Noook : Furniture for the Corners of your Home

StEck cube shelving for small spaces designed by Noook

As you probably know, my little family lives in a small two bedroom flat. It’s adequate for our needs at the moment but I often wish we had more storage space in the flat, especially for all the kids’ toys. Ideally I’d like an extra room we could use as a playroom so that we could revert our lounge back to a cosy, tidy, adult space. That’s impossible though as we can’t just magic up another room out of thin air. So I’ve realised that the next best thing is to try to use the space that we do have more sensibly. Things like incorporating more multipurpose furniture and using every inch of available space. So I was very impressed when I came across German company Noook one day on Twitter. Noook has developed a unique range of functional and space-saving furniture for small apartments and unused corners and spaces.  Read More…

Thinking outside the Boxetti

Boxetti closed

Boxetti in the closed position

Designed and created by Latvian designer Rolands Landsbergs, the Boxetti Collection is comprised of five separate modules, each driven by three basic design principles – functionality, advanced technologies and the contemporary aesthetics of minimalism.

Each of the modules is designed to achieve maximum efficiency by meeting the demands of functionality and suitability. All modules have the capability of being transformed into compact, solid blocks at the touch of a remote control button and when not in use they take up less space and hide their true functionality. Only when the modules are in use is their true nature revealed as bright orange audio visual equipment for example appears as if from nowhere.

Boxetti is produced by EL Studija which is a company owned by Rolands that specialises in furniture and the design of showrooms and exhibition stands.

Boxetti open

Boxetti in the open position

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