Review : Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Review 1

A couple of months ago, we got a professional company in to clean the carpets at work. Both my bosses regularly bring their dogs in to work and with moderate foot fall through the building, the carpets were starting to look really rather filthy. It didn’t help that the carpets were fairly poor quality to begin with and definitely not suitable for an office building. I was absolutely convinced that the process would be a total waste of time and money and not for a minute did I think that we would see an improvement in the state of the carpet. I have to hold my hands up here and admit that I was totally mistaken. When I came into work following the weekend that the cleaning took place I was utterly shocked. The carpets were unrecognisable. They had previously been covered with rather large stains and lots of marks and most of these were now gone. Granted they still looked like cheap carpets and were getting a bit thread bare in places but most of the staining was now gone. Read More…

Carpet & Rugs from Floor to Heaven

Passion Carpet by Floor to Heaven

 Michaela Schleypen is the German designer behind the fabulous couture carpet and rug company Floor to Heaven. Based in Cologne, Germany, the company produces custom-made hand-tufted and hand-knotted carpets and rugs made from the very best material including wools of New Zealand, hand-spun Tibetan wool, pure cotton, flax, viscose and silk.

Each exceptional design tells its own unique story that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Through the extraordinary amount of detail that Schleypen brings into her creations, the owners are taken on a magical  journey that transports them to a world less ordinary.

I know that these particular designs have been around for a while but I have only just discovered them so I figured there may be others out there like me who were not yet privy to the joys of Floor to Heaven.

Mexican rug by Floor to Heaven

New collection by Floor to Heaven

RUSSIAN rug by Floor to Heaven

Rug by Floor to Heaven

Wood rug by Floor to Heaven

Rug by Floor to Heaven

Parquet Rug by Ora Ito

Parquet Rug by Ora Ito

I got up this morning logged onto Facebook and one of the very first things I saw was an update from MocoLoco, one of my favourite design-related websites, about a new collection of playful rugs that French design star Ora Ito has designed for Stepevi.

The Parquet rug was presented by Stepevi for the first time at Maison & Objet in Paris this month. Unlike a traditional rug the Parquet is made from scraps of different carpets brought together to form a rug, which reinterprets the look of distressed wood flooring. In an interview with French design blog Deco-Design Ora Ito explains the project:

I could have made 200 rugs, but what really interested me with this project is that this rug is the child of all the carpets around you, because it is scraps of carpet that it is made from. It costs nothing to make, and that’s the richness of this rug, because it costs nothing. The idea is stronger than the price. I searched in the dustbins, I saw the scraps, I took one strip, two strips, three strips, I laid them next to one another and of course they weren’t the same width or length or the same colour, and that is the charm of the Parquet collection.”

Parquet Rugs by Ora Ito for Stepevi

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