How to Choose a Wood Burning Stove

Arada How to choose a Wood Burning Stove

We have almost made it through January! It is such a long and depressing month and for many of us it is really hard to stay upbeat when the weather is so wet and windy and there is such a lack of natural daylight. Most British people find it difficult to deal with the January Blues and I had hundreds of comments from readers on this post telling me how they get through January.

I really loved hearing all your tips and advice for surviving this dismal month. People seem to fall into two distinct camps: those who face January head on and get outside as much as possible and those who retreat inside and tend to hibernate. I have to say I’m an indoor kind of person in winter. I don’t like getting wet and cold and I much prefer doing cosy activities inside like reading, watching films, spending time with friends and doing creative things with the kids. I like to bring as much hygge into my home as possible in January.

Given my preference for getting comfy indoors, I wasn’t surprised to see how many of my readers commented that they like to snuggle up in front of the fire with a good book. That’s my idea of heaven at this time of year. I wrote a post only a few weeks ago about my longing for a wood burning stove and even though we’ve almost made it through January I still desperately want a stove for our living room. However, if I were to actually consider buying one I don’t think I’d have the first the clue where to start. How does one go about choosing a wood burning stove anyway?

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