool, you can turn it into a super comfy poolside chill spot by selecting some of the best pool bean bags as an addition. These bags mould to your shape, giving top-notch support for your back when you want to lounge around the pool. And they’re not just about comfort, as they bring a fun splash of colour and style to your pool decor. With various colours and designs, these bean bags can improve your pool area’s look. 

Attract Wildlife

A water feature in a garden

Water Bowl Scupper 26 from Solus Decor

It’s not just you and your family that could enjoy your yard. Wildlife could, too. By planting flowers that attract wildlife and installing a water feature, you’ll be doing your bit to help nature thrive. It can be oh-so enjoyable to see a wide array of wildlife stopping by your garden. There are other advantages to adding a water feature, too — they’ve been shown to increase the peace and serenity levels of a yard, for instance. 

Get a Garden Dome

A garden dome is a super versatile shelter to get for your garden. You can use them all year round as they provide great shelter from the wind and the rain. You can use them for all sorts of outdoor activities that allow you to make better use of your outdoor space all year round. I’ve rounded up 20 different ways to use your garden igloo.

Install a Firepit in Your Outdoor Space

A decked area featuring wooden chairs a fire bucket and lots of lanterns, festoon lights and fairy lights.

Evening Garden Setting in Summer with Lights and Fire Bucket from Lights4Fun (affiliate)

Finally, consider installing a firepit in your garden. This will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even when the temperatures begin to dip, as they always will once the sun goes down. With a reliable source of heat, you’ll be able to sit outside and look up at the stars, which is a deeply enjoyable way to pass an hour.

Let me know how you have enhanced your outdoor space so that you can use it as another living area. You can see how our decking transformed our garden here and now we practically live out here in the summer.

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