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Interview : Karen Knox, Co-Founder of the Interior Design Collective

Livingroom design by Karen Knox member of the Interior Design Collective

Drawing room design by Karen Knox of Making Spaces

Today I want to share with you, an interview I have done with a really inspiring designer. Karen Knox of Making Spaces is based in Leeds and I’ve been following her design work for a few years now. Her projects are bold, brave, exciting and always make a statement. She really knows how to push the boundaries of her client’s comfort zone and they always thank her for helping them to achieve something a little more daring than they were originally prepared to try. I’ve always said that if Karen was based in Devon, I’d get her in to design my home because I really love her style. But sadly Devon is slightly outside of her catchment area. And this is a problem that Karen encountered frequently as people from all over the country were getting in touch wanting to enlist her services. But interior design isn’t really something that is easy to achieve at a distance or online. It works much better in person and on site. It was this experience that got Karen thinking and after a number of conversations with fellow designer Fiona Duke of Fiona Duke Interiors, they agreed that there was a huge gap in the market. Together they decided it was high time to break the established stereotype that interior design was only for ‘a select few’ and they set out to meet the growing demand with a brand new business venture. And that is how the Interior Design Collective came to be. I asked Karen to answer some questions so we can all learn a little bit more about this great new group of designers.

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