Sophisticated Rubber Floor Tiles

Harvey Maria Rubber Flooring - Ice Grey

You’re probably sick of hearing about how much I hate the floor in our kitchen. I wrote about it in this post and in this post. It will be quite a big job to get it fixed so I’ve been putting it off…for years. It really does need tackling though so I’ve always got my eye out for suitable flooring that we could use in our kitchen. I had considered cork flooring as it offers great design flexibility. I like the fact that it is a sustainable material that will not absorb dust, is resistant to bacteria and fungus and also has great insulation properties. However, I’ve sort of gone off that idea now and that is because I found the most amazing looking rubber floor tiles from Harvey Maria that would look stunning in our monochrome kitchen.

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Chipboard Effect Tiles from The Baked Tile Co

Chipboard Effect Tiles from The Baked Tile Co

Tiles are one of my favourite interior products and I’ve always had a little bit of a love affair with them. They have come so far over the past few years thanks to technological advances and the effects that can be created these days are just so exciting. We are now seeing tiles of all different shapes and sizes, tiles that are textured, tiles that are 3D, as well as digitally printed tiles that mimic other materials so closely that it is almost impossible to tell the difference. Tiles are no longer simply functional. They have an aesthetic value which allows us to create the most stunning of statements in our homes. Take these amazing porcelain tiles from The Baked Tile Co. for example. The chipboard effect tiles are practical and hard-wearing but at the same time they are fun and unusual.

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Quick Cork Flooring from Sisal & Seagrass

Quick Cork Flooring from Sisal & Seagrass

Remember last year when I wrote about my kitchen makeover? Yeah well, we’re still no further along. For one reason or another it kept getting put on the back burner, but we’re hoping to forge ahead with it this spring and finally get it all sorted. It is so long overdue. One thing that is causing me a lot of stress is what to do about the flooring. We currently have really badly installed tiles, so bad that they actually trip us up as they are not flush. I’m longing for a floor that is flat, for a start, and that is a whole lot easier to keep clean. The grout looks filthy and is so hard to clean. My dream flooring would be cork and I have spent what feels like months looking for cork flooring that is not self-adhesive cork tiles. They just wouldn’t work for us and I have visions of them peeling off and looking really tatty after a while. But my search seemed to be futile as I couldn’t find anything on the market that matched my high expectations. That is until I came across this beautiful cork flooring from Sisal & Seagrass.

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Danish-Designed Leather Rugs from WovenGround

WovenGround Ambition round rug by Linie Design

Other than wallcoverings, artwork and textiles, I think rugs are a really great way to personalise your space in a non permanent way. They allow you to put your own stamp on your interior and can really make a bold statement with the right design. Sadly in my flat we have no need for rugs as we are carpeted throughout, but if we had floorboards I would really go to town choosing rugs for every room. These monochrome, geometric leather rugs by Danish design brand WovenGround would definitely be strong contenders. This new collection combines the beauty of modern Nordic design with traditional craftsmanship as every rug is individually hand crafted, using quality materials. All the leather pieces are cut by hand and then combined in perfect colour and balance. I was actually quite shocked to learn that the rugs are made of leather as this was not immediately apparent on first sight. But I really like the idea of leather rugs and I’m sure that they would feel great underfoot. This collection has been designed with the contemporary home in mind and gives leather flooring a well deserved update. I can totally see these rugs being used in any Scandi-inspired interiors, can’t you? Read More…

The Red Thread Carpet & Rug Collection

SCRATCHED by Staffan Tollgård for JAB Anstoetz Red Thread Collection from £695 sqmStaffan Tollgard is one of my favourite interior designers because I really admire his philosophy and his approach to design. If you are unfamiliar with Staffan and his work you can read my interview with him here. His design philosophy is encapsulated in the Scandinavian notion of the röda tråden or red thread, which he says is the guiding principle or the string that binds his work together into a coherent narrative. Staffan says that the red thread is personal to every client and allows him to translate their life, and their story, into the language of design. I love the idea of the red thread so I was intrigued when I heard about a new collection that Staffan has just launched in collaboration with German design house JAB Anstoetz. The Red Thread carpet & rug collection is a series of exceptional designs featuring shapes, patterns, themes and colours inspired by the transformation of materials and surfaces in the environment. Read More…

Interview: Surface Pattern Designer Lindsey Lang

  • Designer Lindsey Lang
  • Designer Lindsey Lang has been on my radar for some time but it wasn’t until she recently launched her new range of encaustic floor and wall tiles that I really felt compelled to interview her here on the blog. Granted I loved her colourful, geometric cushions and kitchenware collections but as you all know nothing sends my heart racing quicker than wallcoverings and flooring. I wanted to find out how Lindsey got to where she is today, what inspires her work and what we can expect to see from her next. Here is what she had to say….
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Giant Beetle Carpets by Veedon Fleece

Beetle (Augusta) by Veedon Fleece

Beetle (Augusta) by Veedon Fleece

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about flooring so this one is long overdue. Now I suspect that these won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but even if you couldn’t have them in your home I’m sure you will agree that they are beautiful carpets nonetheless. I probably couldn’t live with them myself as I would likely feel a bit squeamish walking on them barefoot, but I think in the right environment, for someone who is more fond of insects, these would make a really great statement.

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Flooring & wallcoverings by Anthony Hughes

Surface designer Anthony Hughes

Anthony Hughes

 Anthony Hughes is a young surface designer and trend forecaster who has recently graduated from Huddersfield University with a BA Hons in Surface Design for Interiors & Fashion.

He was selected to exhibit at New Designers this year and his work was shown at Part I. Whilst I was unable to go see Anthony’s work in person at the Business Design Centre in London (I only went to Part II), I knew that I had to feature his work as soon as I came across it. So I put some questions to Anthony about his studies and his designs and  below you can read his responses.

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Cath Kidston flooring

Cath Kidston rose sprig flooring in white

Cath Kidston is a unique lifestyle brand renowned for its homeware, clothing, accessories and outdoor products in a traditional English country house style.

For its latest collaboration the company has teamed up with luxury vinyl flooring brand Harvey Maria to create delicate, patterned flooring ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and children’s bedrooms. The range includes Rose Sprig, available in blue or white, and Spot available in three colourways: blue, red and stone.

Carpet & Rugs from Floor to Heaven

Passion Carpet by Floor to Heaven

 Michaela Schleypen is the German designer behind the fabulous couture carpet and rug company Floor to Heaven. Based in Cologne, Germany, the company produces custom-made hand-tufted and hand-knotted carpets and rugs made from the very best material including wools of New Zealand, hand-spun Tibetan wool, pure cotton, flax, viscose and silk.

Each exceptional design tells its own unique story that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Through the extraordinary amount of detail that Schleypen brings into her creations, the owners are taken on a magical  journey that transports them to a world less ordinary.

I know that these particular designs have been around for a while but I have only just discovered them so I figured there may be others out there like me who were not yet privy to the joys of Floor to Heaven.

Mexican rug by Floor to Heaven

New collection by Floor to Heaven

RUSSIAN rug by Floor to Heaven

Rug by Floor to Heaven

Wood rug by Floor to Heaven

Rug by Floor to Heaven

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