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The Baby Mattress from Eve

Eve baby mattress

As we all know there has been a bit of a revolution in the mattress world. There are now a whole host of cool mattress companies out there delivering mattresses in boxes and offering 100 days or more to try them out. The first company to do this that I discovered was Eve and I immediately fell in love with their happy yellow mattresses and their beautiful branding. And I am excited to report that Eve has now extended its range to include a baby mattress. After months and months of rigorous testing to ensure that the mattress passes all safety regulations, it is now available to purchase. Hurrah! I was hoping to get one for my little one’s cot but as she’s never actually slept in it, there is no point now. I’ll hopefully be moving her into her sister’s room after Christmas so I can finally get a good night’s sleep!

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Embracing Hygge with the Eve Duvet

Eve Duvet and bedding Days of Hygge

It’s really quite unbelievable but I haven’t actually written a blog post about ‘Hygge‘ yet. Surely, I must be the only blogger who hasn’t? Hygge has been such a massive trend this winter, it’s been everywhere. For those of you who don’t know what the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah) is, it basically describes a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. (There is a really good explanation of hygge over on Hyggehouse). There is no direct translation of the word in English, but in essence it can be described as a kind of cosiness that you feel when you are able to take pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things and when you can be free from anything that is deemed to be annoying or emotionally overwhelming. Hygge is taking time to enjoy your hot cup of tea with your feet up. Hygge is snuggling up with your loved ones by candle light. Hygge is sharing your favourite meal with friends. Hyyge is basically anything that makes you feel happy, cosy, contented, warm, safe and comforted. It sounds lovely doesn’t it? But I think it’s quite a personal thing. What makes one person feel hyggelig might not work for another. So today I want to talk about my idea of hygge and what hygge means to me. Read More…

Eve Mattress : New Limited Edition Mattress Covers

Limited Edition Eve typographic mattresses

You may remember a post I wrote back in January all about an awesome new company that was revolutionising the mattress world. If not I suggest you check it out as the story behind this company is just as compelling as the designs themselves and these days a brand that has a good story to tell is already leaps and bounds ahead of the competition…in my book anyway! And, the story just got a whole lot more exciting. A few weeks ago Eve Mattress launched a new range of limited edition mattress covers featuring quotes from famous people and extracts from much-loved books that allow you to customise your eve mattress for a measly £50 extra. As if the plain yellow-edged mattresses weren’t beautiful enough, this new range takes the design credentials to a whole new level. Being a Wordsmith, I’m a massive fan of typography so these are right up my street. Plus I just adore the way they are so bright and fresh and they exude happiness and joie de vivre! And what better sight to see when it comes to bed linen changing day!  Read More…

Eve Mattress : A Revolution in Mattress Design

Eve Mattress Special Edition typographic design

Today we have a very special post for you guys as we would like to introduce you to a new brand that sells really cool mattresses. I know, I know, that sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? How on earth can mattresses be cool? Typically they are one of the most boring home interior items that exist and they don’t look interesting at all do they? And what does it matter because we just cover them in up with bedding anyway and we don’t tend to think about them again. At least not until they become uncomfortable and we decide to buy a new one. And then we are faced with the arduous task of trying to decide which mattress from the many, many on offer will be most suited to our needs. A memory foam mattress or a latex mattress? Do we need one that offers sanitized protection against dust-mites, funghi and bacteria or perhaps one that contains real, cleansing silver fibres? Or just maybe we need one that contains real Aloe Vera extract. No wait, what about a double-sided mattress with firm and soft sides just in case you and your partner like different degrees of softness. Oh crikey it really is a minefield with so many options. And at the end of the day all we want is a decent mattress that offers us the best night’s sleep at a price that won’t break the bank. Enter Eve Mattress.   Read More…

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