All Hail The Brabantia Bo Bin

Brabantia Bo Bin that doesn't look like a bin

They’ve done it again guys!! Look at this little stunner from Brabantia. You’ll be forgiven for not knowing what it is at first glance because it has been designed in such a way that it is not immediately obvious what it is. But I guess I kind of gave the game away with the title of the post. So this is Brabantia’s unique new Bo Touch Bin, the bin that does not look like one. I already love Brabantia bins because they look great and have been designed in a thoughtful and practical way, but this new bin takes aesthetics to a whole other level. This bin can take pride of place in the kitchen and you no longer need to worry about your rubbish bin lowering the tone. Because Bo will simply bring a level of elegance that kitchens have previously never experienced.  Read More…

Review : Titan Compactor Bin from Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph Titan Compactor Bin

It’s been a while since I did my last review so today I’m sharing my experiences of the Titan Compactor Bin from Joseph Joseph. As you may know, I already own the Stack Recycling Bins from Joseph Joseph (you can read my review of those here). So for me pairing my stack bins with the new Titan Compactor bin made total sense. Thanks to the recycling bins, I am now able to take my recyling rubbish out a lot less frequently which is a real bonus and I was hoping that the Titan would provide the same benefit. I mean, it’s not the end of the world having to take the rubbish out, but living in a first floor flat, it means that I have to leave the girls in the flat alone while I run the rubbish down the stairs. As we all know, it takes no time at all for kids to get up to mischief and potentially hurt themselves. So the less frequently I have to do this the better. So I had high hopes for the Titan. Read More…

Pop Kitchen Bin by Brabantia

Pop Kitchen Dustbin by Brabantia

Last May, I was contacted by homeware brand Brabantia and asked to be a judge for a design competition that were about to run. Naturally I said yes and I was very happy to join Igor Josif of Happy Interior Blog and Yvonne Eijkenduin of Yvestown on the panel along with a number of experts from Brabantia. The ‘Design your Bin’ competition was opened to designers all over the world who were invited to submit their designs for the 2013 Retro Bin range. The competition received 1,033 entries from countries as far flung as Belgium, Brazil, China, Chile, the Netherlands and New Zealand. Once the deadline passed, the Brabantia team whittled these designs down to a shortlist of just 65 and then we were asked to select our favourite design in each of the following categories: Modern Art, Street Art, Illustration, Photography, Textiles and Handmade. It was then down to Brabantia to use our votes to decide the category winners and ultimately the competition winner.  Read More…

Limited Edition Union Jack Bin from Brabantia

Limited Edition Union Jack Bin from Brabantia

 Recently, I have posted a few products that have had a very British theme due to the upcoming celebrations of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. What with that and of course the Olympics that will be taking place in London this July, there is a distinct feeling of patriotism that is bubbling up to the surface and this is being reflected in our home interiors.

Brabantia has now jumped on the bandwagon and has launched this limited edition 30 litre dustbin, which features one of the most powerful national symbols in the world in retail, fashion and iconic design. The Union Jack bin combines top performance with cutting edge functionality whilst still making an impressive statement. Read More…

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