Typographic Plant Pots from Design Letters & Friends

Plant Pots from Design Letters & Friends

I really love the trend for incorporating more greenery into our homes and I truly believe that bringing a bit of the outside in makes us all feel better and probably has some health benefits too. I’m an avid follower of Urban Jungle Bloggers and love seeing what the green fingered blogging community comes up with for the monthly challenges. I can never take part though as I am one of the least green fingered people you will ever meet. I can’t help it, I just seem to kill plants. They have to be really hardy to survive in my house and they must thrive on neglect. I do wish that I was better with plants though as I’d love to have more of them in my home, but it’s just not a good look having your living quarters dotted with dried up, brown, half-dead plants. If I thought for a minute I could sustain them then I would definitely invest in some of these wonderful typographic plant pots and matching cup holders from Design Letters & Friends.  

Plant Pots from Design Letters & Friends

Earlier this year the Copenhagen-based company launched a brand new plant pot decorated with the letter P hand-drawn by world-renowned architect Arne Jacobsen. The new pot joins their graphic porcelain collection and looks great alongside the many other typographic items stocked by the brand. Also available is a specially designed steel wall-mount that can be used with the graphic cups. ‘Cup Up’ as it is aptly named comes in black or white and allows you to display the porcelain cups anywhere in the home. I think they look fabulous when used to create a livingroom jungle! What do you guys think?

Plant Pot from Design Letters & Friends

Cup Holder from Design Letters & Friends

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  • This is good. I would however like to ask for any good tips for indoor gardening. Plants need special care when it comes to growing them indoors due to lack of natural sunlight. Due to this, I’ve managed to kill 2 succulents and 1 orchid. Hence, I’m going to tread carefully. Thanks for this article though. The porcelain pot sure seems fancy.