Garden Sheds: The Best Home Upgrade You Can Make?

A garden shed used as a summer house on a deck with hanging festoon lights

Garden sheds can be used as summer houses like the Wildflower Garden Summer House.
Lights from Lights4Fun

Garden sheds are modest structures that are nowhere near as big as your home or even your garage. And yet, it could be one of the best home upgrades you can make. 

This can sound ridiculous, but you’ll be amazed at the benefits that garden sheds can bring to your exterior space – and your interiors too. Yes, a shed will have an impact on what happens inside your house, despite the fact it exists outside. 

If you’re considering a home renovation, here’s why garden sheds make lots of sense: 

Garden Sheds are Budget-Friendly

A garden shed used as a potting shed next to lots of raised beds in the garden

Shiplap Tongue & Groove Dip Treated 8×6 potting shed from Forest

First and foremost, building a garden shed is very budget-friendly. You can get all the materials you need on sites like DIY Building Supplies to build the whole thing from scratch. In total, it can cost a few hundred pounds at most – definitely under a grand. 

Compare this to other home upgrades that involve creating more space. A garage installation is super expensive, as is any type of extension. According to Household Quotes, a conservatory extension can cost well into the thousands, with the lowest prices being around the £6,000 mark. A garden shed of a similar size is way more affordable, yet still brings extra space to your home – which brings us nicely to the next benefit! 

Garden Sheds Save Space in Your Home

A garden shed on a patio used to store gardening equipment

Forest 10×6 4Life Overlap Apex Shed with Double Doors from Forest

The obvious use for a garden shed is storing all your garden equipment which allows you to declutter your outdoor space. But there is also the possibility of using garden sheds to help you declutter your home interior.

You can use your shed for just about anything, but it’s a fantastic place to store things you don’t use all the time. Think of it as extra storage space just outside your home, helping you declutter your interiors. It could be a great place to store your Christmas decorations for example for the other 48-50 weeks a year when they are not in use.

As a result, you have more room inside your house to live comfortably. It no longer feels cramped or small in certain rooms – and everywhere looks tidier too. Again, you get this space-saving solution at a very affordable price when compared to other ideas that do similar things.

They Liven Up Your Garden

A garden shed painted blue and used as a summer house

Shire Lumley 7×5 Apex Shiplap Wooden Summer house from B&Q

Moving away from your interiors, garden sheds do a brilliant job of enhancing your outdoor space. They add something extra that brings more substance to the exterior design. It can really help you to make the most of your outdoor space and provide a statement focal point at the same time, especially if you paint it a bright and bold colour.

Garden sheds enable you to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the positive benefits of having a garden and also use any wasted space that you’re currently not using for anything else outdoors.

They Provide Loads Of Possibilities

A garden shed painted black and used as a garden bar

6×3 Dip Treated Shiplap Pent Wooden Garden Bar from Forest

If you really want to take your garden shed to the next level, consider using it’s full potential which goes far and above simple storage space.

One of the joys of this home improvement idea is that you can be as creative and adventurous as you want. Yes, your garden shed could be a tool shed or a storage area, but it can also be a small workshop. A slightly larger shed could be a home gym, an office or even a bar. You can absolutely use garden sheds to help you entertain outdoors in style. It all depends on how large the shed is and what you need it for. You won’t come across many home improvement ideas that have such diverse opportunities.

Garden Sheds Add Value To Your Home

Half garden shed on a patio against the wall

Forest 6×3 4Life Overlap Pent Shed from Forest

What is the main purpose of any home upgrade? Sure, you want it to add something to your house so it’s perhaps more liveable or looks better. Nevertheless, the main overall aim – and the thing that determines if an upgrade is worth it – is to increase the value of your home. This ensures that any money spent will be money gained in the future. 

With a garden shed, do you get this? Yes! It certainly adds value to your home because you’re creating more space for future owners. You’re giving them an extra area to play around with as they please and this is always an attractive proposition for potential buyers. It’s even more effective when your property doesn’t have a garage. The presence of a shed can somewhat make up for this, boosting your resale value with minimal investment required. 

A garden shed painted grey and used as a bar

Shiplap Dip Treated 6×4 Apex Garden Bar from Forest

After looking at all of these points, it’s evident that garden sheds are exceptional home upgrades. To be honest they sometimes fly under the radar or go unnoticed because bigger home improvements take the limelight. The cool thing about this idea is that it’s a DIY option that’s not too hard to do and will come in at a low price point. There are many shed designs or kits you can find for inspiration, so maybe this will be your next home improvement. From small garden sheds to much bigger ones, there’s an idea there for any garden size.

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