Review : Holix Outdoor Floor Lamp by Jalu Ltd

Holix Outdoor Floor Lamp by Jalu

In my last post, where I revealed my nautical garden makeover, you may remember seeing my fantastic new outdoor floor lamp. I promised I would do a full post on it so here it is in all it’s glory. It’s called Holix and it is by a company called Jalu Ltd. Based in Milton Keynes, Jalu is the brainchild of Alison Cavey and Juliet Kauffmann. Together they came up with the concept of these beautiful outdoor floor lamps designed for use in conservatories, garden rooms, on decks, patios or even by the pool. Wherever they are used it is easy to see that these contemporary, sculptural lights are the perfect accessory to stylish outdoor living.  Read More…

Nautical Garden Makeover : The Final Reveal

The Design Sheppard Nautical Garden makeover

Here it is guys, the final reveal of our nautical garden makeover and I cannot describe to you how proud I am of what we have created. This post will be quite heavy on images I’m afraid because I wanted you to see the space we now have from every possible angle lol! As you know, I wanted to design a space with a coastal vibe. As we live beside the sea and blue and white is my favourite colour combo, this seemed like a sensible choice. Also, the whole nautical theme is timeless and never dates or goes out of fashion. Although I had made a moodboard of all the products I planned to use in the space, I wasn’t really that sure how it would all come together. You see, I’m not very good at visualising so I really struggle when it comes to pulling a scheme together. But luckily this nautical garden makeover turned out way better than I imagined.

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Garden Makeover : Decking so far

Garden Makeover featuring a raised decking with balustrade

Writing this post makes me so happy, yet also slightly frustrated. We have pretty much finished the decking in our garden, bar two planks that need to go on the side, but we ran out of wood and need to order a bit extra. I would love to be able to post the final reveal of the decking all set up how we intend to use it, however summer seems to have been and gone. I had a really bad feeling this would happen and back in May and June when we were having that wonderful weather I kept joking that it would all change as soon as our decking was up. And apparently, I was right. Yesterday evening as the final screw went in, I frantically checked the met office weather report for the coming week only to see that we have cloud, showers and more cloud forecast. No sign of any sun for the foreseeable future. Brilliant! But I just couldn’t wait to share this project with you so I’m doing a progress report now and as soon as the sun shows its face and I’m able to photograph the garden properly I’ll do the final reveal.  Read More…

Flamboyant Parasols from the East London Parasol Company

3 East London Flamboyant Parasols By Pool

Well, I’m still obsessed with gardens, and weirdly summer seems to be going quite slowly this year, so with any luck we should get our decking done before it’s over (fingers firmly crossed). The frame is built but we’ve had a short delay as we’re working with a company who will be supplying us with some balustrade that we can put on the deck to make it safe. It’s quite high at one end due to the garden being sloped so we need a balustrade to minimise the risk of the girls simply toppling off the edge. So I’m still dreaming of the finished look and today I’m sharing some gorgeous products with you from the East London Parasol Company.

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Lust List : Designer BBQs for Al Fresco Dining

Hooked on Furnace Everdure BBQ by Heston Blumenthal

With all the gorgeous weather we’ve had recently, my family and I have been enjoying an al fresco lifestyle that is normally not  compatible with life in the UK. It has given us a taste of what life could be like if we lived somewhere that had a warmer climate. One aspect we have really enjoyed is eating outdoors as we’ve had the BBQ out a lot in recent weeks. Our garden in it’s current state is not really geared up for eating outside as the lawn is quite sloped, but we’re starting our garden makeover in the next few weeks, which is very exciting. (See my garden inspiration post here).

Once that’s done we’ll have a lovely decked area to dine on. We recently bought a new BBQ in preparation, which has prompted me to put together a lust list of designer BBQs for you guys. Now I haven’t tested any of these and I have no idea how well they perform. All of these BBQs have made the list based purely on looks. That makes me very shallow I know. I’m sure my husband would veto most of my choices based on practicality, after all many of these designer BBQs are small table top or balcony BBQs which wouldn’t necessarily be suitable for large family gatherings. But they are so pretty, don’t you think? My favourites are the ones from Everdure by Heston Blumenthal. That orange one is gorgeous. Read More…

Garden Makeover Inspiration

Outdoor living space featuring a Giant Anglepoise light

City Living showpiece at RHS Chelsea by Kate Gould Gardens featuring Anglepoise Original 1227™ Giant Outdoor Lamp

So now that our kitchen makeover is complete, our next project is our garden makeover. My thoughts at the moment have become totally overtaken by the various options we have for creating an outdoor livingroom. I think this is a big trend right now. Not just creating a nice garden, but an outdoor livingroom. Previously we have seen people having a dining table and chairs outside and maybe a parasol. But lately we’ve been seeing lots more spaces where people are tending to mimic their indoor spaces outside. For example, we’re seeing lots of outdoor sofa sets, outdoor cushions, outdoor rugs, lots of soft and snuggly textiles like throws and sheep skins, solar powered outdoor lighting, and even whole outdoor kitchens or bars. Things are getting very sophisticated. You can see my outdoor living Pinterest board below. I’ve been busy gathering garden makeover inspiration. Read More…

