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Giveaway : Paradise Bird Armchair from The Lounge Co.

The Lounge Co Paradise Bird Armchair group photo

I realised the other day that it’s been an absolute age since my last giveaway. It was back in May and I figure it’s time to remedy that and give you guys something to get excited about. So I have teamed up with The Lounge Co who I introduced you to this time last year (remember that post?). They recently joined forces with top British designer Lorna Lucas to produce an exclusive range of stunning nature-inspired accent chairs. And it is one of those chairs that you guys will have a chance to win so keep reading. Read More…

Custom Postcode Map Wallpaper

Custom Area Postcode Wallpaper

Is it really Wednesday again? Every week seems to be passing by faster than the last. Anyway, must mean it’s time for another great wallpaper. This one is from and is a custom paper that features a street map of any given postcode area. Designed by the in-house design team, these giant maps can be custom made to your wall dimensions and in any colour. The paper is digitally printed in high resolution onto premium non-woven paper and you can even add a business logo if you intend to put the paper up in an office as opposed to a residential setting.

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Embark on a journey with Hollie May Selway’s new bespoke wallpaper collection

Bespoke wallpaper by Hollie May Selway

‘Journeys’ is the inspiration behind the launch of Hollie May Selway‘s new wallpaper collection. Using a mixture of hand-printed and digital imagery, Hollie May pulls together collage, drawings and printing in an exciting balance, perfect for feature walls.

Wallpaper collection by Hollie May Selway

Hollie May’s designs would definitely appeal to people who are looking for that quirky element to incorporate into their home or business.

Hollie May Selway's wallpaper collection

Hollie May is originally from Somerset but is now living in Northern Ireland. She graduated from a fashion textiles degree in 2008 and has since been working as a visual merchandiser. She also makes and sells her own work in galleries and this year she launched her own wallpaper collection at Grand Designs, which was very well received. If you missed her Grand Designs this year, fear not, you can catch Hollie May there next year.

Hollie May Selway's wallpaper designs

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