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KIP : London’s Affordable Design Hotel

Kip Affordable Design Hotel London - Reception

In this post I want to share another exciting design find that I discovered thanks to Curate & Display on Twitter. This time it’s an affordable design hotel in London. What? I hear you ask. Affordable and London in the same sentence? But yes, it’s really true. I have found a great looking design hotel in London that doesn’t break the bank. When looking for a hotel to stay the night in, design is always a very important factor in my decisions. If I’m going to stay away from home I don’t want to stay in a bog standard room that could be anywhere. I don’t want a typical hotel. I want somewhere that has personality, somewhere that is well thought out and somewhere that speaks to the design geek in me. But at the same time I’m not made of money, so I also need somewhere that won’t cost an arm and a leg. It took a lot of searching, but I’ve finally found it. Welcome to Kip, an affordable design hotel in London. Read More…

Introducing Hey! Holla

original i don't care fine art giclee print by Hey! Holla

At the moment I seem to have a slight obsession with art prints, particularly of the typographic kind. Art is a very personal thing and I myself find it particularly difficult to choose artwork for my own home. I’m not sure why this is but unless I have a really strong feeling towards a piece of art I wouldn’t want it hanging in my home. But I can’t quite put my finger on what it is exactly that makes me feel strongly about it. One thing I do know is that I feel strongly about words, no surprise there coming from a writer. So typographic prints are right up my street. And the fabulous prints by East London-based Hey! Holla are my current favourites and sitting right at the top of my lust list!

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