Quirky Planters for Your Home

Quirky Planters - Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter by Tom Raffield

Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter by Tom Raffield

I am trying so so hard to keep my plant gang alive and expand it and, I have to say, things aren’t going too badly. I normally have a few casualties over the winter months but so far I’ve only killed one plant and another is going a little brown. I don’t think he liked his new home near the radiator much. I’m hoping to pull him back from the brink though. Fingers crossed on that one.

When I was decorating my coworking space (full reveal coming soon), I was very keen to fill it with plants and give it that jungle vibe. So I became obsessed with planters that would house my leafy friends. Admittedly, a lot of the ones I bought are now full of faux plants because I just couldn’t live with the guilt of killing my plants. But whether you opt for real plants or artificial plants, it’s the planters that can make or break the look.

I’ve rounded up a selection of quirky planters that can help to bring some personality into your home. Some of my go-to places for quirky planters are made.com, Audenza and Cult Furniture, but there are lots of unusual plant pots to nabbed if you’re willing to put the time in to hunt them down.

A selection of quirky planters to add personality to your home.
  1. Gold Lion Head Planter – Audenza
  2. Ursula Short Plant Pot Terracotta – Abode Living
  3. Metal Hanging Lamp with Plant Pot Gold and Black – Cult Furniture
  4. Green Ceramic Flowerpot – The Find Store
  5. Bohemia Open Weave Hanging Basket Large – Bohemia Design Limited
  6. Antique Brass Effect Globe Vase Large 25cm – Cult Furniture
  7. Trio Copper Gem Terrarium – Urban Botanist
  8. Ligne Roset Toit De Paris Flower Pots – Ligne Roset
  9. Bolga Storage Basket – Stripey – Lola & Mawu
  10. Stoneware Face Planter – Kinfolk Decor

I’m particularly loving the gold lion planter from Audenza and the Tom Raffield Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planters would look right at home chez moi.

What do you guys think? Which of these quirky planters is your favourite? Let me know in the comments and also please fess up if you have let some plants perish this season. I can’t be the only one right?

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