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Nautical Garden Makeover : The Final Reveal

The Design Sheppard Nautical Garden makeover

Here it is guys, the final reveal of our nautical garden makeover and I cannot describe to you how proud I am of what we have created. This post will be quite heavy on images I’m afraid because I wanted you to see the space we now have from every possible angle lol! As you know, I wanted to design a space with a coastal vibe. As we live beside the sea and blue and white is my favourite colour combo, this seemed like a sensible choice. Also, the whole nautical theme is timeless and never dates or goes out of fashion. Although I had made a moodboard of all the products I planned to use in the space, I wasn’t really that sure how it would all come together. You see, I’m not very good at visualising so I really struggle when it comes to pulling a scheme together. But luckily this nautical garden makeover turned out way better than I imagined.

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Caring for your Garden Furniture over Winter

Caring for your garden furniture through the winter - Windsor couples bench from Garden Benches

Living in a flat we are so incredibly lucky to have our own, private garden and it’s a decent size too which is a real added bonus. I had big plans for our garden this year, but sadly, as we had renovation projects going on inside, we ran out of time to work on the garden and now it’s a bit late. So I’ll be shelving our plans until the spring time. What I’m looking at doing is leveling the garden out a bit so we can actually create a usable space for entertaining, relaxing and dining outside and also somewhere flat for the girls to play. It’s going to be quite a lot of work and I’m really hoping we can get started next year, but it all depends on budgets. The delayed plans have not stopped me from looking at garden furniture though and dreaming of how we will use the space when it’s finished. Matters have not been helped by all the garden furniture sales that have taken place since summer slowly ebbed away. I’ve been really tempted to take advantage and buy a load of furniture now while the good deals have been on offer. But then I have been put off by the thought of my new furniture sitting outside all winter in the cold, wet weather.  Read More…

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