Affordable Fine Art Prints from Lumitrix

Kate Ballis - Pastel Signs art print from Lumitrix

Art is such a personal thing. I’ve documented my struggles with choosing artwork quite a few times here and it is something I think I am finally getting to grips with. It seems the more artwork I buy and put up, the easier it gets. I am no longer paralysed by indecision. Previously, I only ever choose typographic artwork (words feel safe to me) but I am now broadening my horizons and starting to really appreciate different forms of artwork. Photography was always something I tended to shy away from, but I am starting to discover photography that really inspires me. I was recently introduced to a site called Lumitrix, which sells affordable fine art prints and as soon as I spotted it was all photography I admit I sighed a little. But when I had a proper explore I was really surprised to find dozens of pieces that I would happily hang up at home (if I had enough wall space).

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Interview : Artist & Designer Simon Hart

Mugs by Simon Hart

A week or two ago, on Twitter, I discovered a number of local designers based right here on my doorstep in Devon and decided to feature them here on the blog. The first, you may remember, was the recently launched Bert & Buoy and I had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented designer behind the brand, Bert Fowler. Well, at the same time, I came across another extremely creative local whose work I instantly fell in love with. Simon Hart was not a new name to me, but I had previously only really been aware of his bright and colourful seascapes focusing on the fishing villages and harbours of Devon and Cornwall. I had not come across his beautiful collage work and illustrations of woodland animals, birds, dogs and cats. So I wanted to find out more about his work and let you guys know about it too.

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Personalised art for your home

Personal DNA Portraits from DNA11

The trend for personalisation has been gathering pace over the past few years as consumers react against standard issue products and search for something that is more tailored to their own personal needs or that will allow them to express their own personal style.

As people seek out more unique ways of decorating their homes there has been a distinct rise in the number of companies offering truly personalised unique custom artwork.

DNA11 is a pioneering company that has combined the realms of art and genetic science allowing consumers to create artwork that has a deep personal meaning. Turning the idea of the traditional portrait inside out, two Canadians have come up with an ingenious way of capturing the essence of a person on canvas. By collecting images of a person’s DNA from mouth swabs, the pair are able to create a one of a kind profile, which can then be tweaked by designers and turned into a unique piece of art. Read More…

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