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Kettler Palma Sofa set Rattan

Kettler Palma sofa set in rattan

The past week or two have definitely started to feel a little spring like don’t you think? The sun has shown itself more and I’m really beginning to shake off those winter blues. The warmer weather has got me thinking about spending more time outside and of course this has made me think about our outdoor space. Don’t get me wrong, we’re lucky to even have a garden as we live in a first floor flat and I’m truly grateful that we have this outside space, but it’s not exactly the calm oasis I’d like it to be. It’s on a bit of a slope and is very overlooked. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to do some work on it to make it more of a usable space that we want to spend time in. However, we’ve got so much going on at home at the moment as we are just about to get a new bathroom and do a makeover in the kitchen so unfortunately the garden is going to have to wait. But that doesn’t stop me thinking about all the lovely ways we could give our garden a more personal feel by bringing the comfort of our indoor space outdoors. Read More…

Bringing the garden indoors

Tiles by ceramic artist Karen Ledolley-Smith of KLS Design (image from KLS Design)

In recent months, I have come across quite a few innovative interiors products inspired by the great outdoors. This got me thinking that there are some really interesting ways to liven up your living room and bring the garden inside the house. So I’ve decided to do a quick round-up of my favourite products that will help you breathe life into your interior.

Firstly, I love this range of 3D ceramic tiles (above) by Karen Ledolley-Smith of KLS Design.  Inspired by nature and the shape of fresh green leaves, the baked clay and earthenware tiles have glazed or enamelled finishes and are available in 10 x 10 cm or 20 x 20 cm formats. They are suitable for use on floors and walls and are made entirely by hand in Normandy, France.But I think they would also make a really nice fire surround.

Lars Contzen’s Colour Courage carpet collection in sap green (image from Lars Contzen)

I also love this great rug from Lars Contzen’s Colour Courage Carpet Collection. This green is perfect for conjuring up thoughts of open fields or neatly mowed back yards. It really does look like grass and totally makes me want to run my fingers across it. I can’t think of a better way to bring that feeling of summertime in the garden straight into the house.

Birch wall mural by Nono from Tangletree Interiors (image from Tangletree Interiors)

One of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors inside is obviously to install a giant wall mural depicting a scene from nature like this forest scene. This particular mural is available from Tangletree Interiors but there are many other companies specialising in wall murals, most of which allow you to upload your own image to create a bespoke wall feature.

Moss House by Nendo (Image from Nendo)

For a more DIY approach why not take a leaf out of Nendo Studio‘s book and create your own bespoke wallcovering using dried moss to create a 3D tactile wall decoration that connects your living room with the nature found in your garden. Granted, this would be a pretty big undertaking and should only be attempted by the most proficiently creative interior enthusiasts, but when done correctly this could look absolutely stunning.

Corian 3D maths panels (image from Corian)

If, however, little moss patterns aren’t enough for you and you feel the need to introduce even more plant life into your home, why not try these new wall panels in Corian from Biotecture. ‘Living Walls’ are made using the Voronoi design from the recently launched 3D ‘Math’ Collection of wall ‘art’ made from Corian. By using the Corian Math panels, plants can be grown vertically and appear to emerge from the ruptured surface of the panels. Apart from helping to create a garden-feel inside your home, these ‘living walls’ also provide many health benefits. Plants are known to put moisture back into the air as well as to purify it by removing polluants like CO2. It also looks great!

Tree lamps by Moooi (image from Moooi)

One of the most important things though when trying to create a garden feel inside is to think carefully about the materials you choose. To create a truly authentic outdoors feel you obviously need to use natural materials that can be found outside and that means lots of wood. I love these Tree Lamps by Moooi. They are built entirely from real wood – Zembrano and Oak – and look fantastic.

Great Camp by Paul Loebach for Matter Made (image from Paul Loebach)

A true garden feel also needs to have an element of rustic and this furniture collection designed by Paul Loebach is perfect for this. Drawing inspiration from untamed wilderness, the collection makes unique use of 4-Axis CNC machining and innovative tool-pathing techniques, allowing for wood blanks to be shaped into irregular spindles and ‘stick-like’ shapes.


Leaf radiator from I-Radium (image via Trendir)

Heating too need not be left out of the theme. These gorgeous wooden radiators from Italian company I-Radium fit the bill perfectly and this particular one is even called leaf.


This blog post is part of the ‘Pass It On Living Room series’, a collaborative blogging project.

I am passing it on to Kia Designs and Flame Interiors.

Cupcake bathtub for kids

Sweet Cake can be used as a baby's bath

Dutch designer Beerd van Stokkum has given the classic cupcake case a new lease of life with his design, which he has aptly named Sweet Cake. Enlarged to extraordinary proportions the cupcake case has become a multi-purpose object. It can be used as a baby’s bath, flower box or garden pot, or a charming basket for a dog or cat. Sweet Cake is made of thick synthetic material and can be used both inside and out. Available in ten different colours, it weighs approximately 5.5kg, is 27cm high and can be stacked for easy storage.

Sweet Cake can also be used as a bed for your pets

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