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Design Hostel : Long Story Short

Design Hostel Long Story Short in the Czech Republic -Dormitory room - Photo by Josef Kubicek

Sometimes, just sometimes, I really wish I was a travel blogger. I would go off to explore the world one design hotel at a time. If I was footloose and fancy free and didn’t have responsibilities like a family, children, a job and a mortgage, I would seriously consider packing up my laptop and heading off around the world to sample some of the amazing design-led hotels out there. But this is an impossible dream right now so I have resigned myself to simply documenting all the places I hope to one day stay here on the blog. So far we have the Nhow Hotel in Berlin, (I can tick that one off my list already as I did actually stay there), the Hôtel du Ministère Apartment in Paris and KIP, the affordable design hotel in London.  Today, there is a new addition to my hotel bucketlist and it is actually a super stylish design hostel in the Czech Republic. Read More…

KIP : London’s Affordable Design Hotel

Kip Affordable Design Hotel London - Reception

In this post I want to share another exciting design find that I discovered thanks to Curate & Display on Twitter. This time it’s an affordable design hotel in London. What? I hear you ask. Affordable and London in the same sentence? But yes, it’s really true. I have found a great looking design hotel in London that doesn’t break the bank. When looking for a hotel to stay the night in, design is always a very important factor in my decisions. If I’m going to stay away from home I don’t want to stay in a bog standard room that could be anywhere. I don’t want a typical hotel. I want somewhere that has personality, somewhere that is well thought out and somewhere that speaks to the design geek in me. But at the same time I’m not made of money, so I also need somewhere that won’t cost an arm and a leg. It took a lot of searching, but I’ve finally found it. Welcome to Kip, an affordable design hotel in London. Read More…

Hôtel du Ministère Apartment in Paris

Hotel Du Ministere Apartment in Paris

I have been meaning to start writing more about design hotels on the blog for so long now, mostly just as a way to document places I’d like to stay so I don’t forget about them. Of course, given the option when travelling I’d rather stay in a design hotel that speaks to the aesthete in me. A hotel experience should be something special in my eyes and for me that means staying somewhere I consider to be aspirational. Admittedly I don’t really get the opportunity to travel that much since the kids came along but as they become more independent I’m hoping that the husband and I will be able to jet off a few mini city breaks (and boy do I need a break!). So today, I want to introduce you to the beautiful new Hôtel du Ministère Apartment in Paris. Read More…

Trends 2011

Having recently rediscovered the ability to embed videos into my blog I thought that these films may be of interest. There are two short clips from Deutsche Welle’s Trends 2011 series.

The first one is about the interiors and architecture trends we can expect to see in 2011 and the second is about furniture and design trends.

Don’t worry this time it is in English.

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