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2018 Colour Trends for your Home


I have a really weird obsession with trends. I follow them very closely and I love to write about them and drool over them in magazines and on blogs and on Pinterest. However, I don’t always buy into them and bring them into my own home. Not unless I deem them to have longevity and I know I won’t go off them in a matter of months. Sometimes, I even find that I’m even ahead of the trends. For example, I painted my living room green at the end of 2013, a number of years before green became such a huge trend and culminated in being Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017. I intend to keep my living room green despite the fact that new colours have now come onto the scene and I find it extremely harmonious and it helps me to feel balanced. On the contrary, when indigo was announced as Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2013, I jumped right on that trend. Navy blue has always been my favourite colour so this was a great trend for me to follow. I painted our bedroom dark blue in early 2014 and I have no intention of changing that either as I love it and I find it really calming and restful, not to mention cosy. I think I have a pretty good approach to trends. I follow the ones I love, and ignore the ones I don’t. But I do like to share all kinds of trends with you guys, even if I won’t be following them myself. They may not be for me, but you may love them. So that’s why today I decided to do a little round up of 2018 colour trends. Here are some of the colours that have been selected as Colour of the Year for 2018. Let’s see what we think of these and whether we will be jumping on the bandwagon or nonchalantly watching it drive past.
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BlogTourNYC : Day 2 (Part 2)

DIFFA Dining by Design Ralph Lauren

Table by Ralph Lauren

On the second evening that we spent in NYC as part of BlogTourNYC we went straight from the Architectural Digest Home Design Show back to the hotel to get our glad rags on before heading off to the glamorous DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) Dining by Design event.

DIFFA’s 15th annual fundraiser, which raised $650,000 for charity, showcased more than 40 creative tabletop installations devised by leaders in the design community. It was a veritable feast for the eyes. Unfortunately my very limited camera skills means that most of the photos I took are pretty bad and don’t do the tables justice. Luckily though, fellow blogger Cecy J managed to capture the shots I was unable to. To see more images please head on over to Cecy J.

DIFFA Dining by Design 2012 David Stark & Benjamin Moore

Table by David Stark & Benjamin Moore

This was my favourite installation by far. I absolutely loved the use of books and cut outs to form unique and creative centre pieces. The Oversized books also gave the whole installation a really whimsical feel. Below is a short video in which David Stark explains his inspiration for the installation.


DIFFA Dining by Design Ethan Allen

Table by Ethan Allen

Another colourful installation that caught my eye was by Ethan Allen. I love the selection of colours in and the use of flowers and that chandelier is just gorgeous.

DIFFA Dining by Design New York Times & Design Within Reach

Table by The New York Times & Design Within Reach

What I really loved about the table by the New York Times in collaboration with Design Within Reach was all the little Vitra chairs that were scattered on the table top.

DIFFA Dining by Design Merchandise Mart Properties & DesignLush

Table by Merchandise Mart Properties & DesignLush

Whilst black and gold is not really my style, this table by Merchandise Mart Properties & DesignLush was pretty impressive. What I loved most about it was the use of these gold slinkys as place name holders. Admittedly, the ones used here were worth thousands and thousands of dollars, but this could easily be replicated on a budget.

DIFFA  Dining by Design Liebherr &  Libby Langdon

Table by Liebherr & Libby Langdon

This table by Liebherr &  Libby Langdon is super sophisticated, but again an element of fun is introduced through the use of empty wine bottles to create a lighting installation. How fun!

I would love to hear which of these table designs is your favourite. Which one would you like to recreate for a dinner party? Or have you got any tips of your own on how to create a fab table installation for entertaining?

BlogTourNYC 2012

Massive thanks go out to the BlogTourNYC sponsors: Samuel HeathBLANCOScholtesMielePoggenpohl, Spirit of Sports, Big Ass FansVictoria & Albert Baths, Modern Aire, Jenn AireRotsen FurnitureVitraAxor, Wallunica and Ethan Allen.

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