How to Choose the Correct Kitchen Work Surface

Ohio - kitchen work surface

When we embarked on our kitchen makeover, one of our biggest decisions was what kitchen work surface to have. We didn’t do a complete remodel, we were simply making a few changes to create a space that worked better for us, had more storage and was a lot brighter. One of my biggest bugbears was the dark laminate worktop. It made the whole room a lot darker as it seemed to absorb all available day light in the room. So that had to go. As this wasn’t the kitchen of our dreams and there is a chance we may move house in the coming years, we decided not to splash out on the worktop but to go for something more modest. We ended up choosing a laminate worktop in white with a wood trim and I’m happy to say we love it and it has transformed the look of the whole room. And it was on budget too.

But if you are thinking about installing a whole new kitchen, then the choice of kitchen work surface that is available today can be quite overwhelming. There are just so many materials on the market now, making the decision a lot more difficult. But the kitchen work surface is an integral part of the kitchen so choosing the right one is absolutely essential. In this post I’ll be looking at some of the considerations you need to make before you commit to a new kitchen work surface. Read More…

Bringing the garden indoors

Tiles by ceramic artist Karen Ledolley-Smith of KLS Design (image from KLS Design)

In recent months, I have come across quite a few innovative interiors products inspired by the great outdoors. This got me thinking that there are some really interesting ways to liven up your living room and bring the garden inside the house. So I’ve decided to do a quick round-up of my favourite products that will help you breathe life into your interior.

Firstly, I love this range of 3D ceramic tiles (above) by Karen Ledolley-Smith of KLS Design.  Inspired by nature and the shape of fresh green leaves, the baked clay and earthenware tiles have glazed or enamelled finishes and are available in 10 x 10 cm or 20 x 20 cm formats. They are suitable for use on floors and walls and are made entirely by hand in Normandy, France.But I think they would also make a really nice fire surround.

Lars Contzen’s Colour Courage carpet collection in sap green (image from Lars Contzen)

I also love this great rug from Lars Contzen’s Colour Courage Carpet Collection. This green is perfect for conjuring up thoughts of open fields or neatly mowed back yards. It really does look like grass and totally makes me want to run my fingers across it. I can’t think of a better way to bring that feeling of summertime in the garden straight into the house.

Birch wall mural by Nono from Tangletree Interiors (image from Tangletree Interiors)

One of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors inside is obviously to install a giant wall mural depicting a scene from nature like this forest scene. This particular mural is available from Tangletree Interiors but there are many other companies specialising in wall murals, most of which allow you to upload your own image to create a bespoke wall feature.

Moss House by Nendo (Image from Nendo)

For a more DIY approach why not take a leaf out of Nendo Studio‘s book and create your own bespoke wallcovering using dried moss to create a 3D tactile wall decoration that connects your living room with the nature found in your garden. Granted, this would be a pretty big undertaking and should only be attempted by the most proficiently creative interior enthusiasts, but when done correctly this could look absolutely stunning.

Corian 3D maths panels (image from Corian)

If, however, little moss patterns aren’t enough for you and you feel the need to introduce even more plant life into your home, why not try these new wall panels in Corian from Biotecture. ‘Living Walls’ are made using the Voronoi design from the recently launched 3D ‘Math’ Collection of wall ‘art’ made from Corian. By using the Corian Math panels, plants can be grown vertically and appear to emerge from the ruptured surface of the panels. Apart from helping to create a garden-feel inside your home, these ‘living walls’ also provide many health benefits. Plants are known to put moisture back into the air as well as to purify it by removing polluants like CO2. It also looks great!

Tree lamps by Moooi (image from Moooi)

One of the most important things though when trying to create a garden feel inside is to think carefully about the materials you choose. To create a truly authentic outdoors feel you obviously need to use natural materials that can be found outside and that means lots of wood. I love these Tree Lamps by Moooi. They are built entirely from real wood – Zembrano and Oak – and look fantastic.

Great Camp by Paul Loebach for Matter Made (image from Paul Loebach)

A true garden feel also needs to have an element of rustic and this furniture collection designed by Paul Loebach is perfect for this. Drawing inspiration from untamed wilderness, the collection makes unique use of 4-Axis CNC machining and innovative tool-pathing techniques, allowing for wood blanks to be shaped into irregular spindles and ‘stick-like’ shapes.


Leaf radiator from I-Radium (image via Trendir)

Heating too need not be left out of the theme. These gorgeous wooden radiators from Italian company I-Radium fit the bill perfectly and this particular one is even called leaf.


This blog post is part of the ‘Pass It On Living Room series’, a collaborative blogging project.

I am passing it on to Kia Designs and Flame Interiors.

Love at first sight

The Love bathtub by Novello

The Love bathtub by Novello

I first spotted this bathtub back in July of this year when it was still a prototype and I loved it even then. Part of the aptly named Love project, designed by Arter & Citton for Italian Manufacturer Novello, this bathtub was first shown at ISH in Frankfurt earlier this year.

The sleek smooth lines of the bathtub run straight into the basin providing a neat shelving area for cosmetics and toiletries.   The continuity of the tub and the basin create a single entity with a very romantic feel to it, hence the name.

The basin can be situated on the left or the right and a matching shower tray is available in Corian.

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